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Spring is definitely in the air. We’ve probably had the last snowfalls replaced by April’s showers. I’ve started hundreds of tree seeds sprouting indoors. A bunch of trees from nurseries and other perishable stock are being queued up to ship … Continue reading

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This Dog Don’t Hunt

“Fingerprints of Paris attack suspect Salah Abdeslam have been found in a Brussels flat raided this week, Belgian prosecutors say. State broadcaster RTBF says he may have escaped during Tuesday’s police raid, in which one suspect was shot dead.” See Brussels raid: … Continue reading

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Carson On Firearms

Last night, during a “town hall” on CNN, Carson stated that he thought government should be training in usage and safety with firearms, and that he liked having a firearm. See CNN, Ben Carson: “I like having a gun” That’s … Continue reading

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Ugly, But Effective, A-10s Live On

“There is no weapon in our arsenal that offers more effective close-air support to American ground troops serving in harm’s way than the A-10 aircraft. I look forward to seeing our A-10 pilots continue to make important advances in the … Continue reading

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Welcome, 2016!

I’m so old a new year is becoming tedious but I have plenty of reasons to embrace 2016. I’m not so old I can’t have ambitions and achieve them in a new year. Last year, TLW and I got a … Continue reading

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Shooting Prone – No Method For A Gentleman…

I went shooting today. Actually, I mostly did a lot of fetching and carrying and a young man tested some ammunition I’d made up and a new rifle. The weather was beautiful: just above freezing with some sun and very … Continue reading

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Folks here have a lot to grouse about. I have actual grouse in the yard. Here are some right by my doorstep. I just opened the front door and shot them, photographically. Hunting is not allowed in my neighbourhood however, … Continue reading

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Why I Love 8mm Mausers

Chuckle. I just got banned from a forum on firearms. The resident troll was the moderator. So, I guess I’ll be writing here more often about firearms. One of the first rifles I ever bought was a Mauser 98k in … Continue reading

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The Hunt 2015 – Day Eight

We dressed very warmly today and went out once again. We saw nothing of interest but a poacher and lots of fresh tracks. The poacher was sitting in a truck with a rifle handy and high-beam lights illuminating “our” opening … Continue reading

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The Hunt 2015 – Day Seven Point Five

Well, we finally had a break in the crazy non-winter weather, a real, honest to Goodness, Colorado Low brought in a bit of snow, cold temperatures and wind. As unpleasant as that is for hunters, it’s also unpleasant for deer … Continue reading

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“French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has said European countries must “wake up” to terror threats, following the attacks in Paris that left 129 people dead.” See Paris attacks: France calls on EU to ‘wake up’ to threat “The killing of a Chinese … Continue reading

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The Hunt 2015 – Day Seven

Well, this is a new record, seven days of hunting deer without any good chance. I think the deer have won. It’s not fair… They’ve had the slowest start to winter ever. No snow. Not even cold. They’re just lying … Continue reading

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