I took a tour around the yard today. Summer is officially here. We’re starting to get really hot days interspersed with gentle showers. Nature is taking care of its own. I recycled some pots, pulled some weeds and admired the surviving plants of spring. Tomatoes that I placed in a sheltered position against a wall have grown tough woody stems so I repotted them into larger pots in full sun. Asparagus seedlings are standing up as they should. The petunias are doubling their flowers and leaves on a weekly basis. Pretty soon they will take over the 5 gallon pots in which they reside. Pine seedlings are putting out lots of new growth. Grapes have come back after looking poorly in the spring. Even one of the apples which was apparently barked to death by hares has sprouted all up and down its denuded trunk. Miracles do happen and this time of year renews my faith that the time/money/energy invested in a garden and other horticulture is well spent.

One problem with all this growth is that I’m completely out of empty pots. Recycling the few whose occupants did not survive the winter is just delaying the inevitable. Sooner or later, I will have to buy more pots, or TLW will buy out nurseries old stock or I will have to stop planting new stuff. 😉 Urgently, I have asparagus and grape seedlings that are crowded in a few flats. I can distribute them among more flats, put them in the ground somewhere or move them to pots. Decisions. Decisions…

The garden is rapidly becoming an orchard with most of the young trees surviving despite winter and hares and deer and mice… For a few years longer I can plant flowers and vegetables between the trees but then the shade of the trees will win out. I have a few more places in the yard where beautiful things may grow but TLW is hard on me when it comes to vegetables. I may be restricted to growing veggies in pots. That does make dealing with weeds much easier. I still have thousands of flowers to plant and grass too, so I will have a busy growing season keeping up with the weeds, the planting and soon, the harvest.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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10 Responses to Growing

  1. Grece wrote, “.let me guess, your second purchase American tiller, along with your ineptitude were the culprits here. “

    The cable was struck years ago by my first tiller. It was spliced but then failed again this spring when the ground was thawing. It was essentially laying on the ground and had never been properly installed. I have no idea the depth… but I won’t be inclined to till anywhere nearby. My tilling was already done before installation and grass and flowers will be planted above. Those have shallow roots and the Ditch-Witch had just passed under the road, and the ditch before entering my yard. Most of the cable is under the driveway.

  2. Grece says:

    They will put in a bright orange conduit so we should never make the mistake of cutting it…

    DERP….let me guess, your second purchase American tiller, along with your ineptitude were the culprits here.

    Next time, make sure they bury it 18″ down.

  3. Shaw Cable came by to put in a new cable to our home. I had to move a few pots and hoses that were in their way. They’re using a “Ditch-Witch” directional drilling system and a plough. It’s amazingly fast and accurate. They will put in a bright orange conduit so we should never make the mistake of cutting it…

  4. Kurkosdr says:

    The best stuff grows in pots that are inside the house and under bright light. Since you have the real estate to do that and don’t have any obligations to employers or children, why not?

    Just kidding… I think it’s good that you have found a past time that is creative and helps you get exercise.

  5. Grece says:

    Ask the TLW if she wants to eat.

  6. Grece wrote, “you could place 50 30′ beds around your property”.

    That’s not in TLW’s plan.

  7. Grece says:

    I am most certain that giving enough time, you could place 50 30′ beds around your property Robert.

    Its not too late!

  8. Grece wrote, “Instead of growing in pots, and running out. Build yourself a raised garden bed.”

    I built a raised bed last year but haven’t populated it yet. I will put some radishes and stuff in it this year and move some more productive stuff in next year. The pots I find are very flexible because they can be moved around, so I can put flowers where I want them when they are showy and tomatoes and such can be on the patio when they are productive. Pots are very easy to weed too because I can lift them up instead of kneeling down to where the weeds are. I think pots are a better use of space as you can vary spacing simply by repotting with little disruption of roots compared to digging things up.

  9. DrLoser says:

    Might be a good time to take advantage of that free delivery of garden mulch, for example.

  10. Grece says:

    Instead of growing in pots, and running out. Build yourself a raised garden bed. Just build the media out of sand and peat moss, or equivalents.

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