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Daily Archives / Thursday, February 21, 2013

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Wistron Chairman Gets It

According to Digitimes, Simon Lin held forth:“In the past 10 years, the development of the PC industry has had very weak progress because PC players have relied only on Wintel, failing to create their own value. Apple’s products have already shown that the PC industry can no longer solely depend on technology advances, but will also need to understand and satisfy consumers’ needs.”via Taiwan PC industry at a critical moment: An interview with Wistron chairman.

Amen. Relying on M$ to tell manufacturers what consumers want is killing the industry. Otherwise they would have moved to ARM and */Linux a decade ago. Further, allowing M$ to have huge margins while manufacturers scraped by was a huge mistake. It just made M$ more powerful. There was no need for any of that. Hindsight is 20-20 now.

A decade ago PIIIish machines were plentiful. GNU/Linux thrived on them and the price of hardware continued a steady decline further squeezing margins for everyone except M$ and Intel. Wintel got into that position illegally but the governments blinked. The only solution was to get away from Wintel. They see that now. Android/Linux on smart thingies and iOS on Apple’s stuff showed that was a viable solution. Manufacturers took payments from Intel and M$ to avoid AMD and GNU/Linux and Wintel had it all sewn up. That was short-sighted. The cost is a much bigger problem diversifying now that the market has redoubled a couple of times and smart thingies are growing at huge rates and the legacy PC manufacturers face stagnation.

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Tablets Grow. Legacy PCs decline. Tablets Poised To Overtake PCs.

“According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Smart Connected Device Tracker, vendors shipped 367.7 million desktop PCs, portable PCs, tablets, and smartphones – a collective view IDC refers to as "Smart Connected Devices" – in the fourth quarter of 2012 (4Q12), up 28.3% from the prior year. As desktop PCs and portable PCs declined (-4.1% and -3.4%, respectively), the overall smart connected device space continued to surge to just over 1.2 billion shipments cumulatively in 2012. Tablet shipments experienced the largest year-over-year growth in 2012, up 78.4% over 2011, while smartphones grew 46.1% but accounted for 60.1% of all smart connected devices shipped throughout the year.”see Mobility Reigns as the Smart Connected Device Market Rises 29.1% in 2012 Driven By Tablet and Smartphone Growth, According to IDC – prUS23958513.

Well M$ and many others claimed smart thingies were a “flash in the pan” but it’s not looking that way to me. Huge growth sustained over years is not a fad but a movement to smaller cheaper computers. Apple lost dominance in smartphones last year and look to lose dominance in tablets this year. Meanwhile, M$ rides a sinking ship.

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M$ Milks The Cash-Cow Dry -or- Consultant Recommends Migration to GNU/Linux

“Rather than pay Microsoft for custom support in 2014 and beyond, Silver advised enterprises to spend money this year to migrate as many XP systems as possible to a supported operating system. Failing that, IT administrators should consider bringing all XP clients inside the network perimeter to lower the risk of Web-based attacks, or move the applications those XP PCs are running onto a supported server platform.”
see Microsoft gooses Windows XP's custom support prices as deadline nears | ITworld.

GNU/Linux is a “supported OS”, eh? This could be just M$’s attempt to milk the last cent from those truly locked-in to XP. M$ made the cell, applied the barriers and threw away the key, holding thousands of corporations’ computers hostage. One can reinforce one’s cell by migrating to “7″ or one can escape and breathe fresh air with GNU/Linux. It’s seems an easy choice to me. I am sure the consultant thinks going to “7″ is the way but any nitwit can see this will happen all over again when “7″ dies… That’s the Wintel-treadmill, folks. An infinite number of steps forward with no advance.

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Ancient Rifles Still Do The Job

Recently, a young man acquired a refurbished Mosin-Nagant rifle. When challenged why such an antique was desirable he mentioned:

  • collecting/nostalgia,
  • target-shooting, and
  • hunting.

The old clunker can do that. Despite it’s ancient heritage with European, US and Russian influences, and a sloppy trigger, it does the job:

7.62X54R ballistics

Top Line (red) 168 gr BTHP at 2650 ft/s
Bottom line (green) 150 gr SP 2900 ft/s (31 inch barrel)

Performance With 150 SP Bullet

Performance With 150 SP Bullet

There’s plenty of energy at 350 yards to make short work of a deer and with a scope such rifles are plenty accurate for the job. I hope to shoot this thing sooner or later… With a new barrel it will probably shoot as well as many modern firearms. Reloadable ammunition is still made around the world. This cartridge is sometimes seen on the news in coverage from Syria where they serve in modern sniper’s rifles.

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Being Able To Use Your Hardware Your Way

Of the many PCs in my home, two were annoying. They ran Ubuntu GNU/Linux and had different windowing and performance than my Debian GNU/Linux systems. I changed the window manager but the performance was still lacking. In short order I installed Debian GNU/Linux using for one a USB thumb-drive and PXE for the other.

Read how I did it at Linux Advocates – Following Freedom.