Bore-sighting The Buffalo Classic

With the help of a table and some cushions I set up the Buffalo Classic for bore-sighting. I picked a spot on the wall at the other end of the rec-room and aligned the bore. Then I adjusted the Williams WGRS peep sight to a point about 1.6 inches below the spot. That gives me about 16 MOA elevation, about right for a 200 yard zero with Berry’s 350 grain RSFP bullets at 1700 ft/s, what I will use for plinking and close-in hunting. I verified the rough setting by picking an aiming point 100 yards away and checking the sight-picture. It’s looking good. Now all I need to do is clean up the manufacturer’s rust-protection, get some ammunition and plink. I’ll probably weight the butt with a few pounds of lead too, in case I use those awesome 300JHP’s at full throttle (~2500 ft/s)…

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Feast And Famine In Politics

“By deepening the national debt at a time when the economy doesn’t need help, the tax overhaul threatens to leave Congress with less wiggle room to respond when recovery from the Great Recession eventually dies.
Normally, presidents ask Congress to borrow vast sums of money to pay for tax cuts when the economy needs to be rescued from trouble. But President Trump is on the verge of enacting a $1.5 trillion tax plan with an economy enjoying its best growth in three years. “
See Tax cuts could make it harder to fight the next recession

Bible (Genesis chapter 41 verses 34-36): “Let Pharaoh do this, and let him appoint officers over the land, and take up the fifth part of the land of Egypt in the seven plenteous years.
And let them gather all the food of those good years that come, and lay up corn under the hand of Pharaoh, and let them keep food in the cities.
And that food shall be for store to the land against the seven years of famine, which shall be in the land of Egypt; that the land perish not through the famine.”

We know what happened when Pharaoh took the Lord’s advice and put away resources in the good years. What will happen when Trump ignores that and cuts taxes for the rich in the good years and has nothing but wailing and gnashing of teeth for the poor in the bad years, eh?

Trump is always bragging about how the economy is rebounding (Obama’s work) and completely ignores history and the possibility of another downturn. The GOP and all of Trump’s sycophants will reap what they sow, bitter tears and a burgeoning national debt to be repaid by our grandchildren. Pity the poor folk who will not survive.

There is a solution, however. Get rid of Trump. Impeach him. Vote out the GOP. Restore sanity to government in USA. Make the Senate once again the chamber for sober second thought instead of the charge of the lemmings.

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Care And Feeding Of My New Buffalo Classic

I love muzzle-loading except for having to force down the bore tightly patched balls and cleaning the mess of black powder afterwards. In contrast, my new Buffalo Classic is a breech-loading cartridge rifle. All I need are the right combinations of bullet, powder, primer, case and tools to assemble the rounds…

I’ve worked that out many times. The BC is no different. In this calibre, one has a flexible range of loads available with smokeless powder and black can be used as well. Since I’m not hunting T-Rex or shooting 1000 yards, I don’t need 500 grain bullets. The lighter 300 grain bullets will do just fine. I like the specs of Hornady’s 300 grain jacketed hollow point. It can withstand 2500 ft/s muzzle velocity, certainly the upper limit of the recoil I can stand. At 2200 ft/s I can zero for 200 yards and stay well within the vital zone of a deer with ample energy remaining. At 2500 ft/s, 250 yards, about the limit of my ability to hit a deer off-hand, is equally feasible. So, I think a near-maximum load behind a 300 grain JHP will be my “open country” round. When I’m guarding a smaller space or stalking, I can use just about any bullet loaded down to ~1500 ft/s, with a trajectory much like a .22 rimfire but way more lethal. I can even use cast bullets for that close-in work. It may be feasible to purchase them instead of making my own because buying in bulk is economical.

For propellant there are many choices ranging from Unique for plinking cast bullets, to H4198, IMR4064, H322, IMR3031 etc. to really drive bullets all the way down that 32 inch barrel. The action is strong enough to hold any of the hot loads out there but there’s no need to punish me or the action to get to 2500 ft/s or a bit lower. Most of the published loads are for 22 to 26 inch barrels and the 32 inch barrel with a slower powder will get ~20 ft/s per extra inch, ~120 to 200 ft/s more with the same load or what I need with a lighter load. H4198 is very popular in 22 inch barrels but I expect H322 or IMR4064 will do better in the longer barrel. It will be fun to confirm this because it’s 11 months to the next deer-season.

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Mueller Socks It To Trump

The news of the day, besides the wallowing tax bill in the Senate of the USA, is that Michael Flint has made a deal with Mueller and that he was doing all this Russian work for the campaign. Chuckle. Now, Trump is trying to back the bus up over Flint saying Flint was acting on his own… Oh, yes. I have a bridge I’d like to sell too…

Flint knew well enough not to lie to the FBI. Why did he do it? Was he thinking to protect Trump? I guess the $#!!!@# is about to hit the fan. The lid is off the smelly can of worms that is at the heart of the Trump organization: business, campaign and administration. I think this can go as far as proving Trump was a Manchurian Candidate working for the Russians from the beginning. Perhaps Trump fancies himself as a Russian oligarch. Perhaps the Russians have some fatal leverage on him. Whatever the mechanism I think it will be proven that Trump is a traitor. He certainly has worked hard to destroy the GOP, the US government, and the US constitution all the while enriching himself. I hope his crazy tax plan is aborted before it does too much damage.

How many people will Trump have to throw under the bus until the rest realize they might be next? How soon will Trump’s administration become a lame duck? I’d say by summer. I can see Ivanka and Kushner leaving ASAP. Tillerson might not be able to run as fast as those two. Kelly is not as stupid as he sounds. Who will lead the charge to get away from the Trump volcano? Maybe it will be Trump himself after a few eggnogs laced with something. Maybe he will decide on his own that he’s done enough damage to please his Russian master.

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The Most Efficient EV On Earth

“Tesla’s Model 3, the most important car to come out in decades, has a confirmed range of 310 miles, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. That figure applies to the long-range version of the Model 3, and echoes the vehicle specs released by Tesla back in July. It also makes the Model 3 one of the most efficient passenger electric vehicles on the market.”
See Tesla’s Model 3 has a range of 310 miles, EPA confirms
Just a minute here. Tesla 3 certainly can haul a family of 3 around quite efficiently but suppose there’s just one guy driving alone to work…

The typical commuter is driving less than an hour to and from work. More range in the car may be a big waste. Look at the numbers:
Tesla Model 3 uses 75kWh to go 310 miles, 4.13 miles/kWh.
My preference, the Solo EV, uses 16kWh to go 100 miles, 6.25 miles/kWh.

It seems to me that Solo EV is the winner on efficiency.

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Ten Inches

Ten inches is not a lot, but it is one of the key selling points for the H&R Buffalo Classic rifle, for me. See what ten inches can do. I searched “ “buffalo classic” 4198 powderid” and came up with this gem:
“LoadID 3411
Bullet barnes original semi spitzer
Bullet Weight 300 grs
Powder imr 4198
Powder Weight 55 grs
Primer winchester large rifle
Brass Make hornady
Barrel Length 32 (inches)
C.O.L 2.55 (inches)
Velocity 2480 fps
Group 100 yds .6 (inches)
Submitted By Joshua Casto
Gun Info H&r Buffalo Classic
Comment for single shot rifles only. Ballistic calculator shows 4097 lbft at muzzle and 1987 lbft at 300 yards”

Compare that result with what one gets from a 22 inch barrel of the Marlin 1895, a more expensive lever-action rifle, 2250 ft/s. There are benefits to putting more money into a barrel and less into a complex action. I certainly don’t need that much power for deer but the Buffalo Classic will give me more power for a given charge of powder and I like that. I’m thinking to make up cast-bullet loads at ~1800 ft/s for the bush and something around 2200 ft/s with the 300 JHPs out in the open, after adding some mass to the butt of the rifle… Those JHPs disintegrate at high velocities on game but at longer ranges they work very well.

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The Last Rifle For Deer

Specs: 300 grain @2000 ft/s extra 2 pounds added to butt of Buffalo Classic rifle
Chart generated by
It’s been ages since I purchased a rifle for deer. That’s because I have access to several reliable tools. However, my mind is still agile and I’ve been thinking of one last rifle…

Almost all of the ammunition I fire is reloaded. That used to be a great way to cut the cost of shooting by a factor of 2 or 3 per shot. That’s getting to be more difficult. Hodgdon has bought up most of the North American propellant manufacturers so there’s no price competition. Prices were as high as $50 CDN per pound this year. They’ve fallen a bit. Some suitable powders for deer rifles are as little as $25 CDN per pound now. Essentially there’s temporarily competition between Hodgdon and Hodgdon to keep the powder moving…. It’s a Trump thing. Shooters in USA seem to think he’s on their side… Then there are bullets and primers at three times the price I’d like to pay.

The solution I’m considering is to switch to cast lead bullets out of a .45-70. Lead is not as cheap and plentiful as it once was but even wheel-weights can work on deer in this calibre. A 300 grain cast lead bullet can easily be driven to 2000 ft/s out of a long barrel to do the job to 200 yards. I could even use black powder to get useful loads to 150 yards or so. That’s good enough for deer.

Then there’s a rifle. I don’t have one in .45-70. I do have access to a muzzle-loader but it’s a pain to clean. 12 gauge slugs from a shotgun will work to 100 yards nicely but that is a bit short for half the deer I see. A cartridge rifle that can use either smokeless or black to good purpose is very flexible. What .45-70 rifles are inexpensive these days? Marlin 1895 can run $800 CDN. It’s a sweet rifle. H&R Handi Rifle run $400 CDN but then there’s the H&R Buffalo Classic with 32 inch barrel and globe front sight and aperture rear sight at $650CDN… Oh my. I feel love! Are a longer barrel and aperture sights worth an extra $250? Yes!

So, I have choices and all winter to think about it. I know the longer barrel of the Buffalo Classic can deliver ~250 ft/s extra muzzle velocity with slower powders. Hodgdon lists several starting loads that exceed 2000 ft/s out of 24 inch barrels… I know that longer sight radius will help my old eyes sharpen on a target. I know that decent aperture sights can work wonders on a big black bull’s eye at 200m. I can make the recoil much more comfortable by adding 2 pounds to the butt of the Buffalo Classic… You know how I’m leaning… 😉

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Elizabeth Warren Socks It To Trump

“The Dodd-Frank Act is clear: if there is a @CFPB Director vacancy, the Deputy Director becomes Acting Director. @realDonaldTrump can’t override that.”
See Confusion as Trump and outgoing director pick leaders for consumer agency
Chuckle. The director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau resigned. The outgoing director named a woman as deputy director to be acting director. Trump then named an acting director. Once again Trump demonstrates his “reality” is inconsistent with law. Expect childish angry tweets during yet another golfing weekend followed by legal suits with appeals to SCOTUS.

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Deer Chuckle. So do we.

Had a great day hunting today. The only downside was meeting some “road-warriors” hunting illegally from a truck.

The weather was very good, not too cold and very light wind blowing from the deer to us. Eventually, a deer walked out and said, “Gimme!”. Unfortunately, it was a “bucks-only” season and I could not see any antlers against a poplar background in dim light. After a minute or so the deer trotted off stage to my right. At the last second, I saw small antlers against a background of spruce. If I had tracked the deer I might have had a shot. It turned out my partner also saw the deer and did see the antlers earlier. He jumped up and said, “It’s a buck!”, but I had my hat down over my ears and ear-plugs in and I heard nothing… We laughed later… For a while I was thinking I had failed but it turned out the reason the deer trotted off was the antics of my partner behind me. I was steady and calm as a rock. Chuckle…

An hour later another deer appeared in my partner’s face. He identified it as a doe but he saw another deer hanging back in the bush. As luck would have it my feet felt cold and I took that very instant to flex my calves to encourage circulation. The deer bolted… Chuckle…

We saw all this on the 360-degree camera my partner had set up. I was pleased to see me sitting like a rock for the whole time except the exciting parts and meanwhile he was twitching like a guy who drinks way too much coffee. I felt better after seeing the instant replay. My eyes may be older but I know how to ambush deer.

So we have one more deer in the freezer and will let the rest go. It’s clear the repeated bucks-only seasons have greatly increased the number of encounters at our favourite hunting spot. Surely the good life is continuing.

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Turkey Is One Of My Favourite Foods

“For decades, poultry breeders have transformed the genomes of turkeys, creating ever larger birds.”
See Turkeys Are Twice as Big as They Were in 1960
OK, I will eat just about anything that’s nutritious but I give extra points to stuff that’s easy to chew and that’s flavourful. I remember as a kid hating most meat because it tired me out chewing tough old cattle and pigs. That left wieners, sausages, hamburgers, chickens, fish and turkeys. Of course I ate what Mama put on my plate, or else I didn’t get dessert…

I keep reading about huge turkeys and greater efficiency of food to meat conversion but the most popular size of turkey in grocery stores is about 7kg, what most families can devour in a few days. Many ovens and roasting pans in homes can’t handle a turkey much bigger than 10kg. Those monsters must be going to restaurants and turkey-roll factories.

Nevertheless, this is good news for me. It likely means that turkey will be competitively priced as long as I shall live. My dream is having a large enough freezer to buy 12 turkeys when the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years loss-leaders are plentiful. With my Solo EV, I will be able to visit many groceries and stock up. I figure with 12 turkeys in the freezer I can have turkey soup and sandwiches almost every day for every month. I’d be raising turkeys in my yard every summer if there weren’t a by-law against that (“no farm animals”). If I lived further out, I’d have a turkey/chicken/rabbit department just to make sure I would never be shut out of meat in case of a poor season of hunting. Local improvement of food/cover for deer, rabbits and grouse should prevent that but in my present reality, it’s grocers and freezers that feed me and mine through the year.

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My Province, Manitoba, Is Getting There

“The Manitoba NDP is pitching a plan to encourage people to ditch their fossil-fuel burning vehicles and switch to electric.
The plan was included in the opposition NDP’s alternative throne speech, released Friday ahead of the Progressive Conservative government’s throne speech, which Lt.-Gov. Janice Filmon is expected to read on Tuesday.
The NDP plan includes a zero-interest, government-backed loan for the purchase of electric vehicles, which would be paid back over the life of the vehicle. Under the plan, the province would pool revenue from its upcoming carbon tax, which would then be doled out to Manitobans as repayable loans.”
See Manitoba NDP floats idea of loans to help switch to electric vehicles
Manitoba is blessed with an abundance of renewable energy resources: wind, solar, hydro, forestry and crops. Unfortunately there is still a $billion or so spent every year for petroleum which is simply burned for heat. Many homes are still heated by oil fired furnaces and most automobiles are ICEd (Internal Combustion Engined), so we can do more.

The government of Manitoba has made plans for a modest tax on carbon but it’s not enough according to the New Democratic Party. They want to increase the tax and put the returns towards interest-free loans for purchasers of EVs. That would be good as I soon will be one… The federal government is requiring a tax on carbon but is allowing the provinces to configure it to suit their situations. I think Manitoba should tax my wife’s use of the SUV more… She needs to think electrically. 😉 I’m already there.

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Women Taking Charge In Alabama

“Women have made the difference: Jones has opened up a wide 58% to 32% lead among female likely voters. Meanwhile, 54% of women who are registered to vote had an unfavorable view of Moore, up from 39% in October.”
See Alabama Senate poll: Jones opens up lead over Moore
It’s about time! Women are the majority. They should not put up with the Trumpists and fake “conservatives” any longer. Trump and Moore who are offensive to women should be off the ballot. If they worm their way onto the ballot they should be left in the scrap heap of history.

The future is looking brighter in 2018 and 2020. While slaves were “emancipated” in the 19th century and women “recognized as persons” in the 20th century, it’s time women were really free to operate at any level in society. Trump was the last straw. Women are about to burn Moore and other Trumpists. The next photo you see of a new cabinet in the White House will have a lot more women, or else…

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