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The Evils Of M$ Are Now In The Faces Of Ordinary Users – How Will They Respond?

“It seems that Microsoft is desperate to get laggards who are still running Windows 7 and Windows 8 onto Windows 10, but there’s a fine line between being enthusiastic about a new operating system and behaving like you own every … Continue reading

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The Little Woman Returns To Using A Thick Client

For a year or so The Little Woman has been using one of my old thin clients I bought to put on a presentation at a teacher’s conference nearly ten years ago. The thin client was sluggish and annoying at … Continue reading

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The Munich Revolution

Lately, in the news, we read that agitators are still pushing to roll back GNU/Linux desktops. It turns out that GNU/Linux is thriving in Munich. A recent update has these highlights: The complement of PCs has risen to 24K 18K … Continue reading

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One Definition Of Lock-in: Running “2003” So Many Years Later

“Further analysis of the low-level TCP/IP characteristics reveals a total of 609,000 web-facing computers running Windows Server 2003. This is over 10% of all web-facing computers, and shows the true potential cost of migration, as software licensing is typically charged … Continue reading

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Canonical Throws Developers Under The Bus

“You have a stable app store deployed for millions of users and developers and it’s unmaintained, with the users and developers frustrated… Yes, this will be better with snappy or click or whatever.. But now, you have a stable system … Continue reading

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Audit, Bargain, Close

“Powa Technologies Ltd., a mobile payments company located in the U.K., which about a year ago began moving from Oracle and IBM products to open source software. The limited migrations attempted so far have proved to be so successful that … Continue reading

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Bottomless Pits Of Exploitation

“Adobe (and I guess MS as well) put font handling in the kernel from NT 4.0 to gain speed at the expense of having privileged-based protection, and against Dave Cutler’s original micro kernel plans. What could possibly go wrong?” See Killer … Continue reading

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Put The Job-cuts Where They Belong, In Redmond

“Microsoft phoned Conservative MPs with Microsoft R&D facilities in their constituencies and said, ‘we will close them down in your constituency if this goes through’” See Microsoft faces claims it threatened MPs with job cuts in constituencies In the old days, … Continue reading

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No Ceiling For GNU/Linux On The Desktop

“as long as the Linux and open source community continue to fight among themselves, this will never happen. Without a convergent effort from the current user base, Linux will continue to hit the same ceiling that has held it down … Continue reading

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Oooh! Debian’s Loving ARM

“several Debian ARM port builder machines have been upgraded to substantially faster Marvell Armada XP based servers. Marvell has donated eight Marvell MV78460 SoC development boards using Marvell Armada 370/XP CPUs running at 1.6GHz.” One of the lovely things about … Continue reading

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The Little Woman Takes a Thin Client

Well, the Little Woman’s PC really became flaky and we looked around for alternatives: “This Tutorial describes the downgrade process you need to run to get back stable after sid upgrade.” a new PC fixing the old one a thin … Continue reading

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Slackware, Crux, Pisi, Manjaro, Devuan… Freedom-Fighters Or Luddites?

I’m not alone in disliking systemd. It’s not because systemd is an innovation. I like change and improvements of all kinds, but systemd is a power grab and I don’t like those.“Systemd is a power grab. It puts more or … Continue reading

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