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Daily Archives / Monday, February 11, 2013

  • Feb 11 / 2013
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If It’s All About The Apps, “8″ Is DOA (Dead on Arrival)

The count of apps available in M$’s app-store for “8″ has reached 42K but the rate of new arrivals is a tiny fraction of the first few months… They were getting ~500 new apps per day. Now it’s just a bit over 100. That’s death for a “platform”, eh?
see Windows 8 app releases grind to a near-complete halt | ITworld.

Put it this way. Debian GNU/Linux has about that many packages and many of them are wonderful applications for clients or servers so “8″ may have “enough” to do something but combined with lacklustre sales to consumers it looks as if developers don’t want to make the effort if the consumers don’t buy it. Makes sense. Small user-base means no payoff for developers paid by the app. Compare that with Android/Linux which has hundreds of thousands of apps both $free and $non-free.

  • Feb 11 / 2013
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Ach! DIGITIMES Is Off The Air

“During the Lunar New Year holidays (Feb 9 – Feb 17), DIGITIMES will not post any news updates or send out its daily newsletter. Happy New Year!”
see DIGITIMES daily IT news.

I love Digitimes. They have breakfast when I am winding down my day for the evening and often have news about global and Asian IT. I will miss them as they get serious about Lunar New Year… It’s amazing. Many of the workers in the big cities have family in the remote rural regions and commute hundreds of miles. This just about shuts down manufacturing industries in China for a whole week. It actually dents the GDP.