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Daily Archives / Saturday, November 10, 2012

  • Nov 10 / 2012
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Everybody Loves Small Cheap Computers

“According to IHS iSuppli Compute Platforms Topical Report, lower-end computers classified in either the "mainstream" category or the "value" the mainstream desktop PCs is expected to account for 46.9% of the market each by the year-end, while the top-end PCs will account for only 6%.”

see Low end desktops and PCs dominate the market: report – Computer Business Review.

I have been writing much the same thing despite trolls spamming my blog with tales that high-end PCs are the way to go and that everyone should have one. It’s not true and here are the stats to prove it: only 6% choose high-end PCs. For everyone else ordinary PCs in almost any format are good enough. That’s what Moore’s Law does in the end, makes RAM and CPU inexpensive. You only need enough CPU and RAM to be expensive if you are crunching large data, which most of us do not. Hence the rise of the smart thingies, the ultimate small cheap computers that fit in your pocket of hand and do everything a desktop of a few years ago would do for ~$100, and it runs on a tiny battery… no more cables dangling… That’s price/performance, what people really care about. And the OS? */Linux of course. You don’t get any lower price/performance than $0/gHz-gB.

see also Mainstream and Value PCs Rule Over High-End Performance Models