Dortmund’s Servers

“The city of Dortmund, Germany’s 8th largest city, is rapidly increasing its use of Linux. From 2015 to 2016, the number of Linux servers rose by 21%, from 200 to 242.”
See Dortmund’s use of Linux servers increasing
This is interesting to me: While Dortmund uses more TOOS servers than GNU/Linux servers, they have three times as many physical GNU/Linux servers as TOOS servers… This could support the thesis that GNU/Linux servers can handle more load than TOOS (Conversely, it could suggest the opposite…). Anyway, this news doesn’t tell us much about what these servers are doing. There must be a reason for using 61% of instances TOOS, or perhaps that’s just a phase they are going through and they are shifting loads from one OS to another. Nevertheless they keep increasing numbers of TOOS instances, albeit at a lower rate than GNU/Linux. I guess you’d have to be there to know and the guys who are aren’t talking…

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Wolves Arise In Manitoba

“”It started out just with more sightings of wolves in the area,” Green said. “Then gradually we started to realize we were losing calves.”
It’s a problem that adds up in the pocketbook very quickly. Green said a steer can net $1,500 at the market.
Green believes a decline in moose and elk populations in the Interlake is forcing wolves to take bolder, riskier actions to get food. A wolf once had to be shot right in her yard. Another made its way into a calving pen, killing one calf.”
See Increasing number of wolf attacks spark concern among Manitoba cattle farmers
Yes, the wolves are coming closer. When I was a boy in the Interlake district of Manitoba, I never saw a wolf. When I was a man with a young family I saw a pair of wolves hunting the same edges I was for mice/geese. At the same time I saw fewer families living by farming. Farms got bigger and people commuted to the cities for gainful employment. Much of the land is marginal farmland. It’s good for cattle and not much else. Too rocky. However, wolves love all the edges farming creates. That’s where grouse, mice, and hares and deer abound but when there isn’t enough food gotten the hard way, wolves will pick off isolated/weak/young cattle.

We can’t turn back the clock to the time when families could live off a quarter section of land. We can’t increase the population trimming back the wolves. That leaves hunters/trappers. Fur is out of fashion. That leaves hunters. Manitoba should issue proper wolf-hunting licences for hunters and provide statistics/maps where the numbers are high. Then coordinate with farmers with some kind of permission to hunt protocol based on mutual respect and rules for hunting in proximity to farms/dwellings/livestock. It may even require permission to hunt at night. Wolves work 24×7… At the moment Manitoba permits big game hunters to shoot one wolf. That’s apparently not enough. This is the 21st century. Use technology to point farmers and hunters in the right direction. While they’re at it, they should publish those other game stats that they hide away each year…

The present regime requires hunters to gain permission from individual farmers/landowners. Remove that barrier in a robust manner. The wolves don’t stay between the lines. Restricting hunters severely doesn’t work.

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The End-Times Of Trumpism?

“The point is clear: Invincibility is an illusion constructed by false assurances. Puncture the fantasy, expose the mortal, and the dispirited faithful will destroy the false deity.
Last week, the House Freedom Caucus made the fabricated God of Chaos bleed.
Trump was a weak president further weakened. He was already unpopular on a historic scale. He was already being proven to be a complete liar and hypocrite. He was already being exposed as a blustery failure.
But the one thing that he could hold on to was the long-maintained mirage of personal success and deal-making. He was the master of tough with the Midas touch.”
See The King of Crash and Burn
I came across this essay by Charles Blow in NY Times. It resonated with me for two reasons:

  1. It’s right on. The Emperor has no clothes, and
  2. He calls the unwavering belief that Trump can solve USA’s problems, Trumpism.

I don’t know whether this is the beginning of the end of Trumpism but I do believe USA will soon tire of Trumpism and be impatient for its end by impeachment for manufacturing many high crimes and misdemeanours rather than wait for the next election. Heck, I can see the FBI swoop in and arrest Trump, accompanied by a cabal of Pence and leaders of Congress trying to put the pieces back together. Something needs to be done before Trump “pushes the button” or other such disaster. There’s even the possibility of an attempted armed coup by the dregs of Trumpism. There are millions of believers, many of them thinking wild thoughts. Lets hope Trump goes out with a whimper rather than a “BANG”.

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Wishful Thinking Of Non-Free Software Makers

“Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, sent out a note this past week arguing that companies that “don’t jump on the open source bandwagon” risk being “left behind.” SAS’s PR team, by contrast, put out a report offering helpful guidelines: Make sure your software portfolio contains no more than 40 percent open source or face potential exposure to all sorts of security, cost, and other problems.”
See SAS, Canonical turn silly over open source
Chuckle. While Canonical does not ship much non-Free software, they seem to think like SAS when it comes to persuasion… Both want the world to take their suggestions about the ratio of FLOSS to non-FLOSS software in use.

Meanwhile, the world has moved on choosing what works best in many cases. For me, the decision was made nearly two decades ago. I use FLOSS everywhere unless there’s a compelling reason. Take Flash videos on the web… Damned Adobe persuaded too many websites to use FLASH for just about everything it can be used to do. Even today, Electra Meccanica’s website makes it very difficult to browse remotely from my living room through my server. There’s so much singing and dancing, the local machine can’t redraw the screen often enough to keep out of deadlock. JavaScript madness continues too.

Regardless of my personal problems with non-Free software, the world has largely accepted FLOSS to SAS’s chagrin. I guess Canonical should be glad except they barely mention “Linux” on their site. What’s with that? They are like some purveyors of non-Free software that talk about the benefits of their products without even mentioning what the software actually does as if that’s best kept secret…

e.g. Adobe sells a bunch of products that some folks feel are so essential they will pay money each month to keep that happening when in my whole life I’ve only used one of their products once with no end of frustration and dissatisfaction. I do manage to store, manage, edit a bunch of graphics/video without using their products, just FLOSS. I use Gimp, ImageMagick, Gallery, GNUmeric, CUPS etc. all running on Debian GNU/Linux operating system on desktop and server. I get the full benefit of using my own data with no monthly tax. I have better use for my money like buying welding rods for my next project or stocking up the pantry, or buying an electric car. No, I use FLOSS everywhere I can. You should too because it works for you not some corporation wanting to enslave you. After all, that’s the purpose of computerized information technology, getting more done with less.

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Solo EV At Chengdu

The Chinese partner of Electra Meccanica appears to take a look at a real Solo operating in Chengdu China in this YouTube Video. Enjoy. The Good stuff starts 25s in…

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Solo EV In Real Life

Much of the expectation of the Solo and other electric vehicles is complete replacement of the gas-guzzlers. That’s not likely to happen soon as there’s still a need for heavier vehicles to haul freight. I expect many families will do what TLW and I are doing, supplementing an SUV with a Solo EV. It makes sense. There are two of us and sometimes we both want to be mobile. Besides, she does haul grand kids around as well as groceries, water jugs, and even furniture.

While the Solo is very practical, it’s also fun to drive

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Trump: Liar, Loser, Not A Leader

The debacle of Trump and Ryan being unable to pass their “sicknesscare” bill through a Congress that the GOP controls is diagnostic.

  • Trump, the GOP and Ryan all harped for years that a high priority was to repeal and replace ObamaCare with a new improved law. When they had the opportunity they did almost nothing to accomplish that. Obama took years to promote his law and took over a year of negotiation to bring it to fruition. You can argue about the result but Obama delivered on his promise. Trump lied, bigtime.
  • Trump is like Hitler, telling the Germans they were winners and could not lose to inferior opposition. Trump could not even win with essentially no opposition in Congress. All he had to do was scrape together 216 representatives who would support the bill. He did nothing to accomplish that, driving wedges in all over the place rather than persuading people to join in the effort. He lost and worse, he caused USA and all those poor dispossessed people, he claimed to represent, to lose too.
  • The objective was clear. All he had to do was choose the right path up the mountain. He did not. He chose a route three different factions of the GOP could not accept. It’s very likely that no bill would have pleased 216 republicans. Why didn’t he get the democrats involved? It’s a lot easier to find 216 supporters in 435 representatives than 247 GOPs. He could have developed a single-payer system like Canada has and get all the Dems and the moderate GOPs to support it solving all the problems. He didn’t even get the people informed and supportive of the bill. He couldn’t because the bill was not in the people’s best interest and he knew it. He was not only not a leader but he was a betrayer of the people who elected him, like older white folks whose premiums would have skyrocketed with the passage of this law. The maths would have been simple. Add up all the costs of healthcare, compare it to the revenues of all those damned insurance companies that have been ripping people off for decades, and just deliver on the promises made. Doctors, nurses, technicians and hospitals all get paid and everyone is covered. Done. So easy. Taxes go up a bit but premiums disappear for a net savings to the economy. Let the extremists in the GOP complain. The citizens will love it.

On top of all the other lies, mistakes and bungles Trump will make in the next few years this will lay the groundwork for impeachment just to get him out of the way. I’d bet a majority of the Congress would go for that sooner or later.


There has been some good coverage in media in the last day. See, for instance, “Trump: ‘We Learned a Lot’ From Health Care Debacle

I think a lot of USAians learned a lot from it too. Obamacare is not as bad as Trump proclaimed and it’s fixable. Millions have seen the benefits and the approval rating of Obamacare is actually above water. USAians will demand it’s repeal and replacement with something better not something dredged up from the swamp. Meanwhile Trump will be lucky to survive the scandals that are emerging like Trump having hired a traitor as security advisor, a guy who was in the pay of the Turks and who may have plotted to abduct a political opponent of Erdogan. USA should have extremely vetted Trump…

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Climate Meltdown

“This report confirms that the year 2016 was the warmest on record – a remarkable 1.1 °C above the pre-industrial period, which is 0.06 °C above the previous record set in 2015. This increase in global temperature is consistent with other changes occurring in the climate system”

“Globally averaged sea surface temperatures were also the warmest on record, global sea levels continued to rise, and Arctic sea-ice extent was well below average for most of the year”

“With levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere consistently breaking new records, the influence of human activities on the climate system has become more and more evident”
See Climate breaks multiple records in 2016, with global impacts.
While Earth’s environment is melting down, Trumpists continue denial of the facts and encourage profligate burning of fossil fuels instead of using renewable energy. SAD!

Have you shopped for your EV yet? What’s holding you back? See The Norwegian EV success continues.

“Norway is leading the way for the transition to zero emission electric cars. In 2015, electric vehicles had a
22% market share in Norway. This is due to a substantial package of incentives developed to promote zero emission cars.

While the Norwegian EV market share is stabilizing on 20 % most other countries hold around 1 % market share. This implies that the Norwegian EV market is approximately 5 years ahead most other countries. This makes the Norwegian market an interesting and beneficial case for other countries.”

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It’s Official. The New Red Solo EV Is Awesome!

Beautiful machine with a lady driving. All they need to do now is start shipping them to consumers. I’m ready.

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CNN’s Fear and Greed Index has dived down to 36, a level not seen since the turbulent days of the recent USAian election. The lowest at the depths of the recession/depression was 20. How low will it go? Judging by the recent performance in Congress, Trumpism is shaky indeed, all words and no action. Heck, there’s a criminal investigation going on that’s too big to hide. That kills optimism and everyone knows they’ve over-bought the KoolAid™ Trump was asking the world to drink.

See Fear & Greed Index – Investor Sentiment

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Traitor Trump

“US President Donald Trump’s one-time campaign chairman secretly worked for a Russian billionaire to assist President Vladimir Putin, the Associated Press (AP) news agency reports.
Paul Manafort is said to have proposed a strategy to nullify anti-Russian opposition across former Soviet republics a decade ago.”
See Trump ex-aide Paul Manafort ‘offered to help Putin’
Extreme vetting? Yep. That’s what Trump wants yet he hired a traitor who helped Putin take over Eastern Europe when USA was sworn to come to the aid of NATO countries if attacked. It’s hard to believe Trump hadn’t checked out Manafort. So he knew what Manafort was up to and was an ally with Putin when he said all those sweet things about Putin. The Trump administration is a pack of traitors to USA, lying, cheating, destabilizing behind enemy lines.

Impeach these bastards, the sooner the better! In the process eliminate the nepotism, self-serving and profiteering that goes with them. Drain the new swamp.

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Planting Seed

About now, it’s two months until serious planting occurs in my garden. To prepare for that invasion of aliens, I began to plant seed indoors:

  • 1000 onions
  • 50 tomatoes
  • 25 hot peppers
  • 25 hotter peppers
  • 25 petunias

I have ~40K marigold seeds, too many to start indoors but I may plant a tray or two to give prominent areas like the doorstep and patio a head-start.

I’m going to try some desperate measures to try to save the hare-damaged trees in the yard. I’m going to take cuttings from what survived and try bud and stick grafting. I’ve not done that successfully before but the apricot and the dwarf apple were doing very well. I expected them to fruit this year or next. I want to give them an optimal chance to survive. This guy did “bridge grafting” to help a young tree survive girdling.

I will buy some chicken wire and protect the young trees this year. I’ve lived here 8 years and this is the first year I’ve seen this kind of damage in the yard. I guess no good deed (planting fruit-trees) goes unpunished.

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