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!$##@%%%!!! UBUNTU!!!

A notebook that TLW uses was the last machine in our house to run Ubuntu GNU/Linux. Recently, it needed a software upgrade to a more recent release. Ubuntu reported the exact command that root had to issue and I did … Continue reading

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Internet Access – Right Or Freedom?

“during the Budget speech for 2017, Government has pledged to make our country one of the first Wi-Fi states in the world and a few weeks later launched a mobile government strategy for all public services. …in today’s globalised society … Continue reading

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2016 – Mixed Results

“I was also all kinds of awesome – in ways that left you a better place.” See Dear world, I wasn’t all bad. Signed, 20162016 was a mixed bag. TLW and I finished planting an awful lot of trees on the … Continue reading

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The Fix-It Guy

Well, in the middle of a visit by family and near the tail-end of the storm our Christmas season was marred by a failure of our geothermal heating system. We managed with the stove, drier, a hotplate and some appliances … Continue reading

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OMG! Problems With Old Dutch Potato Chips

“Old Dutch Foods Ltd is recalling one its potato chip brands because of possible salmonella contamination.The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says Old Dutch brand Cheddar and Sour Cream Potato Chips are sold in 66 gram and 255 gram bags.” See Old … Continue reading

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Hares, Damned Hares, and Statistics

I love hares. I love them fried, boiled, roasted, stuffed, and even wild being fruitful and multiplying. If I had a yard full of mature trees and they visited to nibble on a few seedlings I wouldn’t mind. If I … Continue reading

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The End-times For USA

“Gun ownership has traditionally been associated with the right wing in America but the election of Donald Trump has prompted some left-wingers to join gun clubs – and even start preparing for the collapse of society.” See Why US liberals are … Continue reading

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Faster Internet Access

A while back we opted for faster Internet access, 150mbits/s. I’ve been dragging my feet a bit fighting off bronchitis or something but I felt clear-headed today and TLW was off at a party, so… I got an IP address … Continue reading

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mea culpa

For months Gmail has been complaining that it no longer supports my version of FireFox. I was running the latest version… It never occurred to me to check my User-Agent string… Sigh. Today I did a port scan and in … Continue reading

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Front Porches

“For the past 15 years, someone has been murdered on a porch every three weeks on average, according to Chicago police records. Many are shot because they find themselves innocently in the line of fire. Sometimes they are caught in … Continue reading

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Canada’s Syrian Refugees One Year Later

“It has been a year since Canada welcomed the first group of Syrians that the government flew out of refugee camps, and both political leaders and refugees marked the occasion over the weekend with a mixture of pride and an … Continue reading

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Getting Older

“Last month, police started offering discounts for noodles at local restaurants to elderly citizens who agreed to hand in their driving licenses.The offer followed a series of deadly accidents involving elderly drivers — a growing problem in a country where … Continue reading

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