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Daily Archives / Friday, February 22, 2013

  • Feb 22 / 2013
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All in. That’s What Ballmer Said. Now They Pull The Plug On The World

The idea behind cloud services is that the flexibility and scale and professionalism of experts can do a better job for less money than trying to reinvent the wheel everywhere. That’s good in theory, but when a company is run by salesmen instead of engineers, shit happens.
“The company reported worldwide problems with Storage, with every sub-region reporting service degradation.

It looks like Microsoft made the basic error of letting its HTTPS certificate for Azure Storage expire”
see Microsoft secure Azure Storage goes down WORLDWIDE • The Register.

M$ is the company so fantastic that even writers in Hollywood could not make this stuff up… Did the guy in charge of the world’s IT go on vacation, croak, just forget? Did Ballmer throw a chair at him and the certificate expired while the guy was ducking? Did one of the richest corporations on the planet want to wait to the last second before renewing to save a few pennies? We may never know.

This is another example of M$ nailing its coffin shut from the inside. While they do that I recommend Debian GNU/Linux. It doesn’t promise the world but it delivers.