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FLOSS Is The Right Way To Do IT In Los Angeles Schools And Everywhere

Nathan Schneider has a good piece on bad things happening when big business gets to control the IT of large educational organizations“More and more governments are turning to free and open software. Munich, Germany, has saved as much as 10 … Continue reading

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Eventually Revolution Is the Easier Route To Escape An Oppressive System

When the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) throws fuel on the fire of revolution, you know it’s a big fire, happening in the public square.“While some have found the process of upgrading straightforward, others have found it expensive, irritating and time-consuming.And … Continue reading

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Finally! The Sad Comedy Of Errors In Ukraine Gets On Stage

I wrote months ago that there would be war and we all needed to get involved with smacking down Putin and his goons.“NATO members meeting this week in Wales are expected to create "a very high-readiness force" to deal with … Continue reading

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Reports Of The Death Of GNU/Linux In Munich Are Greatly Exaggerated

Here and elsewhere we read that the mayor and M$ are drooling to pave over GNU/Linux with that other OS in Munich…“Suggestions the council has decided to back away from Linux are wrong, according to council spokesman Stefan Hauf.He said … Continue reading

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Lay The Damned Charges!

If a black teenager had pumped 6 rounds into a white policeman how many minutes do you think it would have been before he was arrested and charged with murder?“The chaos in Ferguson has gotten so unruly that Missouri Gov. … Continue reading

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Oracle Embargoes FLOSS (Java)…

The whole idea of FLOSS is that one downloads the software and has a licence accompanying the download providing permission to run, examine, modify and distribute the software.“Ошибка. Вы находитесь в стране, на которую распространяется эмбарго. Загрузка Java невозможна.Google translation: … Continue reading

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Russia Demands Opening The Source Code

One component of the rules for FLOSS, examining the source code, is essential today because governments and others like to spy on everyone. The government of Russia gets that.““It is obvious that those companies that disclose the source code of … Continue reading

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France, Spain And Greece Loosen Their Shackles

You have to admire the bold moves many European governments have made towards using FLOSS to do their IT. More organizations should follow their examples. France A parliamentary report recommends securing the Internet from attacks by various players and using … Continue reading

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International Sanctions May Accelerate Adoption Of GNU/Linux In Russia

GNU/Linux has been in the pipe for a while but US sanctions on Russia may“The State Duma, Russia’s lower house of parliament, is drafting a bill to require government agencies and state-run enterprises to give preference to local providers of … Continue reading

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FSFE On EC Foot-dragging

While the European Commission has decided to investigate use of FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software), according to the Free Software Foundation Europe,“In April, the Commission signed two contracts with Microsoft: An agreement for "high-level services" worth 44 million Euro, and … Continue reading

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Happiness In Iran

Many years ago I met some Iranian students at the University of Manitoba. They were intense but fine human beings. Today, being happy is a crime in Iran. These performers are being prosecuted for putting on an obscene performance. Shame … Continue reading

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Obama’s Words and Actions

I am not a voter in USA. It’s just that my server is there… Still, it’s hard to avoid the destruction wrought by Hurricane Obama:“the true patent approval rates have continued to go up. Basically, in 2013, the true allowance … Continue reading

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