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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.

M$’s Client Division Sinks Slowly Into The West

As expected, M$’s client division is doing poorly. Windows OEM Pro revenue declined 19%, as Pro mix returned to pre-Windows XP end-of-support levels and the business PC market declined Windows OEM non-Pro revenue declined 26%, primarily due to channel inventory … Continue reading

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OMG! Manitobans Issued Licences To Kill

Sigh. I am old. I’m slowing down and the world is speeding up. Let the young folk deal with it…“MANITOBA GOVERNMENT ANNOUNCES SPEED LIMIT TO INCREASE TO 110 KM/H ON MOST TWINNED SECTIONS OF TRANS-CANADA HIGHWAY WEST OF WINNIPEG”.See Manitoba … Continue reading

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FLOSS Is Not Just Mainstream – It Is The Stream

Black Duck software has just published their analysis of a survey of 1300 companies who use FLOSS, Free/Libre Open Source Software.“Sixty-four percent of companies currently participate in open source projects – up from 50 percent in 2014– and over the … Continue reading

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Powerhouses Of The GNU/Linux Desktop In 2015

What do Italy, France, Spain, Germany and USA have in common? They are all huge, modern economies and they’ve all embraced GNU/Linux on the desktop to the tune of 3.*% share of page-views yesterday.See Top 7 Desktop OSs in Italy … Continue reading

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Desktop GNU/Linux In USA Boarding The Train

In the old days if you wanted to go somewhere in a hurry, you boarded the train, had a meal and a nap and woke up somewhere else.“See Top 7 Desktop OSs in the US from 1 Jan to 20 … Continue reading

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OMG! Finland Has A Heart! GNU/Linux Page-views Spike!

No matter how much Linus Torvalds likes to say Finns are heartless bastards who revel in putting folks down, See Top 7 Desktop OSs in Finland from 22 Mar to 20 Apr 2015. GNU/Linux on the desktop has been healthy, … Continue reading

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The Symple Life

Yes, the technology I often used in schools, recycled PCs, is now available to everyone.“for business use, the Symple PC is a no-brainer for most everyday office purposes. Why? How about the fact that you can buy five of these … Continue reading

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OMG! Desktop GNU/Linux in Bahrain Goes Critical

See Top 7 Desktop OSs in Bahrain from 1 July 2008 to 17 Apr 2015. What on Earth are the Bahrainis doing with Desktop GNU/Linux? According to the ITU, they are among the top countries in ICT development. Good for … Continue reading

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Uruguay By Quarters – The GNU/Linux Desktop Share

While all over the world we see more or less cautious adoption of GNU/Linux on the desktop,Top 7 Desktop OSs in Uruguay from Q3 2008 to Q2 2015. Uruguay is an outlier. For the last few years, Q4 has been … Continue reading

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Higher Education Sees The Light

It’s about time. Schools at all levels have been promoting non-Free software from the likes of M$“last year, the Hungarian government decided to promote the use of EuroOffice and ODF in schools and universities. β€œIt is an important policy change … Continue reading

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Dutch Parliament Kicks Butt

It’s outrageous how much governments around the worldGoogle Translation “33 326 Parliamentary investigation ICT projects in government Nr. 21 AMENDING THE MEMBERS OF MOTION AND Oosenbrug Gesthuizen REPLACEMENT IN PRINTED UNDER NO. 19 Presented April 14, 2015 The Room, heard … Continue reading

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Superstars Of The GNU/Linux Desktop 2015-04-15

Every activity has its superstars. Yesterday, in the GNU/Linux desktop page-views counted by StatCounter, Uruguay, Reunion and Finland all were superstars achieving over 10% share. Uruguay and Reunion have been steady performers over time but the last two weeks Finland … Continue reading

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