Monopoly Done Legally

 “Android  has established a clear monopoly in  China  after achieving more than 90 percent market share there, up from 58.2 percent a year ago, according to a new report from Analysys International (via Tech in  Asia ). The data combines estimates from both devices sales and ownership.”


There’s nothing illegal about monopoly. Google achieved monopoly in China legally, without exclusive dealing, anti-competitive actions, and without eliminating competition on price/performance. Google did it by providing a great product at a very reasonable price, $0 provided that the space of users increases so that Google grows its core business, advertising. It’s a brilliant strategy that completely whipped those monopolists at M$ and Apple.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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14 Responses to Monopoly Done Legally

  1. Bottom line is shocking, “made with 100% Windows…” and taking drugs to deal with the effects of using Ubuntu GNU/Linux…

    I guess it shows reality is hard to handle.

  2. glen says:

    oldman: fiddles with himself
    kozmcrea: plays with himself

  3. kozmcrae says:

    oldman wrote:

    “Declare victory and move on as you always do.”

    oldman just can’t help himself. Putting words in my mouth again. Only you think of this in terms of a personal victory or defeat oldman. When the discussion strays from the technical we all lose.

    I noticed there wasn’t much action from the Cult of Microsoft so I thought I’d kick the old dog. It worked but nothing of substance came of it. I think they have finally given up defending Microsoft. Too many defeats coming in from the news. Windows 8 is a flop so there is no good news from that quarter. It’s inevitable, the World is turning to FLOSS.

    Better get used to it oldman.

  4. oldman says:

    kozmcrea: player

    Declare victory and move on as you always do.

    The problem is no one believes in your victory but you.

  5. kozmcrae says:

    oldman: fiddle
    kozmcrea: player

  6. oldman says:

    Yes, your sober second thoughts brought to this chaotic forum are welcome.

    Unfortunately, the presence on you board of assholes like those above render any attempts at second thoughts useless.

    Something to consider Robert Pogson.

    Do you want a peanut gallery that kisses your backside, and abuses anyone who doesnt tow the party line.


    Or do you want an honest discussion?

    The choice is yours.

  7. oldman says:

    I just thought I’d poke at the Cult of Microsoft carcass to see if it was still breathing. It is, and it still smells the same.


  8. kozmcrae says:

    Robert Pogson wrote:

    “Yes, your sober second thoughts brought to this chaotic forum are welcome.”

    Do you mean like: “Business is business”, “Applications, applications”, “Best of breed”, “Bushwah”, “Run away little boy. Adults are talking.” And my favorite: “And dont presume to lecture your superiors”.

    I just thought I’d poke at the Cult of Microsoft carcass to see if it was still breathing. It is, and it still smells the same.

  9. lpbbear says:

    “Miss me?”

    No more than I miss it when the outhouse door closes.

    Go take your meds.

  10. oldman wrote, “Miss me?”

    Yes, your sober second thoughts brought to this chaotic forum are welcome.

  11. dougman says:

    The trolls are out busy promoting Windows 8, that’s why.

    The headlines for METROFAIL never cease make me chuckle.

    Developers are not creating apps for Windows 8, why would they? No one is going to use or want it.

    The Apple App store for iOS and Google’s Google Play store for Android have more than 700,000+ apps available. As for the Windows Store, it has only 10,452 available. What does that tell you?

    I ran across this rather comical the other day:

    A California lawyer is suing Microsoft, claiming the Surface tablet he bought doesn’t have all the storage space the company advertised.

    Andrew Sokolowski, a lawyer in Los Angeles, claims that he bought a Surface with 32 gigabytes of storage last week. But he quickly ran out of space after loading it with music and Microsoft Word documents.

    He discovered that a significant portion of the 32 GB storage space was being used by the operating system and pre-installed apps such as Word and Excel. Only 16 GB was available for him to use.

    That’s right, M$ is charging you for 32GB, but you ONLY receiving 16GB. What a racket they are running!

  12. kozmcrae says:

    I don’t know what the reasons are but it’s nice to have the old blog back. At least for as long as it lasts.

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