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Daily Archives / Thursday, December 13, 2012

  • Dec 13 / 2012
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Open Source, Limerick City Council

“In an effort to reduce software licencing costs, Limerick City Council is fully committed to adopting open source solutions that prove to be value for money.”

via Open Source, Limerick City Council.

Amen. Doing IT right as a local government involves getting the most bang for the $ and FLOSS does that in a big way. Costs of creating, distributing and maintaining software are all minimized with FLOSS and there’s nothing that cannot be done with the FLOSS OS, GNU/Linux. When Limerick is ready to migrate its desktops, I recommend Debian GNU/Linux because of its huge repository, slick package manager and depth and breadth of application.

  • Dec 13 / 2012
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M$’s True Market Share Is Just 20%

“while Microsoft operating systems were found on 97 per cent of all computing devices as recently as 2000, Redmond’s current share is just 20 per cent, thanks to the explosion of mobile devices in recent years.”

see Goldman Sachs: Windows' true market share is just 20% • The Register.

Yep. After a bunch of quarters where consumers were spending money on small cheap computers, the people in ivory towers have discovered that the emperor has no clothes. M$ now operates in a niche of business and consumer notebooks/desktops which is not growing much. Hint: Without growth, M$’s business model falls down. The slaves are only happy to slave on if they get some crumbs. Without growth, M$ is the only one to get any crumbs and the slaves become resentful. Equate slaves with OEMs, ISVs, retailers, and consumers. Businesses are becoming disillusioned as more businesses, governments, educational institutions switch to FLOSS and GNU/Linux. Want IT for less in order to compete? Run away from M$. I suggest Debian GNU/Linux. It works for you and not for M$.