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“Tesla (TSLA), has teamed up with a French renewable energy firm and an Australian state government to install the world’s largest lithium ion battery.
Paired up with a wind farm in the state of South Australia, the battery will be three times more powerful than the next biggest in the world, Musk said at a news conference in the city of Adelaide on Friday.”
See Elon Musk promises world’s biggest lithium ion battery to Australia
Storing energy during calm/dark times is a key factor in exploiting wind/solar energy. Sure, the energy is cheap and plentiful but if it’s not there when you need it, what’s the point?

Tesla is making that point with a commitment to set up a huge battery for an Australian wind-farm in 100 days or it’s $free. He’s pretty seriously believing that’s doable. Production and shipment must take a good fraction of that time, so he’s going to have a lot of labour or automation in place to set it up. Typically batteries need trays/racks to make use of space, bus-bars and connectors, a lot of connectors, to make it all work. Oh, yes, they’ll also need a few circuit-breakers and fire-extinguishers, I’d bet.

I’d bet on Tesla. They know how to do things or make the effort to figure it out in a hurry, just like their electric cars, PV rooftops, charging stations etc. Batteries should be easy. Mostly, they just sit where you put them.

I’d bet this project will win future sales too.

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  1. oiaohm says:

    Yes existing is 80MW and for SA between 100 to 120 is was Telsa is offering. Using the same what they built the 80MW out of. So just some more land area.

    Amount of new technology absolutely nothing. For someone who does not have existing solution to scale up lot more work.

  2. oiaohm says:


    DrLoser do note the top photo ->Tesla’s 80MW PowerPack substation in Mira Loma, California.<-
    So Elon Must in fact has a history in power grid mass battery storage. Tesla existing PowerPack substations are 100 percent modular. So can enough land area and they can be built as big as required.

    All he is doing is scaling up what telsa has already done else where. Something to remember is spare parts. The existing Tesla systems are pure Tesla so all spare parts have to come from Tesla. So if he has to give it away for free it will still be paying into the future the key thing was win the contract ahead of competitors.

  3. DrLoser wrote, “how come it takes someone like Elon Must to make it “easy,” rather than somebody who actually has a history in mass battery storage?”

    It doesn’t take Elon Musk. Anyone with a large production facility or lots of batteries on hand could have made this deal. The commitment to 100 days or being in the right place at the right time may have had more to do about it. I’ve hooked up batteries. If you have the building and the rackspace, it’s pretty easy. Line the cells up, join them with jumpers, connect bussbars and breakers, and deliver the juice. Obviously, with lithium cells and large installations there are increased risks/dangers but the principles are the same. Don’t short out the battery. Balance the parallel parts. Wear protective gear in case bad things happen. It’s a bit like stacking shelves at Safeway in the middle of the night. It should be routine if done right.

  4. DrLoser says:

    Batteries should be easy.

    Oh, well, <obviously.

    You senile decrepit old fool.

    Just one question, if I may … these “easy” things — how come it takes someone like Elon Must to make it “easy,” rather than somebody who actually has a history in mass battery storage?

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