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The Future Is Open

“Europe’s relative weakness in digital consumer markets, in web and internet services and notably in data platforms is becoming a major challenge to the whole economy. In addition, users feel that proprietary platforms do not satisfy their needs. They get locked-in … Continue reading

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Free The Schools!

“deputy mayor Guillard published his recommendations for others that want to ‘free their schools from the commercial agenda of proprietary software vendors’. Free software is unhindered by the constraint of financial profitability, he argues: there is no planned obsolescence and … Continue reading

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Munich, Revisited

“The consultants report no problems or criticism with the use of open source on servers, for development and for enterprise solutions. Here, the situation is very comparable to what is common in many other public administrations and in the private … Continue reading

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South Tyrol Takes The Bait

“Our decision was not a choice between open source or not – we took a strategic decision to transfer basic services to cloud, with the aim of fostering a more efficient and up-to-date way of working. We are not about … Continue reading

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Wearing ’em Down

“I actually am very happy with the Linux desktop, and I started the project for my own needs, and my needs are very much fulfilled. That’s why, to me, it’s not a failure. I would obviously love for Linux to … Continue reading

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Welcome, 2016, The Year Of The ARMed Everything

“Over a dozen new ARM System-on-a-Chips are new to the mainline Linux 4.6 kernel code. The newly-supported platforms include Axis Artpec-6 SoC (artpec6), TI keystone-k2g, Mediatek MT7623 (mt7623), Allwinner A83T SoC (a83t), NXP i.MX6QP SoC (imx6qp), ST Microelectronics stm32f469, Annapurna … Continue reading

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Yet Another ARMed Processor Emerges In 2016

“LS1046A and LS1026A processors integrate quad 64-bit ARM® Cortex A72 cores with packet processing acceleration and high speed peripherals.” See QorIQ LS1046A and LS1026A Multicore Communications ProcessorsThese are somewhat specialized for communications but they are quite capable of doing duty as … Continue reading

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My IT-plan For 2016

I’ve a lot of IT in my home, almost all of it bought before 2006… So, it’s time for renewal. We have cabling that can do gigabit/s Ethernet but we’ve only been using two lines that way. This is the … Continue reading

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Getting GNU/Linux To Work For You

“One day, we had a virus that simply would not go away. Little did we know what was happening to the data on the slave disk. When it finally failed, we plugged in the week-old slave backup and it failed … Continue reading

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All’s Well That Ends Well With The GPL

“BMW has sent Terence Eden a DVD containing GPL-licenced code used in its electric i3 model” See BMW complies with GPL by handing over i3 car codeYep, we wrote a bit about BMW not respecting the GPL but it turns out … Continue reading

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TOOS Plummets. GNU/Linux Thrives.

“Last year, Mac edged ahead of the Linuxes as the number 2 operating system among developers. This year it became clear that trend is real. If OS adoption rates hold steady, by next year’s survey fewer than 50% of developers … Continue reading

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Qualcomm Invests In Chinese ARMed Server Chips

“The deal, which also creates a joint venture named Guizhou Huaxintong Semiconductor Technology, is a major step in Guizhou’s effort to position itself as a leader in the big data field in China, IDC said. The province has been designated … Continue reading

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