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FLOSS Works – Now It Has Salesmen

A brand new illustration of the growth of LibreOffice… The estimate of 80 million users comes from The Document Foundation. It’s very conservative, based on unique IPs of pings for updates. In their annual report for 2013, LibreOffice claimed 100 … Continue reading

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IT All Falls Down

For how long has the world’s IT been running naked, with anyone on the network able to take over the whole system?“it’s high impact and easy to exploit. And if you are exploited, the price is high, irrespective of any … Continue reading

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300K. That’s how many folks have taken the Intro to Linux course offered by The Linux Foundation. “we were able to offer our Intro to Linux course for free to nearly 300,000 people from all over the world. While the … Continue reading

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Another Racket Run By M$

Oh dear! The city of Arnhem, the place with the Bridge Too Far, where paratroopers died because of the folly of higher ranks, is now involved in another less costly but egregious disaster.“To compensate for not having adequately licensed the … Continue reading

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With the recent discussion here of randomness/entropy, it’s timely that a story emerges of a guy“there’s an avalanche diode, which generates entropy from the quantum noise of its own operation. “That’s not some scary quantum effect that’s hard to understand”, … Continue reading

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Decisions About Small Cheap Computers

So, M$ is competing on price for small cheap legacy computers these days. That’s OK, but at least you, the consumer, now have a choice you didn’t have a few years ago.“your account information is all stored in Google’s cloud, … Continue reading

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FLOSS and Advertising

I notice the folks who ship Fedora GNU/Linux are irate about FireFox doing some advertising on the “new tab” page… I checked mine and the “tiles” are all about pages that I visit frequently. I don’t see any ads at … Continue reading

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FLOSS And Government In India

FLOSS is the right way to do IT for everyone. Governments may feel FLOSS is unnecessary/different/unusual at their peril. Sooner or later“Indian government software applications are set to make the shift to open source, potentially boosting the pace at which … Continue reading

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Networked File Storage And That Other OS

Users of that other OS and Ed Bott are in anguish over M$ tweaking how “8” deals with synced files to/from the cloud.“I rely on being able to see all the files on my OneDrive through Explorer, whether they are … Continue reading

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Continental Drift Continues

While there are many hotspots in the GNU/Linux landscape, usage of GNU/Linux on the desktop is still spotty around the world. There are millions of GNU/Linux desktops but they are in clusters rather than widely spread. Antarctica – 37.5% Europe … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!… Or Maybe Not If You’re M$

M$ sweated the ~$1K box back in the old days but managed by anticompetitive moves to squeeze OEMs.“Digitimes Research expects Lenovo’s and Asustek’s 11.6-inch Chromebooks to be priced at US$149, 25% lower than the US$199 of the C720 from Acer, … Continue reading

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Joey Hess, Developer Of 18 Years With Debian Departs – Second Edition

This is a duplicate of the article below so that comments can work again. Some comments may be lost The strife in the Debian community has had another casualty, Joey Hess.“If I have one regret from my 18 years in … Continue reading

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