Wheels Within Wheels In EVs

“There are 180 LEAFs in the carsharing program and 20 Nissan e-NV200 electric vans, last I heard. If you look at electric carsharing programs globally, that’s surely a rather large program relative to the population — that’s even a fairly large program in absolute terms.
As you can expect, the program is easy to use. You get an app, find a car near you, go over to it, unlock it, and it’s yours till you’re done. The company managing the program makes sure the cars are charged each night to try to help drivers not have to worry about that.”
See Wroclaw’s Electric Carsharing Program Passes 30,000 Users
The efficiency, reliability and low maintenance costs of EVs appeal to businesses and inspires new kinds of businesses providing service in the form of transportation in urban areas. The successful use of Nissan Leaf and other EVs this way in Poland is a fine example of what can be done. This model is sure to be copied and envied around the world.

What’s holding you back? Drive electrically! I’ve doing that with an hybrid for the last decade and I expect to shed the internal combustion engine for my personal transportation this winter when my new Solo EV should be delivered. It’s all good.

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Road to Zero Strategy In UK

“As set out in the NO2 plan, we will end the sale of new conventional petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2040. By then, we expect the majority of new cars and vans sold to be 100% zero emission and all new cars and vans to have significant zero emission capability. By 2050 we want almost every car and van to be zero emission.”
See The Road to Zero – Next steps towards cleaner road transport and delivering our Industrial Strategy
England was a leader in The Industrial Revolution replacing bio-powered systems with machines and heat-engines. Electrification was a byproduct that failed later to increase efficiency in transport because the battery and motor technology of the time lacked efficient conversion and capacity due to the lack of electronics and high-density/low weight batteries. That’s all changed now and UK is ready to move ahead.

Fine words are easy to produce but reading the details in TFA leads me to believe this has been carefully thought out. All the steps listed are logical, possible and should be quite effective. Banning and taxing the evil infernal combustion engine will certainly promote EVs. That’s the “stick”. The “carrots” are everywhere: lamp-posts with built-in charging stations, subsidies for a few years to come, and advertising and educational campaigns. I like it. It’s all good.

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Send Rain!

I took advantage of a cool and cloudy day to mow the lawn. The mower just about fell into some of the cracks. While waiting for the mower to cool for refuelling I walked around a bit and found my raised bed of rhubarb totally dry. The poor dears were wilting. I put the hose in a long time to fix that, watering heavily each plant and leaving the hose in place while I walked back to the valve. I’ll hit it again tomorrow if they don’t perk up. I watered several trees near the neglected foot of the garden.

“Thu, 19 Jul Cloudy with 60 percent chance of showers. High 26.
Night Cloudy with 60 percent chance of showers. Low 15.”
There is 60% chance of rain on Thursday. If it’s not enough, I will have to water the whole damned yard… We’ve had a bit of rain but apparently it wasn’t enough to make up our deficit.

On the other hand my poor beans are actually bearing fruit and the grapes are doing well. They’ve grown deep enough roots it seems. Just a bit more rain and we’ll be fine.

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Another Day, More Knowledge

I went out to a gravel pit today to shoot some .45-70 rounds. I found that Berry’s 350 RSFP copper-plated bullets do lose accuracy at higher velocity. 19 grains of Unique seems to shoot pretty well, about minute-of-shake. 37 grains of IMR 4227 is much more robust but the groups opens up considerably. If expansion testing works at ~100 yards, it could be used for deer close-in. 41 grains of H4198 was all over the paper, literally. It worked reasonably well in cool weather. I expect something like 40 grains will be the go-to charge for hunting at close range.

I was very disappointed that groups were so poor at such low velocity from a Marlin 1895 with 22 inch barrel. I guess I will spring for some 300 JHP for serious deer-hunting at high velocity. Yes, recoil may be the limiting factor. I was wincing quite a bit today. It hurt, and I only fired about 13 rounds. This is not a target-shooter’s rig.

One other bit of knowledge is how to load the magazine through the gate. I kept finding the rounds hanging up or having difficulty getting the gate to close. I settled on a technique of loading from a seated position with the rifle across my lap. Then I had two fingers free, one to push the round in and the other to press down on the round on top of the gate. It worked very well and smoothly. I guess my fingers are a bit to weak to do it with one hand. The gate has a very strong spring.

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Tesla Vindicates My Plan To Drive Solo Slower

“ABRP’s database currently includes 805 Teslas, which have logged some 2.6 million data points to date, representing about 217,000 miles of driving. Data guru Bo has crunched the numbers to generate some interesting charts that correlate range with speed and temperature.”
See Tesla Range Plotted Relative To Speed & Temperature (Graphs)
Based mostly on Nissan Leaf data, I’ve long held that driving my Solo at about 70km/h on the highway would give me longer range than the specification, 161km/100miles. Real world data from hundreds of Teslas confirms my belief. If two of the very most common aerodynamic EVs have this characteristic, why would Solo be any different? The data for Teslas indicate 35-40 mph/56-64 km/h gives optimal range. Solo is way more efficient because of smaller size/weight but the air is the same for all…

It’s too bad Electra Meccanica does not publish data for Solo…

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Trump, Destroyer Of All That Is Good In USA

“The Trump Administration is planning to eliminate a vast trove of medical guidelines that for nearly 20 years has been a critical resource for doctors, researchers and others in the medical community.
Maintained by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality [AHRQ], part of the Department of Health and Human Services, the database is known as the National Guideline Clearinghouse [NGC], and it’s scheduled to “go dark,” in the words of an official there, on July 16.”
See HHS Plans to Delete 20 Years of Critical Medical Guidelines Next Week
There’s no law against being stupid, ignorant and arrogant but there should be if you run the government. There’s no reason to destroy decades worth of medical knowledge just because you can. There are laws against destroying governmental records, why not databases so vital to the health of the nation?

Instead of deleting this database, USAians should delete Trump, Trumpism and as much of the GOP as supported this dementia, sooner rather than later.

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Charging EVs Strategically

“In the Netherlands and elsewhere, two rollout strategies have been used: demand-driven and strategic rollout.
In demand-driven rollout, the installation of a charging point is based upon a request by an EV owner for a charging point near their home or office. In strategic rollout, the local government places charging points near strategic locations such as shopping areas and tourist attractions.
The study found that strategic charging points are used more during the daytime, by more unique users and with shorter connection times, whereas demand-driven chargers are used more by residential users, with longer connection times and higher charging volumes.
The research shows that a demand-driven approach is effective in the early adoption phase, whereas strategic rollout becomes more important as user numbers grow.”
See New Dutch study recommends optimal EVSE rollout strategy
Strategy! That’s what we need to get more EVs rolling. One barrier to adoption is lacking numbers and locations of public EV charging stations. Obviously, placing them where folks need them might make EVs more desirable. The cars are being produced by the millions. It’s time to crank out thousands of charging stations. I could suggest a few locations:

  • Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, which is along the Trans Canada Highway between Winnipeg and Brandon. Lack of a station here could prevent adoption of EVs with shorter ranges like the Solo. It’s a city of 13K people.
  • Teulon, Manitoba, which is just an hour’s drive north of the TCH, well within range of Solo from Winnipeg and close to hunting, fishing, and gathering as well as many small businesses. Many commuters come in to Winnipeg along Highway 7 from the Interlake region.
  • Pilot Mound, Manitoba, where I visit relatives. There is an hotel with a charging station 50 miles east. That’s far enough for a small EV like Solo. From Pilot Mound, I could reach the International Peace Garden, 80 miles west. It has a charging station but it costs $20 to enter the park… It’s a great place to visit. Of course, I might reach that easily with a 200km round-trip from Brandon.
  • Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba, near the mighty Winnipeg River and Whiteshell Provincial Park. There is a station 30 miles north at Powerview, MB. Why not Lac du Bonnet? Having a few stations in a popular tourism and commuting area makes sense.

Slowly, but surely, we should fill in the pins on the maps of charging stations as we increase the numbers of EVs in Manitoba, Canada, and the world.

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“The Conspirators, posing as Guccifer 2.0, also communicated with U.S. persons about the release of stolen documents. On or about August 15, 2016, the Conspirators, posing as Guccifer 2.0, wrote to a person who was in regular contact with senior members of the presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump, “thank u for writing back… do u find anyt[h]ing interesting in the docs i posted?”” On or about August 17, 2016, the Conspirators added, “please tell me if i can help u anyhow … it would be a great pleasure to me.” On or about September 9, 2016, the Conspirators, again posing as Gucceifer 2.0, referred to a stolen DCCC document posted online and asked the person, “what do u think of the info on the turnout model for the democrats entire presidential campaign.” The person responded, “”[p]retty standard.”
See The Indictment Of Russian Hackers
Trump likes to parrot, “There’s no collusion” endlessly. It’s getting tired. The latest indictment reveals the details of Russian hacking efforts and efforts to collude with Trump’s campaign. Everyone was willing to collude. Everyone was willing to trade in stolen documents. Everyone was willing to have Hillary et al’s computers hacked. There were crimes, lots of them. There were criminals, some in Trump’s campaign. It’s no witch-hunt, the investigation of the Spcial Counsel.

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Electra Meccanica Completes First Production SOLO

“Electra Meccanica Vehicles Corp., a cutting-edge designer and manufacturer of electric vehicles, today announced that its single-passenger, all-electric SOLO rolled off the assembly line and has arrived in Vancouver, British Columbia. The new vehicle will now undergo rigorous consumer testing and verification in anticipation of commencing commercial manufacturing in September 2018 with the goal of delivering 5,000 SOLOs by September 2019”
See Electra Meccanica Completes First Production SOLO
This is so cool. We’ve been waiting forever for EMV to get its act together and mass-produce the Solo. Now, we are weeks away from mass-deliveries in USA and Canada. The first production Solo is RED, too, the colour I chose for my little bug. Besides commercial production and distribution, my Solo has to await Canadian safety certification which is in the works and assured by testing already done. The Solo can’t come too soon for me. My present gas-guzzler is booked for more repairs today…

There’s no word in the release where the vehicle was assembled but it does say “arrived in Vancouver” suggesting it’s from China. If the Chinese can produce one they can produce thousands, just what the world needs to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

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“The text sent to me matches both those reports — indeed, it makes it clear that “shortly after the election” means just over 14 hours after polls closed. But the text doesn’t come from anyone, like Kushner or Flynn, inside the Trump team. It comes from someone who, I believe, had already done real damage to the United States as part of the Russian attack. That person understood the cooperation with Syria in terms of the US backing Bashar al-Assad, not in terms of fighting ISIS.”
See Putting a Face (Mine) to the Risks Posed by GOP Games on Mueller Investigation
Trump has repeated a gazillion times that “there’s no collusion”, which pretty much assures us that there was collusion between Trump and Putin. Now we have firm evidence of that. Trump told Flynn to reward Putin hours after the polls closed in the election. Why would that be Trump’s number one priority? Paying back Putin for putting a thumb on the scales of the election.

Come on Mueller, bring forth the indictments of Trump and all his henchmen as soon as possible. Justice can’t wait much longer before USA becomes the next domino in Putin’s global expansion. We need results before the mid-term election or Trump will have a chance to complete what he started in the election of 2016, tyranny in USA. It would also help if Congress had the plain truth on their plate before confirming a yes-man on SCOTUS.

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The End Of An Era

“Greyhound Canada is ending its passenger bus and freight services in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and cancelling all but one route in B.C.”
See Greyhound Canada to end bus service in Western provinces
I haven’t been a steady customer of Greyhound but I’ve taken dozens of trips over my lifetime. Sometimes the bus is just the best way to get there. The last trip I considered was to Vancouver to take a test-drive of my new Solo EV while waiting for delivery. The bus was going to cost more than my wife just spent on air-transportation for a weekend wedding near Toronto. Airlines and governments are always tweaking costs and technologies to optimize air-travel but buses? Nope. They can go obsolete. Meanwhile many small communities along the major highways in western Canada will lose a major carrier.

The longest bus-trip I ever took was to Yellowknife, NT, to go teach up there. It was amazing with many beautiful scenes along the way and even bison crossing the roads up there. I travelled with live turtles, discovering too late that they weren’t allowed in the luggage…

Anyway, with governments considering EVs to revolutionize transportation, someone should have given thought to keeping buses around for intercity transportation so that shorter range EVs make sense. It’s stupid to require an EV to have the same range as most infernal combustion engined vehicles so that they cost an arm and a leg for huge batteries, empty seats and larger air and rolling resistance. Buses make sense whether diesel or electric if you look at the big picture. Airplanes certainly don’t. Think of the CO2 per passenger-km, for pity’s sake. A diesel bus fully occupied uses 17 g CO2 per passenger-km. A gasoline-guzzler with only a driver takes 153… Keep the damned diesel buses!

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China Rethinking Subsidies For EVs?

“sources say the new plan under consideration would require vehicles to have at least 125 miles of battery-only range to qualify for any incentives from the national government. The current standard is only 90 miles. In February, the government lowered the amount of incentives for cars with less than 180 miles while raising subsidies for cars with more than 240 miles of range to a maximum of $7,560 — a figure that is oddly similar to the federal tax credit available in the United States.”
See China Rethinking EV Incentives To Promote New Technology Solutions
Promotion of longer-range EVs by governments seems misplaced. Most of us live in/near cities and don’t need more than ~50 miles of range from our EVs routinely. The longer range is only needed for longer/rarer trips.

Electra Meccanica Vehicles has bet on meeting the needs of commuters with the Solo which could miss out on subsidies for longer ranges. The greatest need for EVs is in/near cities so I hope China figures out what it wants in terms of range. If urban mass-transit is inadequate and personal vehicles are necessary, EVs with just enough range make a lot of sense. Why not promote them? Larger/heavier/more expensive EVs are not the solution to our problems and may add to them. What’s the point of driving empty seats and huge batteries around town? If anyone is going to rejig subsidies for EVs they should subsidize efficiency, km/kWh per car or per person. Solo is a winner for one person and competitive for two people driving two Solos. That 16.1 kWh battery, now increased to 20kWh, gets 100 miles and more. Who doesn’t want that?

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