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Run-up to Debian GNU/Linux Wheezy


Run-up to Debian GNU/Linux Wheezy

I saw the fourth beta of Debian’s new installer was available so I gave it a spin. There are some new things:

  • a lot of languages,
  • speech (lines are numbered and a blind person can type the number to make a choice),
  • multi-arch installation CD is very cool, and
  • it beats the Hell out of installing the previous version and apt-get dist-upgrading…

I didn’t run into any problems except my own clumsy typing… It seems nearly ready.

I obtained the latest installer here. That’s a CD-image for installation over the network so it is important to have an Ethernet setup to the Internet or your own server containing a Debian repository. I have both.

Here’s the result of a minimal installation of a GUI:

Of course, there’s a graphical installer, too, and it will save a screenshot for you…

Partitioning is a breeze in the graphical installer. Just click on what you want (single-click to select + click on “continue” or double-click) or “help”. It couldn’t be much easier.

So, everything with Wheezy seems to be going well with about ~100 more release-critical bugs to go. Most newbies should have no trouble once they get booted from the CD. You users of that other OS should eat your heart out. ;-)

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