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Dell Vostro Permits Escaping the Tax


Dell Vostro Permits Escaping the Tax

“After a little clicking around to compare different laptops, I ended up on a comparison page for the Vostro line. Naturally, I was drawn to the $299 priced laptop, when I noticed that there are 2 computers that differ only in the OS pre-installed, AND $70! This is the first time I’ve just naturally stumbled upon such a blatant exposure of the Windows tax.”

see The Raving Rick: Dell Vostro without Windows Tax.

It’s not an accidental find either. Dell makes it easy:

  1. From, choose small and home office,
  2. choose laptops and ultrabooks,
  3. choose laptops Vostro,
  4. choose Vostro 2420 and 2520, the lowest priced option, and
  5. 15″:

See the tax? $70 for nothing. Don’t pay it. Make the choice of Ubuntu GNU/Linux. There’s still “Dell recommends Windows” at the top right but it sure seems smaller today.

It’s not all roses over at Dell, however. The Var Guy points out some inconsistencies still.


  1. Lutz D. Meier

    It’s a small thing, but why couldn’t DELL be bothered to use the Ubuntu logo? Specifying which version of Ubuntu you get would also be nice. Seriously, I wouldn’t trust Dell to put the newest LTS on it. There’s also some strange wording:

    Affordable and reliable, this Vostro includes Ubuntu, which is flexible and helps you get your basic office jobs done efficiently.

    Someone could get the idea that for non-basic office jobs Windows 7 Home Premium is needed. LOL.

    Yes, a poor marketing effort by Dell (if it is an effort at all).

  2. Mats Hagglund

    The real cost of Windows might be much more than just 70 dollars?

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