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Daily Archives / Monday, December 24, 2012

  • Dec 24 / 2012
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Huge Drop in Wintel Unit-Sales

“According to NPD, stores in the United States sold 13 percent fewer Windows devices from late October, when Windows 8 made its debut, through the first week in December, than in the same period last year.”

see Tepid Sales of Microsoft’s Windows 8 Point to Shaky Market –

No, it’s not the market that’s shaky. It’s Wintel’s monopoly on the desktop/notebook market. Competing technology has finally been allowed to compete and even though a Wintel desktop has much more computing power than an Android/Linux smartphone on ARM, the smartphones are pleasing consumers more than the Wintel product. After a year of this phenomenon, no rational person should believe Wintel is a growing technology. It’s legacy stuff and will die when the current machines running it die. Meanwhile, */Linux and ARM are ready to replace Wintel as the state of the art technology in IT.

  • Dec 24 / 2012
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“8″ Implodes

A guy walks into a store to look at the “8″ machines on display and sees they all are grinding on a failed update… Chuckle. M$ spends so much on their advertising and yet they do this. Amazing.
see story on Google+

What will they do for their next trick, apologize to Earth for having released their malware so many years ago? “8″ certainly is a flop.

  • Dec 24 / 2012
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ARM at 14nm FinFET Imminent

This is amazing news. 14 nm is just a few atoms of width… At this level power-consumption is almost not an issue and devices will soon be able to run on body-heat, photovoltaic power or shaking.
“Samsung indicated that as part of its 14nm FinFET development process, the company and its ecosystem partners – ARM, Cadence, Mentor and Synopsys – taped out multiple test chips ranging from a full ARM Cortex-A7 processor implementation to a SRAM-based chip capable of operation near threshold voltage levels as well as an array of analog IP. The full ARM Cortex-A7 processor test chip tape-out represents a significant milestone for silicon manufacturing for the fabless ecosystem, Samsung said.

see Samsung delivers 14nm FinFET logic process and design infrastructure.

Besides trivial energy-consumption, this step allows ARM to compete head to head with Intel on performance should OEMs venture into the desktop/notebook markets for PCs. That started a couple of years ago and with the success of ARM for mobile computing should be huge in 2013. This will be the last nail in the coffin of Wintel.

  • Dec 24 / 2012
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Greece Specifies Open Hardware but Wants M$’s Software Despite Dire Financial Straits

“The ministry published a request for tender in November, seeking suppliers of 26,400 laptops, 1760 servers and 1760 wifi access routers. The value of the contract is set at just over 15 million euro. The purchase will be partly financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

The ministry is asking for laptops and servers that can run either a ubiquitous proprietary operating system or Linux. But, say the Greek Linux User Group (Greeklug) and Eel/lak, a Greek open source advocacy organisation founded by 25 universities and research centres, the technical requirements clearly favour proprietary solutions over open source. "The specification is a copy of the proprietary vendor’s e-mail and office software."”see Open source groups warn Greece will waste millions on school software | Joinup.

It never ceases to amaze me that organizations even on Death’s Door financially will still buy that other OS even after many others have chosen GNU/Linux and FLOSS and obtained better IT at much lower cost. I recommend Debian GNU/Linux. It can do whatever needs to be done in education.