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Gold In The Hills And Valleys

“Qatar. The latest terror attacks in London. The upcoming U.K. election. More drama in the Trump administration as former FBI director James Comey is set to testify in front of Congress Thursday. Is that enough turmoil for you?” See Gold rush: The … Continue reading

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Trump, Here’s The Right Way To Help Excoalminers

“the American arm of Goldwind, a Chinese wind-turbine manufacturer, announced the free training program. More than a century ago, Carbon County was home to the first coal mine in Wyoming. Soon, it will be the site of a new wind … Continue reading

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CNN’s Fear and Greed Index has dived down to 36, a level not seen since the turbulent days of the recent USAian election. The lowest at the depths of the recession/depression was 20. How low will it go? Judging by … Continue reading

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Charging Ahead

“SOLO Reservation (100% Refundable) Color: Electric Red – Refundable Deposit $250 Wheels: Titanium Silver Seat: Non Heated AC: No Air Conditioning Charger: Portable Turbocord Level 2 ($500)” Well, I made up my mind and did it. I put down a … Continue reading

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Investing In And Out Of 2016…

“The average investor made just over 5% in 2016, according to Openfolio. That may not sound like a lot given that the Dow is up a whopping 13.4%, its biggest gain since 2013, but most investors don’t put all their money … Continue reading

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