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!$##@%%%!!! UBUNTU!!!

A notebook that TLW uses was the last machine in our house to run Ubuntu GNU/Linux. Recently, it needed a software upgrade to a more recent release. Ubuntu reported the exact command that root had to issue and I did … Continue reading

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Faster Internet Access

A while back we opted for faster Internet access, 150mbits/s. I’ve been dragging my feet a bit fighting off bronchitis or something but I felt clear-headed today and TLW was off at a party, so… I got an IP address … Continue reading

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Debian Default Moves To MariaDB

“This package build depends on libmysqlclient-dev. It should instead build-depend on default-libmysqlclient-dev metapackage, and end up having the run-time dependency of the libmysqlclient implementation Debian has chosen to use, currently MariaDB instead of Oracle MySQL.” See #845905 – ruby-dataobjects-mysql: switch to … Continue reading

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Huge Reset On Debian Release-Critical Bug-Tracking

“2619 release-critical bugs were closed and NONE were opened.” See Release-critical bugs status, Mon Nov 14 12:00:00 UTC 2016Not sure what happened here. Debian’s release-critical bug count has been high for months with many failures to build from source after changes … Continue reading

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OOPS! MySQL Falls Down…

“two critical vulnerabilities, which can lead to arbitrary code execution, root privilege escalation, and server compromise, affect MySQL and forks like Percona Server, Percona XtraDB Cluster, and MariaDB, according to security researcher Dawid Golunski” See Admins, update your databases to avoid … Continue reading

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My Experiences Converting Users To GNU/Linux

“If you sit a child in front of a Linux computer, they usually just start using it. It’s an amazing thing to watch. Kids are curious by nature and they also have the added advantage of not having any preconceived … Continue reading

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Really Small Cheap Computers

“Keep in mind that this is a $9 Linux-based computer. There certainly are limitations to its capabilities although you shouldn’t mistake the CHIP for a toy. You are reading the proof, right now, since all of this copy, the process … Continue reading

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Another Police Force Being Set Free

“The police force in Lithuania have switched to using LibreOffice. This free and open source suite of office productivity tools is implemented on over 8000 workstations. The police has started to test the use of workstations running Ubuntu Linux.” See Lithuanian … Continue reading

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Change Cometh

Change is inevitable and desirable. Things often improve with change, like TLW’s desktop client. Today, I replaced the monstrous old but small client with a fast new Odroid-C2. There were a couple of strange glitches: I could not get it … Continue reading

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Good News From Mozilla

“In Firefox 48, we aim to slowly enable multi-process Firefox (also known as Electrolysis or e10s) for release users, starting with one percent and ramping up to nearly half the Firefox Release if things go as expected. e10s promises to … Continue reading

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A Reminder Of Why I Hate Ubuntu

Yesterday I was reminded why I hate Ubuntu. I suddenly was unable to SSH into Odroid-C2. From Odroid-C2 I could do everything as normal. It turned out the IP address had changed despite my HOST declaration in Beast’s DHCP server … Continue reading

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This Must Be A Joke – M$ Has Been Letting Anyone Install Print Drivers On All Their Operating Systems

“Normally, User Account Controls are in place to warn or prevent a user from installing a new driver. To make printing easier, an exception was created to avoid this control. So in the end, we have a mechanism that allows … Continue reading

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