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Munich Does A Lot Of The Right Things But Still Drags Onwards

“Whatever computer hardware was built in the last twenty years, Munich is running it and the central IT department has to support it.” See Munich now a major contributor to open sourceTunnel vision is the phenomenon where a person’s focus tightens … Continue reading

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PHP Responding To Competition, Improves

“PHP 7.0 is advertised as having twice the performance of PHP 5. Benchmarks of PHP 7.0 RC2 show that these performance claims are indeed accurate, and just not for popular PHP programs like WordPress. In tests done by Phoronix, the … Continue reading

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Thin Clients Thrive In 2015

“Unlike ATMs today which are PCs with banking software and antivirus, the Kalpana is a just simple terminal – also known as thin client – that connects to the Cloud where the actual banking system resides. As the system is on … Continue reading

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FLOSS, The Right Way To Do Policing IT In Belgium

“Belgium’s police forces are increasingly switching to open source web technology. The federal police and already 49 local police forces across the country are using the openpolice.be platform for their websites. In total 126 of police websites in Belgium are … Continue reading

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The Devil Offers Another Way To Sell Our Souls

“Transfer or Access to Source Code  1. No Party may require the transfer of, or access to, source code of software owned by a person of another Party, as a condition of providing services related to such software in its … Continue reading

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Australia – Why Should The Government Of A Country Of 24million People Spend $6billion On IT, $250 per capita per annum?

Could it be that they are using That Other OS almost exclusively and spending the taxpayers’ money“In 2014, the Australian government’s ICT spending reached A$5.8 billion, representing 8.5% of the total ICT spend. It is forecasted to grow to A$6.2 … Continue reading

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FLOSS Is Not Just Mainstream – It Is The Stream

Black Duck software has just published their analysis of a survey of 1300 companies who use FLOSS, Free/Libre Open Source Software.“Sixty-four percent of companies currently participate in open source projects – up from 50 percent in 2014– and over the … Continue reading

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Deadlines are often stressful and ugly. Sometimes they provoke improvement/change for good reasons. M$ has set a deadline for end of support of its older “server” software (2003) this year and I notice Netcraft reports the only users of That … Continue reading

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Social FLOSS “Out There”

Since RMS enunciated the principles of Free Software so many years ago, the world of IT has crossed time and space. “On January 14th, Twitter suspended @Barbijaputa’s account after she participated in a conversation about sexually transmitted diseases. The next … Continue reading

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European Commission Open Source Software Strategy 2014-2017

I’d say the EC has a great strategy: “For all future IT developments, the Commission shall promote the use of products that support recognised, well-documented and preferably open technical specifications that can be freely adopted, implemented and extended. Interoperability is … Continue reading

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M$ Hammers Loyal Customers

Yep. All the bad things M$ did to lock-in consumers with exclusive deals with OEMs and retailers are “Over one-third of the 436 councils surveyed across the UK have been subject to at least one software licence review in the … Continue reading

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PHP 7 Coming Soon To Websites Near To Your Heart

PHP is all over the web. I like that developers can quickly add/modify PHP code to make web-applications sing.“it’s not all rainbows and sunshine for PHP 7 either. WordPress 4.1 is actually 0.79 percent SLOWER on PHP 7 than it … Continue reading

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