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Daily Archives / Thursday, November 8, 2012

  • Nov 08 / 2012
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Wintel in Western Europe Declined 15 Percent in Q3 2012

"We’ve witnessed a decline across all PC segments this quarter in Western Europe," said Meike Escherich, principal analyst at Gartner. In the third quarter of 2012, mobile PC shipments declined 15.2 percent while desktop PC shipments decreased 15.7 percent. The professional and consumer PC markets declined 15.8 percent and 15 percent, respectively. 

see Gartner Says PC Market in Western Europe Declined 15 Percent in the Third Quarter of 2012.

How many quarters will it take for the world to realize they don’t need M$’s OS as much as they did? We’ve had a full year of declines now even as M$ releases its next great thing. There’s no interest in business or consumer lines for more of the same old stuff. All the interest is in clouds, smart thingies and thin clients, stuff that works for the user, not Wintel. This decline is about more than a declining economy or anticipating “8″. The market could not even clear the shelves of “7″ at discounted prices. This decline is about a lack of interest in what M$ offers. People still need PCs but they can use smartphones, tablets and GNU/Linux PCs to do the same old stuff. The monopoly is fading away. There is no corresponding decline in Android/Linux smartphones (up 91.5%) and tablets (up 300%). Clearly the economy is not to blame. M$ is the problem.