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Daily Archives / Thursday, December 20, 2012

  • Dec 20 / 2012
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Apple v Samsung – Nuclear Fallout

GROKLAW: “Yes, this should affect damages. It should affect whether Samsung ultimately gets a new trial, in that damages were decided only as a total, product by product but not broken down patent by patent. How do they decide how to reduce the damages now?

see Groklaw – Apple's Pinch to Zoom Patent Preliminarily Invalidated by USPTO ~pj.

I was “pinching to zoom” back in the 1950s before I received my first eye-glasses… Finally a bit of rationality out of USPTO. Apple gets more bad PR if this thing goes back to trial again with a proper jury… Apple will get worse PR is this thing is patched up by the judge getting a second chance to bat Apple’s ball out of the park. Instead of nuclear warfar, Apple may get self-destruction of their wonderful “cool”.

  • Dec 20 / 2012
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Steam Gaming Also Available on That Other OS

Isn’t this refreshing? I as a GNU/Linux user can now click on “Download” and get a Debian package for Steam’s gaming platform:

Not that I’m a gamer but this is what happened when I tried to install it:

dpkg -i /home/pogson/Downloads/steam_latest.deb
dpkg: error processing /home/pogson/Downloads/steam_latest.deb (–install):
package architecture (i386) does not match system (amd64)

Well, it’s a start…

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Linux Taking over the world

Check out Google’s trends:

That other OS


That other OS does seem to have play in impoverished third world countries but Linux has several huge countries and major players in IT in the top 10 regions. It’s interesting to note that “8″ doesn’t even get on the radar…

  • Dec 20 / 2012
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2013 Will Be ARMageddon on the Desktop: Nvidia’s next Tegra Chip

“being a powerful SoC best suited for high-end tablets, but also a good fit for small, inexpensive ARM-based laptops or desktops.”

see All we know about Nvidia’s next-generation Tegra chip | Ars Technica.


There it is. While current ARM processors from many suppliers are marginally sufficient to run a desktop OS, the generation coming will be there for sure. Quad-core will be standard and they will be A15 cores… Already you can put a usable but slow desktop on a Raspberry Pi. In 2013, people will have speedy, small and inexpensive desktops running GNU/Linux without any Wintel tax, not on the CPU nor the OS. This will be a price-breakthrough and it will be accepted by big-name OEMs or the little guys will take share and run with it.

Expect to find GNU/Linux on ARM taking retail shelf-space away from Wintel or scatterings of GNU/Linux on ARM amongst the tablets and smartphones. Samsung, are you up for the challenge? In 2013, folks are predicting a 50% growth in small cheap computer shipments and businesses will be using the gadgets of all kinds. To offer a distinct option in this competitive market, no hold will be barred. There will be fewer “Wintel shops”. It’s going to be a great year for FLOSS.