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M$: We Control Your PC…

“Removing the software store, along with other bundled apps, from work machines is normally a good idea to prevent users from installing crap, breaking things and calling the help desk, and generally wasting time at their desks. The Redmond giant quietly … Continue reading

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M$ Kicks Second Most Loyal Users In The Teeth

“Ex-professional Counter Strike player turned full-time streamer Erik Flom was rudely interrupted mid-game and live on Twitch by Windows 10 automatically installing on his PC.” See Windows 10 updates are now ruining pro-gaming streamsWant to play the fanciest games on your … Continue reading

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Every Now And Then The World Of FLOSS Messes UP

“If you’re using ImageMagick on your website to identify, crop, resize or tweak pictures provided by your users, you must make sure you’ve applied these mitigations, and tweaked your code to only accept valid image files. Sandboxing ImageMagick is also … Continue reading

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The Future Is Open

“Europe’s relative weakness in digital consumer markets, in web and internet services and notably in data platforms is becoming a major challenge to the whole economy. In addition, users feel that proprietary platforms do not satisfy their needs. They get locked-in … Continue reading

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France Chooses Freedom

“”The choice of free in the administration is not an ideological commitment is the result of a reasoned choice, which ensures the sustainability of the documents created, and thus ensures the state to ensure future of its heritage. The documents … Continue reading

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Tail Wags Dog, Says Canonical

“The CDDL cannot apply to the Linux kernel because zfs.ko is a self-contained file system module — the kernel itself is quite obviously not a derivative work of this new file system.” See Canonical accused of violating GPL with ZFS-in-Ubuntu 16.04 … Continue reading

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Free The Schools!

“deputy mayor Guillard published his recommendations for others that want to ‘free their schools from the commercial agenda of proprietary software vendors’. Free software is unhindered by the constraint of financial profitability, he argues: there is no planned obsolescence and … Continue reading

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Linux Keeps On Getting Better

It may take a while sometimes but many eyes do improve Free/Libre Open Source Software. Linux has just had an important set of bugs trampled. The CPU scheduler which has evolved in stages for decades was discovered by a group … Continue reading

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M$: If You Can’t Beat ’em, Join ’em…

“Windows Phone is still dying. Android is the most popular mobile operating system by a wide margin. Microsoft has bought a company that can help its developers easily write apps for Android. And, last but not least, it has partnered … Continue reading

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Munich, Revisited

“The consultants report no problems or criticism with the use of open source on servers, for development and for enterprise solutions. Here, the situation is very comparable to what is common in many other public administrations and in the private … Continue reading

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Opening Minds As Well As Government With FLOSS

“There is a serious lack of understanding of these two topics in the government”, the MP says. The centre should remedy this, and Ms Oosenburg has started studying possibilities and options.  The Dutch MP is concerned about the limited grasp … Continue reading

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Wearing ’em Down

“I actually am very happy with the Linux desktop, and I started the project for my own needs, and my needs are very much fulfilled. That’s why, to me, it’s not a failure. I would obviously love for Linux to … Continue reading

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