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The New Tractor Goes For Its First Exercise

I finally have done all I could to the new tractor before taking it out for a trial. Today, after a trip to town, I fired it up on the driveway and tried it out. There were still a couple … Continue reading

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Some Assembly Required – The Tractor Has Arrived

My new Chinese tractor finally arrived. There was no apparent damage. I was surprised to find things not bolted down but they were packed in tight and with their weight nothing bothered them. Everything was clean and dry.

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Happy New Year!… Or Maybe Not If You’re M$

M$ sweated the ~$1K box back in the old days but managed by anticompetitive moves to squeeze OEMs.“Digitimes Research expects Lenovo’s and Asustek’s 11.6-inch Chromebooks to be priced at US$149, 25% lower than the US$199 of the C720 from Acer, … Continue reading

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Attacking Lock-in In China

Efforts to free China from M$’s tentacles are growing more organized:“commentators said one of Dell’s goals was to please Chinese authorities. In the most recent revision of China’s procurement regulations, bidders who offer laptops preinstalled with Chinese Linux-based operating systems … Continue reading

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The Good Times Roll… Unless You’re Heavily Into Wintel

For months (years?) Wintel has been up-beat about prospects for recovery, if only this or that happens. We are now into heavy replacement of XP and this is all they can do: Meanwhile, In Q2, “The global smart phone market … Continue reading

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China Seems Headed For Government-Approved FLOSS

Hmmm… After banning “8” the government of China is going after Apple’s stuff.“the list of banned Apple products include the iPad, iPad Mini, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and half a dozen other items, all of which were left off of … Continue reading

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Snakes sometimes strangle prey. Maybe dragons do too.

China is a huge emerging market in IT but there are huge stresses building between China and the outside world with IT being crucial. China has been accused of cyber-warfare and has accused the USA with the same. The NSA … Continue reading

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There are more details on the rationale for banning “8” in the Chinese government. “Microsoft would no longer open its Windows 8 source code to the Chinese government, however the security scheme of the Windows 8 operating system is designed … Continue reading

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China Officially Gets Off The Wintel Treadmill

I have long advocated that everyone get off the Wintel treadmill. “China has announced that it will forbid the use of the Windows 8 operating system (OS) in new government computers, a move to ensure computer security after the shutdown … Continue reading

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Intel Desperately Struggles To Maintain Relevance Against ARM

Intel, despite Moore’s Law advantages, and serious price-cutting, still has difficulty competing against ARM.“Intel is currently offering its dual-core Atom Z2520 for 7-inch models and Atom 3735G for 8-inch ones, while MediaTek is mainly pushing solutions such as 8382 for … Continue reading

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China Picks Sides In The OS Wars

China has really warped web-stats. Despite being a hive of technological activity it is still an emerging market and for whatever reasons clung to the use of illegal copies of XP for far too long. That’s changing slowly but surely. … Continue reading

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Preloaded GNU/Linux systems

Serdar Yegulalp of Computerworld has a nice article that surveys available suppliers of GNU/Linux PCs but then, mysteriously, fails to find the gold-mines: “Buying a preload is the costliest option, and cost-effective only in that in some cases you’re purchasing … Continue reading

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