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Russia Going To GNU/Linux Late Rather Than Never

“Google, Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corp., collectively worth more than Russia’s gross domestic product, have all entered German Klimenko’s crosshairs since he was named Putin’s first Internet adviser six weeks ago. In a 90-minute interview peppered with expletives, Klimenko said forcing … Continue reading

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“It is time for those who care about the moral standing of the United States to say that this policy is shameful. If the United States and its NATO allies allow their inglorious new partners to encircle and starve the … Continue reading

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Waging War With FLOSS

“The users simply bought what they wanted, and the vendors happily took their money and installed the systems. The result was a collection of standalone systems; each came installed with its own hardware and software, and there was very little … Continue reading

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Ugly, But Effective, A-10s Live On

“There is no weapon in our arsenal that offers more effective close-air support to American ground troops serving in harm’s way than the A-10 aircraft. I look forward to seeing our A-10 pilots continue to make important advances in the … Continue reading

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FLOSS And European Governments

“The French Parliament has last week approved a first draft law for a Digital Republic, which encourages the use of free software by the country’s public administrations. The Assembly (France’s lower house) rejected calls by proponents to make free software … Continue reading

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“French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has said European countries must “wake up” to terror threats, following the attacks in Paris that left 129 people dead.” See Paris attacks: France calls on EU to ‘wake up’ to threat “The killing of a Chinese … Continue reading

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Go Bern Council! FLOSS!

“The council of the Swiss capital of Bern on 12 November ordered the IT department to end its dependence on proprietary software. The council halved the city request for a six-year licence contract, and insisted on an exit plan. A … Continue reading

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“The European Parliament calls upon the Commission “for the systematic replacement of proprietary software by auditable and verifiable open-source software in all the EU institutions, and for the introduction of a mandatory open-source-selection criterion in all future ICT procurement procedures”. … Continue reading

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Lock-in To Be Locked Out In Portugal

“The use of non-proprietary open formats is essential to ensure technical and semantic interoperability, for interaction with citizens and companies and to gain the necessary independence from ICT suppliers … The discussion paper and the public consultation website list the … Continue reading

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Freeing The Slaves

“to date, 1125 out of the 2104 websites (53%) edited their websites by removing links to proprietary PDF readers, or adding links to Free Software PDF readers. In addition to writing letters, FSFE also collected signatures for a petition calling for … Continue reading

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Sarah Sharp: “I’m not a Linux kernel developer any more”

“I’m not a Linux kernel developer any more. I quietly transferred the maintainership of the USB 3.0 host controller driver in May 2014. In January 2015, I stepped down from being the Linux kernel coordinator for the FOSS Outreach Program … Continue reading

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Indian GNU/Linux

According to Google, interest in */Linux is widespread in India. StatCounter agrees. It’s interesting that GNU/Linux thrives on weekdays and “Unknown” thrives on weekends. Indian government pushes GNU/Linux for government and Dell and others actually give it space on retail … Continue reading

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