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Daily Archives / Monday, December 10, 2012

  • Dec 10 / 2012
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Linus Torvalds: Linux 3.7

“From Linus Torvalds
Date Mon, 10 Dec 2012 19:59:50 -0800
Subject Linux 3.7

Whee. After an extra rc release, 3.7 is now out. After a few more trials at fixing things, in the end we ended up reverting the kswapd changes that caused problems. And with the extra rc, I had decided to risk doing the buffer.c cleanups that would otherwise have just been marked for stable during the next merge window, and had enough time to fix a few problems that people found there too.

see LKML: Linus Torvalds: Linux 3.7.

It has been quite a ride. The first Linux kernel I used was 2.2 way back in 2000. It worked first time and every time for me. I have watched the kernel grow, become mature and diversified. It’s just an amazing thing, like a big beautiful tree. Unlike me, having passed my prime more than a few years ago, Linux just keeps improving, forever young. Like our children, impossible to know just how far they will go, Linux will go on to do great things and may outlive us all.

  • Dec 10 / 2012
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Welders and Computer Wizards Make a Not-so-light Armoured Vehicle In a Month in Syria

Necessity is the mother of invention and small arms fire is the mother of the light armoured vehicle developed by rebels near Aleppo, Syria. The steel skin should deflect most rounds from an AK-47 or heavier machine-gun, the mobility should be great to probe defences and the camera and electronic control system of a machine-gun should allow rapid deployment of fire-power, just what is needed to assault the airport at Aleppo.

Sham II: New fighting machine of Syria rebels.

Being a welder, shooter and a computer-guy, I can appreciate this tool of liberation. It will take guts to fight in this but in the right situation it could prove valuable for reconnaissance as well as attack/defence/re-supply. A big problem in urban warfare are snipers. This thing should allow movement with much less worry about that. If an enemy in a defensive position cannot prevent movement, they are lost.

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Some Retailers Just Don’t Want to Know

I saw an ad for a new (for me) retailer in Canada, I browsed their site and sent them an e-mail to their online contact address…
” The mail system [] said: 550 5.7.1
Message rejected as spam by Content Filtering. (in reply to end of DATA command)
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2012 10:43:29 -0600
Subject: Searching for Linux
I saw your ad on TV yesterday and visited the site.

A search for Linux found one hit in computers, an Archos tablet that dual-boots Android/Linux and Angstrom/Linux. All Android computers have a Linux kernel running underneath and your search should find Android devices with a search for Linux.

Also, I am surprised your site does not list any GNU/Linux computers since all major OEMs make them and ship them all over the world. With the slump in x86/amd64 PCs I would think retailers would be looking for other ways to distinguish themselves. Offering more choice in operating systems would be helpful. Advantages of GNU/Linux PCs over Windows include:
- very little malware
-faster booting
-faster operation
-no slowing down
-fewer re-re-reboots
-the licence costs $0 so the price could be lower and more competitive.

GNU/Linux comes from many sources. I recommend Debian GNU/Linux but Ubuntu GNU/Linux is also very popular. Dell has more than 1000 stores in China and India selling GNU/Linux. Walmart in Brazil shows GNU/Linux as outselling Windows on desktops.

Robert Pogson”

Well, I guess they just don’t want to know. They did give me an on-line popup invitation to chat. Perhaps there is a human on that line. I eventually used an on-line feedback form but it would not take a space in a Canadian postal code… I guess they have some bugs to shake out.

Nope. When I did the “live chat” thing, we had a bit of a discussion but when I asked why they don’t have more Linux PCs, they just hung up… I guess they don’t want me for a customer. With the average age of a PC rising to 6-8 years soon, they might regret that…

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Jefferies Predicts Decline In Wintel for Years to Come

“He now forecasts branded PCs to decline 3% next year, from a previous estimate of up 1%, with 2014 looking even gloomier, with a decline of 5%. He notes that in the next half decade he expects to see he PC replacement cycle lengthen two years, to about eight years, and overall annual PC shipment volumes falling from approximately 350 million to 300 million.”

see Jefferies Reins In Global PC Sales Expectations, Lowers Microsoft Estimates & PT – Tech Trader Daily –

Meanwhile, Wintel tablets have fizzled:

“Of more than a dozen tablets Microsoft and Intel touted for the new version of Windows, only five can be bought for immediate U.S. delivery.”

via Microsoft-Intel tablet sales sputtering | The Seattle Times.

Wintel sales in USA are actualy down in the month of November:

“Consumer sales of Windows-powered personal computers fell 21 percent overall last month, according to a leading retail research firm, indicating a lackluster debut for Microsoft Corp’s Windows 8 operating system, which many in the industry had hoped would revive slack PC sales.”

see Windows PC sales in US down 21 percent in November: NPD.

All this as */Linux on ARM skyrockets and GNU/Linux on everything still grows strongly. Shares of MSFT stock are down to $26.60 from a high of $32.77 this year. The “pop” developed in the run-up to “8″ is all gone.
Nothing remains but the harsh reality that the cash-cow is sick.