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ARMed Servers Going Into Production

“you can now provision hourly, on-demand ARMv8 servers powered by 2 x 48 Cavium SoC’s on Packet. We’re starting with our EWR1 home (New York metro), as well as Sunnyvale and Amsterdam. We’ll add in Tokyo in early December when … Continue reading

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It’s On! Lemaker Cello To Be Available In Time For Christmas.

“LEMAKER SALES 22:30 (2 minutes ago) to me We will kick off the Cello production at the middle of Decemeber.” e-mail from Lemaker in response to my query (“We’ve been waiting many months for the long-ago announced Cello. Is it ever going to … Continue reading

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M$ Sinks On Web-servers

“8.90%” Yes, that’s M$’s share of active sites… See November 2016 Web Server SurveyI laugh when trolls come to my blog to repeat the lie that M$’s OS is the greatest thing since sliced bread. If that were so, why is … Continue reading

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Russia Makes The Right Moves For The Wrong Reasons

“The State Duma, the lower house of Russia’s Federal Assembly, is working on a law to reduce government dependence on IBM, Microsoft and Oracle. According to Bloomberg, Russian government agencies will be restricted in buying proprietary software, and will have … Continue reading

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Security Of FLOSS

“Just like the OpenSSL Heartbleed security hole, once you look at the code, the problem leaps out at you. But, if you don’t look, it just hides there in plain sight. Open-source security only works if you actually read the … Continue reading

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Huge Reset On Debian Release-Critical Bug-Tracking

“2619 release-critical bugs were closed and NONE were opened.” See Release-critical bugs status, Mon Nov 14 12:00:00 UTC 2016Not sure what happened here. Debian’s release-critical bug count has been high for months with many failures to build from source after changes … Continue reading

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GNU/Linux Still Relevant On The Desktop

“As the world increasingly moves from local applications to web-based and remote apps, the opportunities for Linux on the desktop have never been greater. Many organisations lack the resources to deploy Linux based desktops on a large scale. We have … Continue reading

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Linux Foundation Fumbles

“The results were a big surprise, and hearkened back to the bad ol’ days when open source and the rest of the world usually didn’t work and play well together. Browser, cookies, bandwidth and “Flash Test Video” all passed with … Continue reading

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OOPS! MySQL Falls Down…

“two critical vulnerabilities, which can lead to arbitrary code execution, root privilege escalation, and server compromise, affect MySQL and forks like Percona Server, Percona XtraDB Cluster, and MariaDB, according to security researcher Dawid Golunski” See Admins, update your databases to avoid … Continue reading

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Ho Hum. Another City Switches To LibreOffice

“The experiments taught the IT department that when installing LibreOffice, the proprietary predecessor should be removed. “If a workstation had both, users would revert to the old tool whenever they had a difficulty”…  In Nantes, 75 percent of the users … Continue reading

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Open Standards And FLOSS Go Together

“in the 66 courts across Slovenia, the 4400 staff use Apache OpenOffice. It is well-integrated in the court’s case management system, allowing automatic document generation by combining a template repository with case data. The courts also use the Mozilla Thunderbird … Continue reading

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My Experiences Converting Users To GNU/Linux

“If you sit a child in front of a Linux computer, they usually just start using it. It’s an amazing thing to watch. Kids are curious by nature and they also have the added advantage of not having any preconceived … Continue reading

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