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Look What Happened To Some Of Those XPed Netbooks

One school district that bought netbooks with XP was having no joy“Students like the faster speeds of the centralized desktop, which runs with 50 percent more RAM and a 33 percent faster processor than any of the netbooks. Boot-up and … Continue reading

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Italian Freedom Comes Through A Door Opened With The Thin Edge Of The Wedge

I love it. After the ruling of the high court in Italy that consumers should not have to pay for software they don’t want bundled on PCs, “FSFE, ADUC and ILS have sent a letter to the Italian competition authorities, … Continue reading

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Fallout From Munich

The newly elected mayor of Munich and some of his buddies have raised a furor by suggesting Munich migrate back to M$’s clutches.“The city’s IT department, the city council, as well as third mayor Christine Strobl, support the current IT … Continue reading

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South Korea Faces The Bill For Lock-in To Wintel

Sometimes in an accident things happen in slow motion and all the mistakes it took to get to where there is no escape“the Korean government made Redmond’s software a requirement for online shopping and banking; a historically weak spot in … Continue reading

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Google Tries To Kill EXT* File-systems For ChromeOS

Someone over at Google has decided to drop support for EXT* file-systems in favour of M$’s stuff…“Chromium OS is for consumer devices which should not need support for mounting external ext4 storage. In principle, we should drop unnecessary features. There … Continue reading

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Java API Copyright Goes To The Supremes

This is a biggy, right up there with software-patents, “Google told the justices in a petition this week that assigning copyright to the code—the Application Programming Interfaces that enable programs to talk to one another—sets a dangerous precedent.The appellate court’s … Continue reading

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When Consumers Have M$’s Price In Their Face

Consumers and businesses have long been squeezed down M$’s cattle-chute to monopoly.“enterprises will ultimately start paying for Windows by the user on a subscription model even as Microsoft gives away the platform on smaller screens.” Speculation is that the next … Continue reading

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ARMed And Dangerous To Monopoly

For decades personal computing and much of the rest of IT has been locked into x86 architecture.“Because of the success in scaling from 20nm SoC to 16nm FinFET, ARM and TSMC have decided to collaborate again for 10FinFET. This early … Continue reading

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FLOSS and Monopolistic Proprietary IT Systems In Politics

Where I come from FLOSS has little to do with politics. Inertia has everything to do with IT here.“The politicians are organising a conference on 21 October, to discuss the opportunities of open source software for businesses, society and public … Continue reading

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Africa, Last Month

Africa is no longer the “Dark Continent”. There’s plenty of space and energy to bridge the Digital Divide with GNU/Linux. A few countries define this space. Many countries have only tiny percentages of connected people. Others have some but still … Continue reading

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Asia, Last Month

Asia is a mixed bag being so widespread and diverse in languages and cultures. Statcounter is even confused about it counting Russia and Turkey in both Europe and Asia… Their number for Asia is 0.78% GNU/Linux. I get 0.67% by … Continue reading

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What The End-days Of Wintel Looks Like

The tail has quit wagging the dog. Today, Digitimes reports, “As demand for touchscreen notebooks has been far weaker than expected, notebook vendors have stopped developing touch-enabled notebooks for the fourth quarter, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.” … Continue reading

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