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Daily Archives / Monday, February 18, 2013

  • Feb 18 / 2013
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War And Rumours Of War

Added to the wave of consumers’ interest in firearms in USA recently, the government’s solicitation of suppliers for immense quantities of ammunition lead one to speculate that USA is bent on uncivil war.
“An approximation of how many rounds of ammunition the DHS has now secured over the last 10 months stands at around 1.625 billion. In March 2012, ATK announced that they had agreed to provide the DHS with a maximum of 450 million bullets over four years, a story that prompted questions about why the feds were buying ammunition in such large quantities. In September last year, the federal agency purchased a further 200 million bullets.

To put that in perspective, during the height of active battle operations in Iraq, US soldiers used 5.5 million rounds of ammunition a month. Extrapolating the figures, the DHS has purchased enough bullets over the last 10 months to wage a full scale war for almost 30 years.”
see » DHS Purchases 21.6 Million More Rounds of Ammunition Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

It’s either war or severe cuts coming at the end of the month (slide over to 4:50). What else could prompt the government to stockpile that much ammunition?

  • Feb 18 / 2013
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ZaReason Speaks On UEFI


Cathy at ZaReaon suggests solutions:

  • CoreBoot has some AMD support…
  • Creating keys for FLOSS…
  • Hacking motherboards…
  • Disabling Secureboot…

She starts by pointing out that “SecureBoot” is a brilliant scheme by M$ to extend its control of hardware-suppliers. Eventually, the supply of machines that shipped “7″ without UEFI/Secureboot enabled will dry up and */Linux will have to deal with it. End-users tend not to want to disable a “security” feature. That it’s mostly a “security” feature for M$, not users.