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Daily Archives / Tuesday, November 27, 2012

  • Nov 27 / 2012
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Linux in Education, technology

India’s Aakash 2 In Production and It Looks Good

“A new government tender is expected by January 2013 for five million units, with "up to a million" units targeted by March, according to Datawind chief executive Suneet Tuli. Ministers may appoint multiple suppliers for this next order.”

see BBC News – Tablet computer: Aakash upgrade in India 'well received'.

It took a little time but the small and really cheap tablet PC intended for 220 million students finally seems ready. The specs are competitive and the price is right at $21 after subsidies. Five million units next year will make a dent in the Digital Divide in India. It should do wonders for Indian education, government and economy as well. Within a few years some of these users will be in a position to choose and this may well plant a seed for FLOSS generally.

  • Nov 27 / 2012
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That Rumble You Hear Is The Latest Godson Chip From China

“The Godson-3B1500 has 1.14 billion transistors, with a lot of the extra ones coming from the doubling-up of the L3 cache memory to 8MB, shared across those eight cores. The Chinese chip runs the MIPS64 instruction set and is absolutely compatible with Linux.”

see China to strut eight-core Godson-3B MIPS chip in early 2013 • The Register.

So, there you have it. China could well be free of Wintel within a few years. This CPU is sufficiently powerful for most tasks and is easy on the watts. They will have economy of scale even in their domestic market and GNU/Linux will run on the thing. What more do they need? Programmers? They have plenty, and they are looking for work.

For everything else they can use Android or GNU/Linux on ARM economically.