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Fiddly Things Fingers Do: A Cap-holder

This week deer season opens for archery and I am not ready. I may still go out but I also have to prepare for the next season, muzzle-loading. I shoot a cap-lock and the darned percussion caps are tiny for … Continue reading

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Lay The Damned Charges!

If a black teenager had pumped 6 rounds into a white policeman how many minutes do you think it would have been before he was arrested and charged with murder?“The chaos in Ferguson has gotten so unruly that Missouri Gov. … Continue reading

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Three Great Rounds Work To 600 Yards

In the bush and flat land where I hunt, one rarely has an opportunity for a long shot at big game. What if … Calibre Bullet Muzzle Velocity

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Making 12 Gauge Slug Rounds

What do you do with old shotguns with lead-only barrels? I intend to use one for killing deer with 1 ounce slugs and killing grouse with 1 ounce loads of shot. The latter is easy. There’s lots of data around. … Continue reading

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Piers Morgan Leaving

USAians attempted to have Piers Morgan deported for his anti-firearm stance but it looks like that won’t be necessary. CNN is pulling his plug.“Morgan said he thought the audience may have grown weary of his focus on gun control — … Continue reading

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Killing Badgers

This story further confirms that my ancestors were right to flee England more than a century ago. It’s a madhouse… “The total cost of policing the badger cull pilot has been confirmed as nearly £2.5m – or about £1,311 per … Continue reading

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Diversity Is Good, Even In PBR

PBR (Point Blank Range) is a concept useful for hunters. It is the maximum range at which you “can’t miss” without adjusting sights for range. To the uninitiated, a bullet moves somewhat like a baseball, only faster. Despite great speed, … Continue reading

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Production And Consumption

I’ve been playing around with my database of reloaded ammunition and generated this chart with the latest release of phpMyAdmin: It tells a story. Rifles in 308 Winchester are superbly accurate and good hunting tools. 222 Remington is good for … Continue reading

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Just When We Thought The Canadian Firearms Registry Was Dead…

Like a zombie in a “B” movie, the Canadian registry of long firearms (mostly rifles and shotguns) is back in the news. LaPresse, a newspaper in Quebec, obtained a recent copy of the actual registry, which I am examining. It … Continue reading

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Like Father Like Son

Maybe not. My son and I have some things in common but in many ways we are different but we cannot escape our heritage. We are who we are because of whence we came and what happened along the way. … Continue reading

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Some Days Are Just Better Than Others

Nearly 40 years ago a rifle was purchased, brand new. It was a 7mm Remington Magnum Winchester Model 70. It was topped with a Weaver T16 target scope and 1000 Sierra MatchKing bullets were bought to do some semi-serious target-shooting. … Continue reading

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Defending Soft Targets

The recent attack by terrorists on a shopping mall in Nairobi shows why soft targets are important. Once inside, the terrorists have numerous defenceless high-value targets. The bad guys, having automatic weapons and explosives can do a lot of damage … Continue reading

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