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Daily Archives / Sunday, February 3, 2013

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Chromebooks in Schools

It’s 2013 folks, a whole new ball-game. No longer do schools see they have no choice of OS in school other than the most expensive to buy (MacOS) or the most expensive to operate (that other OS). The world has seen Android/Linux on smart thingies and GNU/Linux on netbooks. Now everyone knows they have a choice. OEMs and retailers are getting that.

“We want Google in Education to help open more doors and we’re pleased to announce there are now 2,000 schools using Chromebooks for Education–twice as many as 3 months ago.”

see Official Google Enterprise Blog: A Look Back at 2012: The Expansion of Learning on the Web.

It’s a good start for Chromebooks but with 400% per annum growth expect to see global impact in nearly every use of IT very soon. The key to success of Chromebooks is that Google manages the software so schools don’t need to do that and Google, unlike M$ is not out to enslave schools making them indoctrinate students. It’s all about escaping slavery of Wintel to freedom of FLOSS.