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Some Twits Just Are To Funny To Ignore

While the world sees Wintel decaying more or less globally and in every segment of IT, this twit opines that GNU/Linux on the desktop is as good as dead with M$’s next release.“While the consumer hatred of Windows 8 seemed … Continue reading

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OEMs Adapt To The Decline In The Market For PCs

Rather than just being another cog in Wintel’s wheel, Lenovo is thinking for itself and diversifying, giving customers what they want.“Regarding tablets, we will cooperate with more solution vendors to embed more application software such as meal ordering systems into … Continue reading

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The Writing Is On The Wall And The Correspondence

In the past year or so, some here have repeatedly claimed that M$’s OS is thriving and the only way to go.“the factors contributing to the decline in Windows PC operating system are addressed in various disclosures in our Segment … Continue reading

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Forums Have Matured

One of the reasons I invested more time in this blog years ago was that GNU/Linux was unwelcome on several prominent public forums. I thought to get an update… In craigslist people actually suggest installing GNU/Linux to fix things in … Continue reading

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Crime And Punishment

Clearly, the murdering scum of Syria and Iraq need to be punished for their crimes against humanity.“Japan’s prime minister has condemned as "outrageous and unacceptable" a video declaring the murder of Japanese hostage Haruna Yukawa by Islamic State.” Condemning them … Continue reading

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Pigs do fly if you throw them hard enough… That’s what M$ is attempting with its next release.“With Windows 10, we think of the operating system as ‘Windows as a service’,"…In next few years, you could think of Windows as … Continue reading

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Nice! LibreOffice Viewer (Beta) now available for Android

Neat! Now, I can carry documents from LibreOffice to the range, out hunting, the workshop or gardening“Berlin, January 21, 2015 – The Document Foundation (TDF) is happy to see the LibreOffice Viewer (Beta) for Android released in the Google Play … Continue reading

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Amazon published some amazing statistics. Some that are relevant to this blog: “Nearly 60 percent of customers shopped using a mobile device this holiday. Mobile shopping accelerated as customers got later into the shopping season.” Top selling Computers: “Acer … Continue reading

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Smartphone Market Set To Mature In 2015

Shipments of smartphones in the past year grew quite a bit last year but a lot less than the year before.“Global smartphone shipments totaled 1.167 billion units in 2014, a year-on-year increase of 25.9%, with combined shipments of Chinese brands … Continue reading

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Dropping PS For FLOSS

I don’t do a lot of graphics but I sure don’t believe the “must have PhotoShop” stuff. The software tweaks files and renders them on a screen. FLOSS can do that.“The ATI (Art and Technology of Image) department at University … Continue reading

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Charlie Hebdo. Yes, there’s an app for that…

While I do think those folks went a bit far and had woeful security, I don’t think their intention was to insult“The Charlie Hebdo app features the so-called "survivors’ issue" of the satirical magazine, which sold out within minutes in … Continue reading

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Sweden Greases The Skids For FLOSS In Government

It’s about time. I’ve long held that FLOSS is the right way to do IT. It seems the government of Sweden agrees.“Sweden’s public administrations will increasingly turn to open source and open standards, expect ICT procurement specialists at the National … Continue reading

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