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OOPS! Bad Day At The Office…

“a local police officer aiding in the security detail for the President’s visit accidentally discharged his weapon. The officer is a sniper and was positioned on top of a building” See Gun goes off during French President’s speech; 1 man injuredA … Continue reading

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Thank You, Trump

“President Barack Obama was the greatest gun salesman in America — until Hillary Clinton ran to replace him. Sales soared to records because gun owners feared they would impose tougher gun restrictions. Now that a Republican endorsed by the National Rifle … Continue reading

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“No. 2 Smith & Wesson Model 29 .44 Magnum revolver.” See Top 10 handguns in the U.S.Strange. I was browsing on stories related to Trumpism and came across a slideshow listing the top ten most popular handguns in USA based on … Continue reading

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Grizzlies And Politics

I don’t agree with Trump or some of his nominees on just about anything but “BetsyDeVos would not oppose putting guns in our schools. I was shaken to the core by her answer. So should every American parent.” See Citing grizzlies, … Continue reading

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The Silence Of The Politicians

Well, the GOP are lost and rudderless with Trump at the helm. They’ve botched confirmations. They’ve botched repealing ObamaCare. Now they hope they are onto something better, making silencers for firearms easier to obtain. As usual there are pros and … Continue reading

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The Return Of Wooden Bullets

“The Department of Defense is now looking at ways to clean up after itself, putting out the call for the development of biodegradable ammunition loaded with seeds that sprout plants after being discharged.” See US military seeks biodegradable bullets that sprout … Continue reading

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Daesh Losing Grip

“Iraqi government forces fighting so-called Islamic State (IS) in Mosul have reached the banks of the Tigris river in the city for the first time.” See Mosul battle: Iraqi government forces reach Tigris riverIt’s taken some months, but nearly half of … Continue reading

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Feeling Good!

I think I am over the election of Trump. If I ignore him, maybe he will go away… Yesterday I began in earnest to plant some seeds for the spring. I’ve been stratifying some seeds in the refrigerator. Fortunately, TLW … Continue reading

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Reloading Pleasure And Pain

“Powder Info SRN 0065Distributor HodgdonProduct Name H322Data Source Federal Bureau of InvestigationSource SRN 660 Product use ReloadDate obtained 6/10/05Lot Number 10404054288Manufacturer ADI / Australia” Reloading ammunition is one of the things I do well and enjoy. It saves money per shot … Continue reading

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To Weigh Or Not To Weigh. That Is The Question.

Trial Charge δ δ2 1 18.66 -0.060 0.004 2 18.86 0.140 0.020 3 18.66 -0.060 0.004 4 18.66 -0.060 0.004 5 18.7 -0.020 0.000 6 18.66 -0.060 0.004 7 18.74 0.020 0.000 8 18.82 0.100 0.010 9 18.7 -0.020 0.000 … Continue reading

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Crazy Things I Might Do In 2017

How am I going to survive a few years living with Trump? I’m going to have fun! High on my ToDo list are things to make the world a better place, like growing trees and flowers, you know, natural stuff … Continue reading

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The End-times For USA

“Gun ownership has traditionally been associated with the right wing in America but the election of Donald Trump has prompted some left-wingers to join gun clubs – and even start preparing for the collapse of society.” See Why US liberals are … Continue reading

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