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Sold But Not Bought


Sold But Not Bought

“Microsoft has sold 40 million licenses of the Windows 8 OS since its launch a month ago.”

see Microsoft: 40 million Windows 8 licenses sold | ITworld.

OK, but who bought them? The OEMs? How long will they keep doing that if retailers cannot sell them except at fire-sale prices? OEMs are tired of being M$’s bagmen. This is the last straw. $billions are being tied up in inventory that no one wants.


  1. oiaohm

    40 million of what is also important. This can include free upgrades to particular parties.

    Windows 7 moved 60 million in first 2 months.

    But by the end of windows 7 it drop to about 650,000 a day. Or about 20 million a month.

    So it possible that Windows 7 did in fact sell at exactly the same rate as Windows 8. The second month is the key figure not the first. 60 million in 2 months would be flat market.

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