Australian Fire-Fighters Get Chromeboxes

“We thought ‘do we really need a PC for only a single web application?’

He said PCs were expensive and had many moving parts which weren’t ideal for dusty and dirty fire stations.

"We looked around and the Chromebox was perfect.

"It was small, cheap and had no moving parts which won’t wear out," Mr Host said.”

see Chromebox gives firies an extra hand on the pump | The Australian.

Chuckle. That’s about what I have been saying for years. Indeed, they also report, “Secondly, it runs faster than a PC,” he said.

“Thirdly, Google automatically updates it so we don’t have to patch it and all these devices can be managed through a cloud portal.

(And) if one were to ever break, it would be easy enough to replace.”

So, when people are offered a choice, they can and do choose what works best for them and it isn’t always Wintel. I recommend Debian GNU/Linux, myself, but each to his own.

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