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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.

Bad News

“The Egyptian military has released images of items found during the search in the Mediterranean Sea for missing Egypt Air flight MS804.” See EgyptAir: Images released of debris found in plane searchOne of the unfortunate consequences of decades of science/technology under … Continue reading

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OMG! Mark Shuttleworth Mentions GNU and Linux and Ubuntu In A Single Sentence!

“I think without Ubuntu, it would be very difficult to use traditional Linux every day—not just Ubuntu as I enjoy it, but it’s full family of derivatives and the impact it has every day on Debian and competing distributions, essentially … Continue reading

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Chromebooks Gaining Share

“Global shipments of Chromebooks are expected to reach over two million units in the second quarter of 2016 and further expand to three million units a quarter in the second half of the year” See Shipments of Chromebooks integrated with Google … Continue reading

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ARM Leaps Into The Future

“Cambridge, UK, May 18, 2016 – ARM today announced the first multicore, 64-bit ARM®v8-A processor test chip based on TSMC’s 10FinFET process technology. Simulation benchmarks show impressive power and efficiency gains relative to TSMC’s 16FinFET+ process technology, which is currently … Continue reading

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Oh-Oh. There Goes The NDA…

“Government spending through private companies to deliver works, goods and services to citizens is the single biggest item of spending by government, amounting world-wide to a staggering USD 9.5 trillion each year, or 15 percent of global GDP. This concentration … Continue reading

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“More bad news for Canada’s problem-plagued submarine fleet: two of the boats will be out of commission for most of this year because of shoddy welding. HMCS Chicoutimi and its sister, HMCS Victoria, are stuck in their Vancouver Island port for … Continue reading

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Summer Resumes

Well, that arctic blast has moved on and I moved all my potted plants out into the sunshine. It looks like it will be warm enough to spray the dandelions this afternoon. I took a break to examine the alternator. … Continue reading

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Slaves, Rejoice! You’re Going To Have To Do Twice The Work And Still Pay M$ For Your Servitude

“The Start menu ads, or as Microsoft calls them Promoted Apps, haven’t pleased everyone. It’s the space on Start menu tiles that Microsoft allocates to suggested apps. But instead of the current five suggestions Microsoft is planning to increase that … Continue reading

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Skirting The Hole In The Ice Of ZFS

“Debian’s decision to place source-only ZFS in a relegated area of their archive called contrib, is an innovative solution. Debian fortunately had a long-standing policy that contrib was specifically designed for source code that, while licensed under an acceptable license … Continue reading

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Understanding Trumpism

“In the past three years, the TSA and Congress cut the number of front-line screeners by 4,622 — or about 10 percent — on expectations that an expedited screening program called PreCheck would speed up the lines. However, not enough … Continue reading

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I Hear You, Greg

“Your machine is insecure unless you’re running my kernel,” says Greg Kroah-Hartman. See Linux can’t keep you safe if you don’t update itI hear you, Greg. I’m running Linux-4.4.10, you know, the one you released last Wednesday. I downloaded the patches … Continue reading

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Big, Beautiful Trees

“The quality for which the American elm is most loved, and which hackberry also possesses, is form. Both grow to become large, vase-shaped trees, majestic on their own or divine when planted in rows on either side of an avenue, … Continue reading

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