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“French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has said European countries must “wake up” to terror threats, following the attacks in Paris that left 129 people dead.” See Paris attacks: France calls on EU to ‘wake up’ to threat “The killing of a Chinese … Continue reading

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Syria – Long Passed Time To Stand Up And Be Counted

“The Army of Conquest (Jaish al-Fata) alliance had made advances in the north-west in recent months, taking Idlib from pro-government forces. The alliance includes al-Nusra Front, al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria and the hardline Islamist group Ahrar al-Sham, as well as several … Continue reading

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Moral Obligation = Conscience, Trump

Last week, Trump was at a “town hall” meeting when some nutcase started prattling about Muslims being a problem and that POTUS was a Muslim. He even suggested getting rid of Muslims. In the face of this “question” Trump responded … Continue reading

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Trump’s Stats

“The survey finds Trump with the support of 24% of Republican registered voters. His nearest competitor, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, stands 11 points behind at 13%. Just behind Bush, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson has 9%, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio … Continue reading

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Turkey Steps Up

“Turkish planes have for the first time carried out air strikes against Islamic State (IS) group targets in Syria.Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said the air strikes, on three IS positions, “completely destroyed” their targets.On Thursday, Turkish forces exchanged fire with … Continue reading

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OMG! Manitobans Issued Licences To Kill

Sigh. I am old. I’m slowing down and the world is speeding up. Let the young folk deal with it…“MANITOBA GOVERNMENT ANNOUNCES SPEED LIMIT TO INCREASE TO 110 KM/H ON MOST TWINNED SECTIONS OF TRANS-CANADA HIGHWAY WEST OF WINNIPEG”.See Manitoba … Continue reading

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JeSuisCharlie Even my broken French can read that as “I am Charlie”, a wave of support for the outrageous French magazine raided by murdering scum today. If ever there was proof that a right to “carry” is needed in today’s … Continue reading

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Yesterday Called And Left A Smile

When I was a boy back on the farm and later in Winnipeg, I loved to “browse” various hardware stores and departments in the city. There were hundreds of them scattered every few blocks so homeowners could buy paint or … Continue reading

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It’s Official, U.S.A. Insane

Let’s see. USA wants Kurds and Free Syrian Army to fight ISIS“The key Syrian border city of Kobani will soon fall to ISIS, but that’s not a major U.S. concern, several senior U.S. administration officials said.” but they won’t lift … Continue reading

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Finally! The Sad Comedy Of Errors In Ukraine Gets On Stage

I wrote months ago that there would be war and we all needed to get involved with smacking down Putin and his goons.“NATO members meeting this week in Wales are expected to create "a very high-readiness force" to deal with … Continue reading

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Lay The Damned Charges!

If a black teenager had pumped 6 rounds into a white policeman how many minutes do you think it would have been before he was arrested and charged with murder?“The chaos in Ferguson has gotten so unruly that Missouri Gov. … Continue reading

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I hate to blame a dead victim, but if this young lady had time to stop her vehicle and address the ducks, “A woman who triggered a deadly collision near Montreal while helping a family of ducks cross the road … Continue reading

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