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Whether The Weather

I did a few errands around the yard today: finished seeding some bare spots in the lawn, applied high nitrogen granular fertilizer and observed some germination on the last edge of lawn facing the road. The grass survived winter quite … Continue reading

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Our lengthy drought is over. Last night a line of thunderstorms came by and even though we just caught the edge of it and a few tail-enders we’ve had a significant rainfall, enough to close up the cracks in the … Continue reading

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Plant More Trees

“American cities and their surrounding areas have been losing as many as 36 million trees a year. That might not sound like a lot when you think about the number of trees in our nation’s forests, but those trees have … Continue reading

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Finally, Rain!

We’ve had a drought here. Soil that I have not watered is dry four inches down. The lawn I seeded last year has been watered once and looks healthy although there are bare spots where the seed was not properly … Continue reading

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USAians Lose Sight Of What Matters

“Nowak and a USFS colleague, co-author Eric Greenfield, found tree cover had declined in metropolitan areas across 45 states. The biggest losses on a percentage basis were in Rhode Island, Georgia, Alabama and Nebraska, together with the District of Columbia. … Continue reading

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Wind, Peas And Shutting Down

I doubt there’s any connection but this afternoon when the temperature had risen a few degrees and the wind was a few clicks lighter I went out to plant my peas and the Toronto Stock Exchange went down for unspecified … Continue reading

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Having a Heat Wave

Forecast high this afternoon is 5ºC. That’s 18ºC above normal… I do intend to celebrate by going out for some yard-work but it’s also a reminder that global warming is real. 2017 was the warmest year on record according to … Continue reading

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The Cycle of Life

One of the most important characteristics of living things is that they die. It’s a necessary part of life so that new living things have opportunity for growth and progress. I helped celebrate life yesterday, attending the funeral of a … Continue reading

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Rearranging The Deck Chairs On Our Deck

Environment Canada is forecasting an intense low pressure cell north of us that will cause 60k/h westerly winds with gusts to 90k/h. 60 k/h is rather routine but 90k/h is dangerous. TLW and I were out in the yard planting … Continue reading

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Where Only The Tough Survive

TLW (The Little Woman) and I have a very difficult yard in which to grow stuff. It’s low. It used to be a swamp but heavy clay soil was imported to raise the grade. Still there is one low spot … Continue reading

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Fishing For Lobsters On Dry Land

“Lobster mushrooms are unique and tough to misidentify. Look for their bright red-orange color, which looks a bit like the red-orange on lobsters. We found our specimens growing on a north facing hill where Douglas Fir and Hemlock trees grew. … Continue reading

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%##!!!&^! Hornets!

This afternoon when I went out to turn off a sprinkling system, I found hornets had located a cluster of grapes on a grape vine growing near the patio. They definitely were not there early in the day but they … Continue reading

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