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Daily Archives / Wednesday, January 16, 2013

  • Jan 16 / 2013
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Dell Looking To Be More Agile

“Dell is reportedly investigating a move to take the company private in a leveraged buy-out to clear the decks for a radical repositioning of the company. And according to a report from Atlantic Media’s Quartz, that includes relaunching Dell’s desktop and mobile business around a brand-new product: a computing device the size of a thumb-drive that will sell for about $50.
see Is Dell looking to kill PCs with “Project Ophelia”? | Ars Technica.

Like every other OEM, Dell is looking at getting out from under the burden of Wintel. A thin client on a USB-drive that an employee could use at work anywhere or at home makes a lot of sense for many. Being totally independent of M$ and Intel at the same time means huge savings, a competitive advantage for Dell and lower prices for customers. This is the future of small cheap computing.