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Daily Archives / Thursday, January 24, 2013

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Emergence, Chinese-Style

China plans to grow several industrial ecosystems to support global reach including… “the electronic information industry. 2015 form 5-8 large backbone enterprises with sales of over 100 billion yuan, and strive to cultivate large enterprises with sales of over 500 billion yuan.”

see Guidance on corporate mergers and acquisitions to accelerate key industries release.

The strategy appears to be to skip growing individual businesses by merging already growing businesses to suddenly reach global scale. This could increase efficiency and maximize profits for China. Shaky global corporations like PC-OEMs and M$ could be in for a rough ride if China goes with GNU/Linux on PCs in a big way. Could Linpus Linux be one of the businesses involved in mergers? They already have Lenovo. Perhaps they will merge all the small players into a competitor to Lenovo or have Lenovo be the root of the tree. We shall see … soon.

see also The Register’s take on this news.

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Seen on a discussion about firearms-control:
“Homicides by firearm per 100,000 (a sample) :
England 0.07
Australia 0.14
Spain 0.20
Canada 0.51
Uganda 0.87
USA 2.97″

SCHNEIDEREIT: Demonizing gun-rights advocates doesn't help | The Chronicle Herald.

Of course the gun-grabbers don’t discuss murder-rates.

Country Murders/100K












There go a lot of the gun-grabbers’ arguments. Instead of USA/UK = 52 we get 4 and USA/Canada goes from 6 to 3. What would the UK numbers be if they shared a border with Mexico and had five times their population? If the presence of 300million firearms were a significant factor in homicide why isn’t USA off the chart? Hint: firearms are not the problem. Who are the extremists? The gun-grabbers. They introduce irrelevant data into an emotionally charged discussion of safety. Murder is murder whether it’s by firearms or not. We could drastically reduce murder by baseball-bat by banning bats, but should we? Won’t a person angry enough to use a bat use a limb of a tree, a piece of lumber or a leg of a table? Yes, obviously. So it is silly to regulate firearms out of existence to fight evil.

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30% Of Memory Chip Production In 2013 Will Be Mobile

Last time I checked, most executables reside in RAM. If “The portion of mobile RAM to global production of memory chips will rise to 30% in 2013 compared to 21% in the previous year, buoyed by strong demand from the smartphone and tablet sectors” then a Hell of a lot of IT is running on mobile thingies these days. Since Wintel is going slowly in the mobile space, this will be a huge blow to the Wintel monopoly. Probably it means the monopoly will die this year. Good. Let’s hope OEMs, retailers and consumers come to the funeral.

see Mobile RAM to account for 30% of global memory chip production in 2013.