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Daily Archives / Monday, January 7, 2013

  • Jan 07 / 2013
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News For City-Dwellers: Wolves Are Predators

“The Sakha agriculture ministry says 16,111 reindeer were savaged by wolves in 2012 – a 4.3% rise on 2011. That meant a loss to reindeer herders of more than 150m roubles (£3m; $5m), as each reindeer is worth about 10,000 roubles (£205; $328).
see BBC News – Russia: Raids by wolves spark 'emergency' in Sakha.

When a new species (humans) is introduced into an ecosystem, the usual predator-prey relationships are upset and must be adjusted. In this case, caribou were domesticated and must be protected by humans. Humans are in direct competition with wolves and the only solution is to hunt/trap the wolves in order to maintain a new balance. A country filled with starving wolves is neither safe for agriculture nor human habitation.

This may be news to city-dwellers who think of wolves as cute and cuddly ancestors of lapdogs. This may be news to city-dwellers that humans have to kill animals they don’t intend to eat but it is reality. City-dwellers should remember this the next time they conceive an idea to purge society of hunters and trappers and their tools, firearms and traps.

  • Jan 07 / 2013
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Tablets To Surpass Notebooks in 2013

“Tablet PC shipments are expected to reach more than 240 million units worldwide in 2013, easily exceeding the 207 million notebook PCs that are projected to ship, according to NPD DisplaySearch

see Tablet PC Market Forecast to Surpass Notebooks in 2013, NPD DisplaySearch Reports.

Still think small cheap computers are just a fad, M$-fans? Keep dreaming. In two weeks if M$ does not fudge the numbers we should see a serious decline in “client” revenue…

  • Jan 07 / 2013
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Android/Linux on ARM Mini PC Uses TV and Keyboard To Make Full-sized PC



“The Android Mini PC specifications as follows.
1.OS:Android 4.1
2.Main Chip:RK3066/1.6GHz Dual-core Cortex-A9
3.Memory:1GB DDR3(Option)
4.Storage:4-16GB Nand flash(Option)
5.Graphics Accelerator:2D/3D/Open GL ES2.0 And(power supply 5V 700mA)
6.Wifi:IEEE802.11b/g/n(Internal Sdio Wifi Module)
7.Micro USB 5pin: Standard Micro-5Pin USB OTG 2.0 And ( power supply 5V 700mA)
8.USB socket A(External function): USB A Type HOST 2.0,Support 2.4G Mouse、Keyboard,Game hand shank,USB Hub,IR(Infrared remote control).
9.Power consumption:Main Unit+ 2.4G sende(Mouse)< =600mA@5V
10.Video Output: Standard HDMI Interface(HDMI 1.4 standard port)
11.WIFI Mobile DISPLAY:Support wifi connect with Mobile display(support the instruction of pushing the mobile phone screen onto TV and software upgrading in later stage)"

This manufacturer will be at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. Expect more of this in 2013. Good-bye, Wintel.

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Mugger Offers 10% Discount To US DOD and DOD Is Happy

“The contract is worth $617 million, DOD says. The Air Force estimates a cost avoidance of $50 million per year with the contract, and the Army says it will save $70 million per year. DISA says the overall savings will total more than 10% over the life of the agreement.”

see DOD saves $100M a year with new Microsoft licensing deal | ITworld.

The way I see it, DOD plans to waste $617 million of the taxpayers’ money that they could use to cut the deficit (~$1000million annually…) significantly. They could have licences for GNU/Linux and Android/Linux and LibreOffice for $0 and likely have better performance. I recommend Debian GNU/Linux to anyone who will listen. DOD is one of the heaviest users of GNU/Linux. They should know better.

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Tegra 4 Marches On

  • NVIDIA GeForce® GPU with 72 custom cores
  • Computational photography architecture
  • LTE capability
  • Quad-core ARM Cortex-A15s
  • 28 nm lithography at 1.9gHz

see Tegra 4 Super Chip Processors | NVIDIA.

Life cannot get much better than this for mobile computing or computing in general for most consumers until 14nm comes along in a year or so… From now on small cheap computers will not be associated with whimpy performance. More of what they do will be done in specialized hardware with a significant increase in speed.

Here’s a gadget announced today from Nvidia using Tegra 4: