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Autumn’s OK

“Autumn could be described as the time of plenty with fruits, nuts and seeds everywhere. There is a dazzling array of colours, shapes and methods that plants employ for spreading the next generation for the following year. These delights are … Continue reading

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Undermining That Other OS

“The National Security Agency and its British counterpart, Government Communications Headquarters, have worked to subvert anti-virus and other security software in order to track users and infiltrate networks, according to documents from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.” See Popular Security Software Came … Continue reading

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How Far Can A Small Beetle Walk In 12 Years? Answer: 1000 Miles

On one of my walks, I visited with a neighbour who has lived here for 20 years. He has a lovely yard but his trees almost all have some pest or other. He gave me a tour. He’s closer to … Continue reading

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Rainy Day Garden Post

I took a walk around the yard looking at the state of things: The tilled ground is too wet and sticky to work but seeds are beginning to sprout. The weeds are manageable where the new tiller ripped them up. … Continue reading

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It’s Alive! The Chinese Rototiller Works At Last!

I repaired the bent strut on the tail-wheel and operated the rototiller by walking behind the thing and it worked like a charm. I was still breaking it in and used a shallow cut at low power but it was … Continue reading

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I think it’s going to be a great year for gardening. My garden is ploughed and soil temps are already up to 12C in my area under grass. A light rain is forecast for tomorrow with no frost forecast for … Continue reading

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The New Tractor Goes For Its First Exercise

I finally have done all I could to the new tractor before taking it out for a trial. Today, after a trip to town, I fired it up on the driveway and tried it out. There were still a couple … Continue reading

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I’ve spent weeks dodging the weather and supplying equipment I lacked to bring my new tractor up. The assembly required waiting for warmer weather as I worked outdoors or in my unheated garage. It went pretty smoothly once I had … Continue reading

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Tractor Update

My tractor which arrived in January is still in parts. I’ve been delayed by cold/wet weather for weeks in building a hoisting-frame outdoors to lift the engine up to the frame. I will try to finish the welding today because … Continue reading

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Some Assembly Required – The Tractor Has Arrived

My new Chinese tractor finally arrived. There was no apparent damage. I was surprised to find things not bolted down but they were packed in tight and with their weight nothing bothered them. Everything was clean and dry.

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My (little) Farming Machine

OK, I’m not a farmer but I do have a tiny bit of land that has killed off two roto-tillers and a mower in a few short years. I decided to move upscale… Here’s the ship that will move my … Continue reading

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Yesterday Called And Left A Smile

When I was a boy back on the farm and later in Winnipeg, I loved to “browse” various hardware stores and departments in the city. There were hundreds of them scattered every few blocks so homeowners could buy paint or … Continue reading

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