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ODROID-C2 Update

“ODROID-C2 List Price : $46.00 Dispatch : in 30 days” See ODROIDHmmmf! I was thinking of ordering a couple of Odroid-C2s soon and visited the maker’s site. I was surprised to find the price had risen… Perhaps it’s related to the … Continue reading

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TDF On Munich

“According to the report, only a minor percentage of users (between 18% and 28%, based on different applications) had severe issues related to software, which could be solved by migrating these users to Windows and MS Office. Incidentally, 15% of users … Continue reading

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Threats Are Easily Made But Hard To Keep

“American farmers sent $2.4 billion of corn to Mexico in 2015, the most recent year of available data. In 1995, the year after NAFTA became law, corn exports to Mexico were a mere $391 million. Experts say such a bill would … Continue reading

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Aging Gracefully In Canada

“While governments have money to spend on things such as electric car-charging stations and light rail transit, that spending will do little to benefit seniors.” See Time for seniors to stand up to governmentsI stumbled upon an article written a few … Continue reading

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Magic Bullets Gain Velocity

“Scientists have recruited modified bacteria to help fight cancer, which successfully infiltrated tumors and activated the immune system to kill malignant cells, a new study reports. Tumors size decreased below detectable limits in 11 out of 20 mice that received … Continue reading

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GNU/Linux Now Accepted

“It turned out he runs Ubuntu. He’s an amateur photographer, and is proficient with GIMP and darktable. “Let me ask you something,” he said. “Do you ever install apps from a terminal? I don’t know if it’s just me, but that … Continue reading

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Refugees Seek Safety In Manitoba – Should We Build A Wall And Demand Trump Pay For IT? [SARCASM]

“The rising number of people illegally crossing the U.S. border into Manitoba has not escaped the notice of the Department of Homeland Security. Officials in the U.S. say that “informal” networks of family members and friends, rather than criminal profiteers, are … Continue reading

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Vulnerable, Again!

“Microsoft Windows fails to properly handle traffic from a malicious server. In particular, Windows fails to properly handle a specially-crafted server response that contains too many bytes following the structure defined in the SMB2 TREE_CONNECT Response structure. By connecting to … Continue reading

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LibreOffice 5.3 Is Here

You can grab the release notes and be amazed. What I noticed right away is that there are now proper styles for tables in Calc and that there is an accompanying application to run on a server for on-line/collaborative editing. … Continue reading

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Oracle Too Expensive At Any Price

“Oracle’s new cloud licensing policy [PDF] says an AWS vCPU is now treated as a full core if hyperthreading is not enabled. A user renting two AWS vCPUS therefore needs to pay full freight for both, effectively doubling the number … Continue reading

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Zemlin On Trumpism

“Open source is a fundamentally global activity but America has always served as the hub for innovation and collaboration. Linux’s creator, Linux Foundation Fellow Linus Torvalds, immigrated to America from Finland and became a citizen. The Administration’s policy on immigration … Continue reading

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Bill Gates Does Some Good

“Bill Gates warned against denying climate change and pushed for more innovation in clean energy, during an event Friday at Columbia University in New York.” See Bill Gates warns against denying climate changeI hate Bill Gates. The harm he’s done to … Continue reading

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