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Daily Archives / Thursday, December 6, 2012

  • Dec 06 / 2012
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M$ Fires Its Foot Machine-gun

Why bother competing on price/performance when you can just denigrate the other guy’s products? M$ has made a mistake this time, however. Folks are laughing at them. Then there’s the possibility of being sued for false advertising/alienating customers/besmirching the brand. M$’s doing a great job of besmirching its own brand so Google probably does not need to respond. So much for being “all in” for the cloud and stuff like that. M$ is clawing for roots and grubs for subsistence in the market. After more than a decade of throwing mud at GNU/Linux without anything sticking, you would think they would not bother with Android/Linux or applications of GNU/Linux on the web, but, heh, we can just sit back and watch the train wreck.