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GNU/Linux Grows Well In Argentina

Statcounter shows steady growth of GNU/Linux page-views from Argentina, with a sharp increase in slope in 2013. Yes, we’ve seen this pattern before. A government announces a programme to distribute GNU/Linux to schools and it takes a few years to … Continue reading

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Give Terrorists Their Wish, Death

Terrorists are folks who have no respect for human life, even their own.“Jordan has threatened to fast-track the execution of a would-be suicide bomber the Islamic State is trying to free if the terror group kills its captured pilot, it … Continue reading

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Crime And Punishment

Clearly, the murdering scum of Syria and Iraq need to be punished for their crimes against humanity.“Japan’s prime minister has condemned as "outrageous and unacceptable" a video declaring the murder of Japanese hostage Haruna Yukawa by Islamic State.” Condemning them … Continue reading

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Charlie Hebdo. Yes, there’s an app for that…

While I do think those folks went a bit far and had woeful security, I don’t think their intention was to insult“The Charlie Hebdo app features the so-called "survivors’ issue" of the satirical magazine, which sold out within minutes in … Continue reading

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French Ministries and Munich Give Back By Joining TDF

There are many ways FLOSS is funded. Organizations can hire individual developers to contribute, make donations or even join as Munich recently did with The Document Foundation.“In Munich, LibreOffice is now used on 16,000 PC workstations. “The city of Munich … Continue reading

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Slackware, Crux, Pisi, Manjaro, Devuan… Freedom-Fighters Or Luddites?

I’m not alone in disliking systemd. It’s not because systemd is an innovation. I like change and improvements of all kinds, but systemd is a power grab and I don’t like those.“Systemd is a power grab. It puts more or … Continue reading

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FLOSS And Government In India

FLOSS is the right way to do IT for everyone. Governments may feel FLOSS is unnecessary/different/unusual at their peril. Sooner or later“Indian government software applications are set to make the shift to open source, potentially boosting the pace at which … Continue reading

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A Pleasant Stroll Through Europe – GNU/Linux Rolls On Desktops

Region Roll-out Savings Valencia, Spain 120K PC in admin, courts and schools €1.5million p.a. Extremadura, Spain 70K PCs in schools, more in offices France 72K PCs in French national police, Parliament and ministries checking it out €2 million p.a. Germany, … Continue reading

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Democracy And FLOSS

Sign at a conference on eGovernment:

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Italian Freedom Comes Through A Door Opened With The Thin Edge Of The Wedge

I love it. After the ruling of the high court in Italy that consumers should not have to pay for software they don’t want bundled on PCs, “FSFE, ADUC and ILS have sent a letter to the Italian competition authorities, … Continue reading

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It’s Official, U.S.A. Insane

Let’s see. USA wants Kurds and Free Syrian Army to fight ISIS“The key Syrian border city of Kobani will soon fall to ISIS, but that’s not a major U.S. concern, several senior U.S. administration officials said.” but they won’t lift … Continue reading

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All over North America, improving education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is a hot topic. It was not surprising to read that the Province of Manitoba included this in a recent press-release: “working with all deans of education to … Continue reading

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