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  • May 27 / 2009
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2009 May be the Year of Thin Clients, Too

I have already confirmed that 2009 is the year of GNU/Linux. It looks like its the year of the Thin Client, too. My dataset:

  • five of the top ten most popular whitepapers on desktop+OS on ZDnet are about thin clients
  • virtualization has reached a crescendo with thin clients being one of the major modes. India and Indonesia seem to be hotbeds.
  • while production of thin clients is only 2% of desktops, the long life makes them about 10% of PCs and the production is growing rapidly
  • IDC sees thin clients riding the wave of virtualization
  • thin clients are green
  • netbooks are forking with some OEMs trying to force more feature-bloat and higher prices but many smaller OEMs are cranking out GNU/Linux netbooks at ever lower prices. Thin clients should cost less than netbooks so the $700 thin client is on short time. If thin clients cost less they will sell faster.