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Daily Archives / Friday, February 1, 2013

  • Feb 01 / 2013
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Tablets Mature

After a year or two of 100% per annum growth we are about where tablets are mature technology. We see Android/Linux has taken a big share from Apple and M$ is nowhere to be seen. Without leverage of monopoly, M$ cannot compete against the world. This demonstration of M$’s impotence should be enough to get OEMs and retailers moving GNU/Linux on x86/amd64 PCs. Canonical expects to have a great year because of that willingness to try something in the face of the sluggish legacy PC market.
“Worldwide tablet shipments outpaced predictions reaching a record total of 52.5 million units worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2012 (4Q12), according to preliminary data from the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker. The tablet market grew 75.3% year over year in 4Q12 (up from 29.9 million units in 4Q11) and increased 74.3% from the previous quarter’s total of 30.1 million units.”
see Tablet Shipments Soar to Record Levels During Strong Holiday Quarter, According to IDC.

Chart: Top Five Worldwide Tablet Vendors, 2012Q4 Five Quarter Market Share Change (Units)Description: Worldwide Quarterly Tablet TrackerIDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Tracker provides total market size and vendor share for both the Tablet and eReader markets in 46 countries. Detailed segmentation is provided by CPU, operating system, connectivity type, screen size and resolution, storage, distribution channel, and customer segment. Measurement for this tracker is in units, value, and end-user price. For more information, or to subscribe to the research, please contact Kathy Nagamine at 1-650-350-6423 or Further detail about this tracker can be found at: Samsung, Apple, Amazon, Asus, Barnes Noble Tablet, IDC, tracker, Q4 2012, 4Q 2012, market share, galaxy, iPad, Kindle, Transformer, Nook, 2012Q4Author: IDCcharts powered by iCharts
  • Feb 01 / 2013
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GNU/Linux Inside

Tired of seeing those other logos slapped all over notebooks roaming the planet? Geeks who have made the effort to install GNU/Linux should go all the way and come out of the closet by proclaiming it with a sticker of their own. If you bought a PC with GNU/Linux inside, tell the world. Who knows? It might help “pick up chicks”…
“By popular demand, we are now selling the GNU/Linux Inside sticker pack. For $15, you receive 10 GNU/Linux stickers. Because these stickers are high-quality and durable, they won’t fade away or scratch off your computer, making it the ideal way to rep your use of free software!

They are perfect for replacing those other stickers that may come on your laptop when you buy it.”

see GNU Press now selling GNU/Linux Inside stickers! — Free Software Foundation — working together for free software.