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Sad News! ;-)

Digitimes, out of Taiwan, is always watching the markets for electronics, particularly PCs, components and optical devices.“Intel’s Skylake-based processors, originally expected to launch in early third-quarter 2015 to support the release of Windows 10-based notebooks, may not become available until … Continue reading

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GNU/Linux Is Catching Fire On The Desktop, But It’s Not Your Daddy’s GNU/Linux

Despite nearly 20 years of enduring FUD and mud-slinging and astroturfing, GNU/Linux is finally taking off on the desktop.“Consumers are hungry for a product that is cost effective but also provides the versatility and functionality of a laptop. The growth … Continue reading

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Google Tries To Kill EXT* File-systems For ChromeOS

Someone over at Google has decided to drop support for EXT* file-systems in favour of M$’s stuff…“Chromium OS is for consumer devices which should not need support for mounting external ext4 storage. In principle, we should drop unnecessary features. There … Continue reading

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GNU/Linux And ChromeOS Double-Team The Desktop

If we listened to the naysayers we’d believe GNU/Linux had ~1% share of the desktop. “It’s going nowhere”, “Can’t”, “No way” etc. are expressions they use but when you look at the numbers we can see GNU/Linux on the desktop … Continue reading

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Freeing Education Via GNU/Linux

When I was teaching in small remote schools in Canada’s north, I had the same sorts of problems schools in the south have.“I found that our technology was not up to scratch to meet the needs of our students. We … Continue reading

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It’s A Bug In That Other OS, Not The Browser

It turns out that Google’s Chrome browser has been telling that other OS not to save power by napping, for years.“Instead of waking up the processor every 15.625ms, Chrome tells Windows to have it wake up every 1.000ms. So while … Continue reading

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It’s Been A Long Time Coming But Competition Returns To The Market For PCs

It was just a few years ago that M$ could tell OEMs what to do if they wanted to sell a PC and that included bundling M$’s OS with (almost) every PC shipped on the planet.“Microsoft operating chief Kevin Turner … Continue reading

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GNU/Linux Is A Part Of The Rebound In Sales of PCs

IDC and Gartner have reported that Q2 of 2014 showed a considerable rebound in shipments of legacy PCs but GNU/Linux is a part of that, according to web stats. IDC even mentions ChromeBooks in it’s story: “Despite the end of … Continue reading

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Google’s Smartphone Is The New “Compatible PC”

The next billion users of IT, perhaps even the next few billion, will likely be using Android/Linux smartphones if Google has anything to say about it.“For every HTC and Samsung, there are tens of Android hardware makers who have to … Continue reading

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A Million PCs Per Week Are Being Installed Of GNU/Linux

There are a couple of assumptions here: page-views, which StatCounter records, are proportional to units installed, and there are about 1500 million, more or less, desktop and notebook PCs out there, in the world. Those are pretty reasonable. Being a … Continue reading

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Zombie Law Suit, Oracle v. Google, Refuses To Die

Just when you thought copyright on APIs was dead, a looney-toons court raises it from the grave.“The heart of the appeal was whether Oracle can claim a copyright on Java APIs and, if so, whether Google infringed that copyright. According … Continue reading

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Small Cheap Computers And Numerology

What I have been holding for years, that CPUs are idling all over the world, is supported by a guy at ARM, paid per core…“What we saw in 2013 was about 250 million tablets being shipped at various price points. … Continue reading

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