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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.

Debian GNU/Linux, A Bargain At Any Price

“Self-support Subscription (1 year) $349USD”I just stumbled upon RedHat’s price-list for subscriptions/support for RHEL. It reminded me what a great bargain Debian GNU/Linux is: for one low price of $0, you get an operating system you can use anywhere: on … Continue reading

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Highest Performance ARM Desktop Ever

That’s the claim CompuLab (the folks who gave us TrimSlice) makes about their Utilite2 device. I think they are very close to being truthful. Performance is not just about the network, the CPU, the graphics, and RAM. It’s about how … Continue reading

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The Good News Just Keeps Flowing

Despite not having enough salesmen and particular applications, GNU/Linux is thriving. It’s just too good to pass up. The US Marines have changed the spec from XP to GNU/Linux on a new radar-system. Google, apparently, has seen the light and … Continue reading

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GNU/Linux Desktop Applications

SJVN briefly reviews 6 desktop applications that work for him in GNU/Linux. “Who says you need a Mac or a Windows PC? With the right applications, a Linux desktop is every bit as good as either of the two mainstream … Continue reading

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Has The Russian Government Moved To GNU/Linux As Planned?

According to StatCounter, there has been a slow but steady shift to GNU/Linux in Russia, with a daily heartbeat. Is this usage in schools and governmental offices as planned? It could be but I would have expected a more dramatic … Continue reading

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Taking A Stick To Flouters of EU Procurement Policies

The EU has pretty strongly emphasized that government procurement should not prop up monopoly, yet the practice continues.“Each year 15 per cent of public administrations flout procurement rules by requesting specific brands and trademarks that prevent competition, shows a European study … Continue reading

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Using IT Shouldn’t Be Like Hand-carrying Bags Of Money Through Gang-territory But It Is Thanks To M$ And Adobe

“bugs that allow hackers to hijack PCs via Internet Explorer, Word and Excel files, and Visual Basic scripts.Everyone is urged to install the fixes, as well as a batch of updates from Adobe: a flaw in the Flash plugin is … Continue reading

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Triumph Of Thin Clients

Not only have thin clients triumphed here (except fot the audio problem…) but they’ve triumphed in offices of UK“Strength of feeling and clarity on the benefits of a thin and zero client technology was very apparent with 86% of IT … Continue reading

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The Little Woman Takes a Thin Client

Well, the Little Woman’s PC really became flaky and we looked around for alternatives: “This Tutorial describes the downgrade process you need to run to get back stable after sid upgrade.” a new PC fixing the old one a thin … Continue reading

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Slackware, Crux, Pisi, Manjaro, Devuan… Freedom-Fighters Or Luddites?

I’m not alone in disliking systemd. It’s not because systemd is an innovation. I like change and improvements of all kinds, but systemd is a power grab and I don’t like those.“Systemd is a power grab. It puts more or … Continue reading

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Limerick Finds FLOSS Is The Right Way To Do IT

Chuckle. The naysayers still blather on but folks who actually dip their toes in the water or plunge right in““We gradually introduced new open source solutions over the past five years”, explains Mihai, “and discovered that we gained much more … Continue reading

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My (little) Farming Machine

OK, I’m not a farmer but I do have a tiny bit of land that has killed off two roto-tillers and a mower in a few short years. I decided to move upscale… Here’s the ship that will move my … Continue reading

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