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Some Twits Just Are Too Funny To Ignore

While the world sees Wintel decaying more or less globally and in every segment of IT, this twit opines that GNU/Linux on the desktop is as good as dead with M$’s next release.“While the consumer hatred of Windows 8 seemed … Continue reading

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OEMs Adapt To The Decline In The Market For PCs

Rather than just being another cog in Wintel’s wheel, Lenovo is thinking for itself and diversifying, giving customers what they want.“Regarding tablets, we will cooperate with more solution vendors to embed more application software such as meal ordering systems into … Continue reading

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The Writing Is On The Wall And The Correspondence

In the past year or so, some here have repeatedly claimed that M$’s OS is thriving and the only way to go.“the factors contributing to the decline in Windows PC operating system are addressed in various disclosures in our Segment … Continue reading

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Forums Have Matured

One of the reasons I invested more time in this blog years ago was that GNU/Linux was unwelcome on several prominent public forums. I thought to get an update… In craigslist people actually suggest installing GNU/Linux to fix things in … Continue reading

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Android/Linux Is The New PacMan

As the map below shows, Android/Linux has overtaken desktop operating systems over much of the world, a huge swath through Asia and most of Africa. Along with skipping lock-in to Wintel, many folks are skipping copper and cable and satellite … Continue reading

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M$ Continues To Lose The Web

Not only are existing users of M$’s web servers annoyed by price/performance, “Microsoft’s decline seems far less dramatic when looking at the number of web-facing computers that use its server software. A net loss of 6,200 computers this month resulted … Continue reading

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French Ministries and Munich Give Back By Joining TDF

There are many ways FLOSS is funded. Organizations can hire individual developers to contribute, make donations or even join as Munich recently did with The Document Foundation.“In Munich, LibreOffice is now used on 16,000 PC workstations. “The city of Munich … Continue reading

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Nope. Munich Never Happened. – Deny, Deny, and Deny Some More

“Which brings me to Linux, and whether it is a viable alternative to a new Windows OS. It isn’t. The same arguments I have put forward for needing to migrate Windows-based applications to a VDI platform hold true for Linux. … Continue reading

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2015 Could Well Be The Year Of The */Linux Thin Client

While I have long believed thin client computing is the way to go for most of us, Android/Linux took off on small cheap computers before GNU/Linux. It’s all good but 2015 may allow GNU/Linux to catch up.“Intel today launched Intel® … Continue reading

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Heartbeat of Canada

Canada is my country. I’m proud of it. It’s huge, diverse, clean, and full of kind people. While Canadians occasionally make a mess of things, they tend eventually to try to fix things up. I have that feeling about use … Continue reading

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The Cuban Experiment

The news today is that USA-Cuban relations will return to something more like normal rather than cold war-era. It’s about time. The folks who annoyed USA to the point of madness are mostly dead or teetering on the brink. A … Continue reading

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Slackware, Crux, Pisi, Manjaro, Devuan… Freedom-Fighters Or Luddites?

I’m not alone in disliking systemd. It’s not because systemd is an innovation. I like change and improvements of all kinds, but systemd is a power grab and I don’t like those.“Systemd is a power grab. It puts more or … Continue reading

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