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The 1% Solution

“The French interior minister has called on “all patriotic citizens” to become reservists to boost security in the wake of the attack in Nice, in which 84 people were killed. Bernard Cazeneuve reiterated that France would call up 12,000 reservists.” See Attack … Continue reading

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Yes, The World Can And Does Make Its Own Software

“Google hopes to reach 2000 universities and train 4000 faculty in its bid to train some 250,000 developers each year.” See Google aims to train two million Indian Android devs by 2018Anyone still believing that the M$s and Oracles and Adobes … Continue reading

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Going Batty

“The town, North Hempstead, has approved the construction of boxes that function as bat houses in several parks to attract more bats to the area. “Bats can eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes per hour,” Judi Bosworth, the town supervisor, said. “That’s … Continue reading

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Canadian Prime Minister Sees The Darkness

“The first international act of a leader who styles himself as a man of peace will not be to send peacekeepers to the favoured mess of the moment, Mali or somewhere nearby, such as Niger or Burundi. It will be … Continue reading

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Go After The Murdering Bastards Now

“At least 79 people have been killed and 131 injured in an explosion claimed by the Islamic State group in Baghdad, Iraqi police say.” See Iraq violence: IS bombing kills at least 79 in BaghdadReports that folks are angry with their … Continue reading

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Wow! Republican Women Organizing To Support Hillary Clinton

“I can’t vote for someone like Donald Trump because he’s overtly racist and misogynist.” See Republican women organize to support Hillary ClintonApparently, not all Republicans in USA are crazies, at least among women. In the primaries only about 40% of voters … Continue reading

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Murdering Bastards Need Killing, Not Coddling

“Twenty people, most said to be foreigners, have been killed in an attack by suspected Islamist militants on a cafe in Bangladesh, the army says. Gunmen stormed the Holey Artisan Bakery cafe in Dhaka late on Friday before troops entered almost … Continue reading

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Radical Something In Quebec

“Of course, I’m confused. I don’t have my cell phone out. I’m not eating. I don’t think I’ve broken any rules,” she told CFRA’s Ottawa Now. “So he pulls me outside and says ‘I’m sorry. Your skirt is too short.’” See … Continue reading

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Not Love

“Even forgetting all this, I still wouldn’t like Microsoft. Why? Because of our history. Like many others, I spent too many years in the trenches as a David fighting a powerful Goliath that used every weapon in its arsenal — … Continue reading

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Trump Plans To Ruin USA

“he saw no way to fix the pending 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and that he was willing to withdraw from the decades-old North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Canada and Mexico if it was not renegotiated to his satisfaction.” See … Continue reading

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OMG! Canada Post Complicates My Flow Of IT From China

“The contract between Canada Post and the CUPW expired in 2015. A work stoppage would affect 40,000 employees, including mail delivery personnel. In anticipation of a possible work stoppage, governments and other companies are making alternate arrangements for essential paper mail … Continue reading

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Tick…Tick…Tick… The Sound Of A Countdown To The Exploding Nomination Of Trump

“One of Virginia’s delegates to the Republican National Convention has filed a federal lawsuit in an effort to avoid voting for presumptive nominee Donald Trump at the party convention next month. The delegate, Carroll Correll Jr of Winchester, Virginia, argued in … Continue reading

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