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Malware Built-in to That Other OS. M$ Have You No Shame?


Malware Built-in to That Other OS. M$ Have You No Shame?

“in Internet Explorer, versions 6–10, which allows your mouse cursor to be tracked anywhere on the screen—even if the Internet Explorer window is minimised”

see — Internet Explorer Data Leakage.

To be free of this monster, I recommend you do more than change your browser but also the OS underneath. Use Debian GNU/Linux an OS that works for you and not against you.


  1. dougman

    Snakeoil software?? So your juxtaposition is that I intentionally promote fraudulent or unproven software? LOL…

    ESET NOD32 and HitmanPro are both VERY relevant to the Windows architecture due to its lack if security. If a customer does not want to spend the money then I direct them to M$ Essentials which is free.

    For those that truly want to be free of malware, I direct them to Linux and will offer them a demo via my laptop personally or via remote. For the one’s that have decided that enough is enough with Windows, once they are setup I never hear back from them but for a few minor questions.

    BTW: I do not sell software, my customers buy it themselves and to add, I guarantee my work, unconditionally for up to 90-days.

  2. Lord Penguin

    Very good, Douglas, very good. How’s your Windows support business going? Sold plenty of snakeoil software recently?

    What was that Stallman said about Ubuntu? It qualifies as spyware? Jesus, save us!

    Let’s also not forget that our dear friend Bob Pogson regularly recommends Google, despite them being the greatest spies of all time.

    But that’s the problem with people whose only agenda is to HATE Microsoft: they’re dumb, and they’re ignorant of other problems.

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