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Chrome OS Still Growing In USA

According to StatCounter, usage of Chrome OS in USA continues to grow, especially on weekdays when school is in. I expect schools would get better performance with Debian GNU/Linux but Debian has fewer salesmen and folks continue to spread/believe that … Continue reading

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M$: If You Can’t Beat ’em, Join ’em…

“Windows Phone is still dying. Android is the most popular mobile operating system by a wide margin. Microsoft has bought a company that can help its developers easily write apps for Android. And, last but not least, it has partnered … Continue reading

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WD, What?

“There was no mention of Linux which is a shame since you would think that they are leveraging the community’s efforts in their products. But it was easy enough to connect my Lubuntu laptop as a Network File System (NFS) … Continue reading

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Another USAian School District Goes To ChromeBooks

“According to research the administrators distributed, the U.S. Department of Education found students that had access to a computer anywhere, anytime “became more creative, more collaborative and better writers,” while University of Kentucky researchers wrote “improvements in writing, literacy, science, … Continue reading

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Russia Going To GNU/Linux Late Rather Than Never

“Google, Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corp., collectively worth more than Russia’s gross domestic product, have all entered German Klimenko’s crosshairs since he was named Putin’s first Internet adviser six weeks ago. In a 90-minute interview peppered with expletives, Klimenko said forcing … Continue reading

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Linux On Web Clients In 2015

I’m cheating a bit. 2015 isn’t quite done yet, but the web stats are piling up.  See StatCounterGNU/Linux is apparently right back where it started despite a terrible slowdown in shipments of That Other OS on Wintel boxes and huge … Continue reading

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Competition Returns For Desktop OS And Business – Chromebook v Wintel

“Google saw Chrome rise to take the number one spot in market share”, from January through mid-July, Stephen Baker, NPD’s vice president of industry analysis, says.” See Why would Dell sell a business Chromebook that competes with Office and Windows 10?Chuckle… … Continue reading

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Vive La France Libre! GNU/Linux Rolls Onwards And Upwards

France has been a leading adopter of FLOSS for years. France was the home of Mandrake GNU/Linux. The French government has used FLOSS itself and distributed FLOSS to students. They’ve even promoted FLOSS in the colonies. All that was just … Continue reading

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$149 For A Real Notebook PC

I’ve invited Walmart to spam my inbox with stuff they’re selling. Usually it’s fairly routine stuff“With an 8.5-hour battery life, the Hisense Chromebook keeps you going all day. The Hisense Chromebook features a textured lid for keeping a sure grip … Continue reading

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Desktop */Linux Trends In Canada

Now that we’ve pretty well figured out that the huge “Unkown” thing in StatCounter‘s “desktop” OS category is closely related to Android/Linux, this graph makes sense. Some people in Canada are hooking up Android/Linux systems to big screens. GNU/Linux is … Continue reading

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Nope. Munich Never Happened. – Deny, Deny, and Deny Some More

“Which brings me to Linux, and whether it is a viable alternative to a new Windows OS. It isn’t. The same arguments I have put forward for needing to migrate Windows-based applications to a VDI platform hold true for Linux. … Continue reading

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Come On! The Year Of GNU/Linux On The Desktop Was Ages Ago. Now We’re Mopping Up.

M$ liked to brag that after the long march bringing forth a new release, mopping up was the most fun.“Chromebook shipments to U.S. schools leapfrogged iPad shipments in the third quarter and are nearing 50 percent of the educational market.” … Continue reading

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