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9 Apple Trees All In A Row

Last year, I was bold enough to plant 3 apple trees out in the yard near the ditch without official permission from TLW… She was furious when she spotted the tiny things. She muttered something about cutting them down or … Continue reading

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What The Heck Is This Stuff?

Black lives matter. I know that. But I have a particular responsibility for these black lives. They sprang from tiny seeds in a packet I found in my collection of seeds. I sprinkled them on good soil in a pot … Continue reading

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A string trimmer is essential for my property. The municipality won’t allow keeping goats although one has been seen in the neighbourhood… This has been a pretty good year for weeds. We had modest rains in the heat of summer … Continue reading

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On Retirement

I’m feeling a lot better about retirement these days. It’s a big transition going from travelling in remote parts of Canada to be told what to do my directors of education, principals, students, and parents to being told what to … Continue reading

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Papilio Polyxenes And Parsley

You know your yard is becoming sincere enough when Nature’s creatures choose to live in it… Today, after hours of digging and planting young trees in 3-gallon pots in heat and heavy clay, my son and I decided to recuperate … Continue reading

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Birds etc.

I was fiddling with my Odroid-C2 yesterday when out of the corner of my eye I saw a small “something” on the patio. Closer inspection revealed it was a young tree swallow. They aren’t great flyers on the first day. … Continue reading

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Flat Rocks

Last year, TLW bought a load of broken granite rocks. We installed most of them ourselves but a dozen or so required a guy with a bucket to move them around. Today, I moved the last two into place. They … Continue reading

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Priority Of The Alternator Raised Again

I haven’t been working on the new alternator because it arrived just as planting season was getting going but last night a terrible wall of storms passed by and knocked out the electrical utility again. Last year it was 5h. … Continue reading

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Swiss Stone Pines – How I Love Them

Finding trees tough enough to grow in my yard is difficult. TLW built berms just to help the weak survive and to accent her house. The rest of the flat clay soil is mine… Swiss Stone Pine is one of … Continue reading

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Going Batty

“The town, North Hempstead, has approved the construction of boxes that function as bat houses in several parks to attract more bats to the area. “Bats can eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes per hour,” Judi Bosworth, the town supervisor, said. “That’s … Continue reading

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Garden (?) Report

I have one of the least successful gardens in my neighbourhood. It’s not for want of trying but most of my strategy has failed. I planted a fine lawn but because it was winter-killed twice in two successive years, I … Continue reading

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Linux-4.4.15-stable Review Missing In Action

“The whole patch series can be found in one patch at: kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v4.x/stable-review/patch-4.4.15-rc1.gz” See LKML: Greg Kroah-Hartman: [PATCH 4.4 00/32] 4.4.15-stable reviewI follow Greg Kroah-Harman’s output of Linux-4.4 releases closely and he has been very reliable. This time, we have an announcement … Continue reading

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