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Making Salami

I love salami. I’ve always wanted to turn a portion of a carcass of deer into salami but I’ve misplace my hand-crank meat grinder. It got lost in storage somewhere. So, I’m looking around, perhaps for something better like this … Continue reading

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Lovely Brass

Despite cold and wind, I went out to the bush today to check out the old muzzle-loading rifle. It worked beautifully, as usual. We knew it would but wanted to make sure we had all the stuff together ready for … Continue reading

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Making 12 Gauge Slug Rounds

What do you do with old shotguns with lead-only barrels? I intend to use one for killing deer with 1 ounce slugs and killing grouse with 1 ounce loads of shot. The latter is easy. There’s lots of data around. … Continue reading

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Killing Badgers

This story further confirms that my ancestors were right to flee England more than a century ago. It’s a madhouse… “The total cost of policing the badger cull pilot has been confirmed as nearly £2.5m – or about £1,311 per … Continue reading

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Just When We Thought The Canadian Firearms Registry Was Dead…

Like a zombie in a “B” movie, the Canadian registry of long firearms (mostly rifles and shotguns) is back in the news. LaPresse, a newspaper in Quebec, obtained a recent copy of the actual registry, which I am examining. It … Continue reading

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Opening Day of My Deer-hunt

The first day was forecast bitterly cold weather in a wind. As it turned out the wind was mild and I barely survived. My feet were the only warm part of me, buried in wool socks and felt boot-liners. It’s … Continue reading

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Some Days Are Just Better Than Others

Nearly 40 years ago a rifle was purchased, brand new. It was a 7mm Remington Magnum Winchester Model 70. It was topped with a Weaver T16 target scope and 1000 Sierra MatchKing bullets were bought to do some semi-serious target-shooting. … Continue reading

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The Group

On the weekend, we did a bit of shooting. In particular, we were trying some new bullet-propellant combinations to develop an accurate long-range load for deer. From ballistics we chose Hornady 165 SPBT and IMR4064 to do the job. 42 … Continue reading

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Lead is a cheap and plentiful metal. It is a waste product of the nuclear processes in stars and radioactive decay. The universe has recycled lead as a metal we can mine as sulphides, carbonates or as metal. Man recycles … Continue reading

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A Man And A Rifle

Since I was little, I’ve always enjoyed a good rifle. I suppose it’s for the same reason boys throw stones. A good rifle throws a tiny stone with great range and accuracy. Some men spend great time, money, energy and … Continue reading

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Shooting an Oldie But a Goodie

Today I was privileged to shoot an ancient “Commission Rifle”, a rifle designed by a committee in the 19th century. It was crude by any measure these days but far superior to many designs of the day. Key developments in … Continue reading

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Hint: When Hunting Pythons, Use Bait

"You can go out there for days and days and days and not see one python," snake hunter Justin Matthews said last month. "I don’t care how much experience you have. It is going to take some luck." see Plenty … Continue reading

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