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All In A Day’s Work

I know. I’m retired, but I still do a lot of work. TLW has me on a short leash sometimes with some nasty jobs like planting her rocks or trees. I humour her because she keeps me supplied with pots … Continue reading

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Yes, This Is The Droid For Which You’ve Been Looking

Chuckle a day after a near-disastrous storm with power-failure and rising waters, all is right with the world of IT in my home. The new Odroid-C2 intended for TLW has arrived. There were a few surprises:

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FLOSS Is The Ultimate In Software Optimization

“Many organizations can cut spending on software by as much as 30 percent by implementing three software license optimization best practices” See Gartner Says Organizations Can Cut Software Costs by 30 Percent Using Three Best PracticesGartner trumpets that folks can optimize … Continue reading

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Overoptimisim And ARM

“SoftBank chairman and CEO Masayoshi Son indicated that the acquisition is motivated by the large business potential for IoT (Internet of Things). However, Son overestimated real benefits from the acquisition and underestimated difficulties in vertical and horizontal integration of industries … Continue reading

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DisARMing News

“Japan-based SoftBank’s GBP17 per share offer price gives ARM shareholders a 43% premium on Friday’s closing share price and a 41.1% premium on the all-time high share price. SoftBank has also provided assurances it will maintain the headquarters of England-based ARM … Continue reading

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ARMed Entry

Many years ago M$ and Intel invented Wintel a software and hardware platform that made them $billions, often without having to work for it after they eliminated competition. Times have changed. With smartphones and tablets we saw new platforms emerge … Continue reading

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There’s No Time Like The Present To Buy DRAM

“DRAMeXchange, a division of TrendForce, reports DRAM prices were on a decline from October 2014 to June 2016, with the average contract price of DDR3 4GB plunging 62% from U$32.75 to US$12.5. “After being on a downtrend for almost two … Continue reading

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Adventures In SATA

Nothing much to report but I received my new SATA controller card in the post box yesterday. TLW was languishing in bed so I had an opportunity to reboot Beast III in order to install the card. The PCI-e slot … Continue reading

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Not Love

“Even forgetting all this, I still wouldn’t like Microsoft. Why? Because of our history. Like many others, I spent too many years in the trenches as a David fighting a powerful Goliath that used every weapon in its arsenal — … Continue reading

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Fleeing Slavery Gives Opportunity To ARM And GNU/Linux

“With Windows 10, Microsoft has already shown a casual disregard for its users by using various tactics to get the platform installed on as many systems as possible, regardless of whether users want it or not. For businesses, the alarm bells … Continue reading

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Forget The Free Update To Slavery. Just say “NO!” To M$.

“the new update experience — with clearer “upgrade now, schedule a time, or decline the free offer” — will start rolling out this week. Microsoft also will revert to making clicking on the Red X at the corner of the … Continue reading

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The ARM64 Race

At a recent talk SoftIron gave a talk about ARM64 versus x86 servery, it was emphasized that comparisons are often apples v oranges. Given the right race, ARM64 is competitive today, say, in storage servery. That’s because smaller cores distributed … Continue reading

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