Reality Exposes Trumpism For What It Is, Nonsense

“It could mean there are fewer young people in the workforce in the future, at the same time as life spans increase and more elderly people need care and resources into later life.
But it does not mean the population will shrink. It may grow at a slower rate, but there will continue to be more and more people in the US.
William Frey of the Brookings Institute called for some perspective on the figures.
“The country isn’t going to run out of people,” he said.”
See US birth rates drop to lowest since 1987
Chuckle. Trumpists love to hate immigration but the numbers don’t lie. If Trump cuts immigration a lot and the rate of immigration remains low enough USA will run out of people (the young and restless ones for sure). Trump is asking for a rate of immigration which will cause the population of USA to stagnate eventually and fall sooner or later unless women return to their role of baby-machines in a big way. Women love to be free from birth in their most productive years.

Canada, OTOH, is increasing immigration including refugees in order to ensure a good supply of working-age people for decades to come. USA is now at a level below “replacement”. It means Trumpists will be a decreasing portion of the population from now on thanks to Trump. Even cutting immigration to zero won’t stop that because immigrants have larger families for a generation or two. Chuckle. Trump is painting USA into a shrinking corner. His only escape is to ban contraception as well as abortion. That won’t happen. He can’t subsidize birth because the deficit spending on “offence” is much too large. Trumpism can’t stand.

PS – Chuckle. It keeps getting better. Just after I wrote the post above, I came across this Trumpist ranting about people speaking Spanish in a restaurant. See NY man to people speaking Spanish at restaurant: ‘My next call is to ICE’ Trumpists just don’t get it. They are stupid people.

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I’m Not An Early Adopter Of EVs

“2017 was a great year for Plug-ins and the pace continues: Quarter 1 deliveries of this year were 312 400 units worldwide, 59 % higher than for Q1-2017. The numbers include all global BEV and PHEV passenger cars sales, light trucks in USA/Canada, light commercial vehicles in Europe and now also light commercial vehicles in China as a new, emerging category. Plug-in hybrids (+69 %) increased faster than pure EVs (+52 %) again, PHEVs stood for 39 % for Q1-2018.”
See Global Plug-in Sales for Q1-2018
The fantastic growth of plug-in EVs continues. It’s dramatic. I’m not exactly an early adopter as TLW bought an hybrid SUV last time against my objections. It’s useful and reasonable in the city but it’s a gas-guzzler with all the problems that pertain.

EVs have been growing from a rather small base for years. I had recommended the original Leaf or a VW diesel to TLW based on economy. My next car will be a simple plug-in EV, the Electra Meccanica Solo, a single-seat trike. It’s enough car for retired people. I’m not moving any more furniture or lumber in my personal transporter. The kids can drive their kids around in a gas-guzzler or large EV if they want. I only need a small car to carry me and my stuff where we need to go. There’s nothing more efficient or less costly than a small EV for driving ~160 km or less. I do have a bicycle and I walk but gone are the days when I would set out for a long distance that way. The bones and the endurance just aren’t there any longer.

No, an EV is the way to go. I live in Manitoba, Canada and renewable wind, solar and hydroelectric power abounds. I’m going to construct my own solar plant to feed my small EV and provide shade to a picnic table at the same time. With an EV one can live in harmony with the environment. It’s the right thing to do.

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Imagine Buying A Solo EV For Half-price

“Laval is funding the $2,000 subsidies from revenue generated through a specific environmental program it started in 2011. The program sees the City of Laval collect fees to offset greenhouse gas emissions related to commercial and residential development projects in the city. The new electric vehicle grants will be awarded from the reserve of the program.
The new $2,000 rebate is in addition to the $8,000 incentive already offered by the Quebec government.”
See Electric-vehicle buyers to get $2,000 incentive from City of Laval, Que.
I like living in Manitoba but my planned purchase of a Solo EV will set me back the full price + taxes in Manitoba. Folks in the Province of Quebec get an $8000 incentive and the lucky Quebecois who live in Laval get an additional $2000. Maybe I need to move there when I take delivery of my Solo…

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Travel More Cleanly

“the US is the country with the largest carbon footprint from tourism, followed closely by China, Germany, and India. The majority of these carbon footprints are caused by domestic travel. Business travel could not be distinguished from tourism, reports Science Daily. Island nations tend to be impacted more than other places, as wealthy travelers go in search of beaches and warm breezes. In the Maldives, Mauritius, Cyprus, and the Seychelles, international tourism represents between 30 and 80% of national emissions.”
See Carbon Emissions From Travel Industry Are 4 Times Higher Than Estimates
While driving electrically is smart for any distance, gas-guzzlers usually consume more fuel per kilometre at higher speeds because of internal viscosity and air-drag which increases with the square of the speed. Naturally, people often feel travel is wasted time so they want it to be short and increase speed above urban limits. Continue reading

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From Now On Comments Are Closed

I’m tired of dealing with #%$^##! like this in my blog:
“your woeful little tricycle could plummet into a ravine, which would be “potential energy,” as unlikely and irrelevant as that event might be) is scalar.
That “great detail” you feel somehow qualified to add? Trust me. I will find it fascinating. Not in a Physical sense … more in a Psychological sense.
Go ahead. Amaze us with your original first class knowledge of elementary Physics”

If studying physics for 11 years and doing it for a living don’t count with commentators, there’s not much point in reading their dreck. Amen.

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Getting Me From A To B

Several times the trolls here have nagged that I might as well have a bicycle as my new RED Solo EV. Here’s an example of why that’s not a good idea. The picture below is one of my most-travelled routes. Note the high speed limit and lack of a paved shoulder. Often traffic is light but there are bursts of traffic when a light turns green or just by chance. It’s not pleasant to have big things whizzing by with ~85km/h speed differential.
See Google Street View
No, Solo makes more sense. It’s easy to pull over onto gravel if necessary and I can cruise at 70-80km/h quite comfortably without annoying the heck out of my fellow travellers and I can carry a lot more luggage for shopping/shipping.

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Lead, Follow Or Get Out Of The EV’s Way, Auto-makers!

“Last year, AAA began asking Americans if they planned to buy an electric car. 15% said yes. AAA plans to ask the same question every year and track the results — at least until electric cars become the norm. This year, 20% of Americans said they are considering an electric car for their next vehicle purchase.
For statisticians, that is a 33% increase, which indicates the J Curve has ended and the S Curve has begun. For the rest of us, it simply means that attitudes are changing, more people are aware that electric cars exist, and the electric car revolution is moving forward more or less on schedule. It also gives the lie to the oft repeated auto industry claims that “nobody wants to buy an electric car.””
See AAA Survey Finds 20% Of Americans Plan To Buy An Electric Car
Basically, not everyone is an idiot. People can compare the purchase price, $cost/km and cost of changing oil and wornout moving parts and rationally decide that an EV is the way to go. Today. Not next decade. The EV is happening. If you won’t whole-heartedly make and deliver EVs get out of the way for someone else, like Electra Meccanica, for instance.

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USAians Lose Sight Of What Matters

“Nowak and a USFS colleague, co-author Eric Greenfield, found tree cover had declined in metropolitan areas across 45 states. The biggest losses on a percentage basis were in Rhode Island, Georgia, Alabama and Nebraska, together with the District of Columbia. Only three states—Mississippi, Montana and New Mexico—saw increased metropolitan tree cover, all by “nonsignificant” amounts. (State-by-state figures are available here.) The research team used Google Earth imagery to examine 1,000 randomly chosen point”
See U.S. Cities Lose Tree Cover Just When They Need It Most
Voting in Trump, withdrawing from TPP, rejecting the agreement to pause Iran’s bomb and now turning cities into concrete jungles… makes me wonder whether there is intelligent life south of the 49th parallel. I know those other things matter but think of the squirrels and pleasant shade, and oxygen trees provide. Around here we have Dutch Elm Disease and Emerald Ash Borers threatening our most popular trees: Green Ash and American Elm. That doesn’t prevent us from planting maples and hackberries and Norway Spruce. We don’t have to accept concrete and asphalt in the place of forest and meadow. Wake up!!!

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Even Canadian Politicians Get It

“The politics of carbon pricing A whopping 90 million tonnes of carbon pollution: that’s how much the federal government says carbon pricing policies will cut emissions across Canada by 2022. That’s 20 million cars. It’s 12% of Canada’s 2016 emissions.
On the other side of the House of Commons, the federal Conservatives continue to oppose carbon pricing, but something changed this past week, when party leader Andrew Scheer said the Conservatives will release a “comprehensive” climate plan ahead of next year’s federal election—and that it will meet our 2030 Paris target.
Some are skeptical. Why reject a cost-effective policy so loved by economists? On the other hand, as CBC’s Aaron Wherry put it, “After nearly a decade of free-form fretting about a price on carbon—going back to Stephane Dion’s ill-fated Green Shift—an actual comparison of rival plans might make for a nice change of pace.””
See A conservative climate plan
Compare this picture with what’s going on in USA. In Canada, every political party now sees and understands the need to reduce CO2 missions and are fighting to win votes for their plan to accomplish the Paris goals. In USA, the party in power wants to “bring back” coal and pump more oil…

I’m glad I live in Canada. Too bad USA wants to rob their descendants of a good life on planet Earth and burden them with huge national debts built on political promises to build the greatest military force ever, block universal national health-insurance and a wall to rival the Great Wall of China, just because they can. Let’s hope the November mid-term elections are a wake-up call to action down there.

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On Adoption Of EVs

“I believe that a significant percentage of consumers (especially late adopters and laggards in truck- and SUV-crazy USA) will expect EVs to have a range of 400–500 miles (the same as their ICE vehicles) before they will take the EV plunge.”
See 25 Factors That Will Affect EV Adoption (Part 1)
Electric vehicles (EVs) have recently returned to the market in a big way, first, as hybrid vehicles with an internal combustion engine (ICE) as the source of power and then as plugin-hybrids (PHEV) and battery-EVs (BEV). TFA quoted on the right raises some issues which will be resolved over the next few years to make EVs absolutely mainstream. There are some corners of the article which are erroneous, however.

There is a huge market for personal transportation in/near cities like where I live. People don’t live walking distances from where they work and they use public or private transportation to commute to and from work/school/shopping. Many millions of miles of personal transportation happen daily with only one occupant of a personal car/truck. This is tremendously wasteful of money/resources/infrastructure. There are places where this sort of waste is banned and public transportation is robust and does the job, mostly older cities with massive congestion. Those of us who live in/near cities which grew up in an age of personal transportation probably have government rules separating residential and commercial zones widely. We are stuck with the personal car until we rebuild cities which have taken a century to build.

Enter the Solo EV, my personal choice for personal transportation. I’m retired so I don’t commute but I love to be able to jump into the car and do a few errands: shopping, post office, medical doctor’s office, eye doctor’s office, dentist, hunting, fishing and gathering out in the forest, visiting family/friends, etc. Solo is small, easy to operate, has plenty of range for errands in a small to medium-sized city, is cheap to buy and cheap to operate. Unfortunately, it still hasn’t come to market in a big way. That’s happening this year as a Chinese factory gets into high gear but it will happen long before the decade or so wait that TFA suggests we endure before EVs become mainstream.

Solo has been certified to USAian standards and soon will be certified in Canada. Range is about 100 miles/161km, which will get me and millions of others to all the places we frequent. Price is under $20000 CDN. No oil-changes. Only three tires/wheels. 20kWh means the battery is cheap and affordable today, not in a decade. The great efficiency is achieved by carrying much less weight and pushing aside much less air. It’s a solution to the problem of personal commuting and massive adoption of EVs. Charging problem? Plug it in at home and you are good for the day. Expect imitators to flood the market long before a decade is up.

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Doomsday Approaches And People Fiddle

“CO2 levels were around 280 ppm in 1880, when the Industrial Revolution was getting started. Today, they are nearly 50% higher. “But wait!” the climate skeptics will cry. “CO2 levels have been higher in the past and the world is still here.” That’s true. During the mid-Pliocene warm period about 3 million years ago, carbon dioxide levels were 400 parts per million or above. But here’s the kicker. Ocean levels back then were more than 60 feet higher then than they are today. Think about that for a moment.”
See 410 PPM & Rising — CO2 Levels Reach Dangerous Levels

“HOV lanes in California has been a powerful non-financial incentive that helps drivers make the switch to a plug-in electric vehicle (PEV). Nevertheless, California amended its HOV lane policy so that decals are now only eligible to remain on the PEVs for three years, after which the PEV is no longer eligible for the HOV lane.”
See Boooh! California Bows To Industry Pressure, Reduces HOV Lane Access For EVs. Fight Back!
If your house is afire you don’t fiddle around. You get out safely and fight the fire if it’s possible to do that. What’s with the stupid reactions to global warming? Continue dumping CO2 into the atmosphere at greater rates? Invest in coal, oil and natural gas? Go slow on EVs? Gee! Is there intelligent life on Earth? Get with the programme. Fight the fires feeding CO2 production in your cars, trucks, trains and homes. Use solar, wind, wave, tidal and hydroelectric power instead of burning stuff.

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The Energy Progress Report

“As of 2015, the world obtained 17.5% of its total final energy consumption from renewable sources, of which 9.6% represents modern forms of renewable energy such as geothermal, hydropower, solar and wind. The remainder is traditional uses of biomass (such as fuelwood and charcoal).
Based on current policies, the renewable share is expected to reach just 21% by 2030, with modern renewables growing to 15%, falling short of the substantial increase demanded by the SDG7 target.
Rapidly falling costs have allowed solar and wind to compete with conventional power generation sources in multiple regions, driving the growth in the share of renewables in electricity to 22.8% in 2015. But electricity accounted for only 20% of total final energy consumption that year, highlighting the need to accelerate progress in transport and heating.”
See Tracking SDG7: The Energy Progress Report
Great progress has been made modernizing the world of energy but it’s still too slow. TLW (The Little Woman) and I are doing our part. We drive an hybrid vehicle which is supposed to use somewhat less fuel than a straight ICE, especially in the city. Our home has geothermal and solar heating and our major energy supplier is hydroelectric. We are planting trees at a great rate which will slow the wind and cool our yard while absorbing CO2. I’ve put a deposit on a Solo EV, one of the most energy-efficient modes of transport known to mankind and I’m going to set up a tracking solar power station to charge it. What are you doing?

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